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Video preview please?

I’ll Record the Video Preview today. Stay Tuned.

TudorB done ;)

Compatible with IE8 ?



I’ve just released second version that is using modernizr and you can get all the visual aspect in IE8 , but the media queries/responsive and transitions doesn’t work.

I have to ask… What is the tool you are using to view it on different screen sizes?

Hi danianet you can check the resizer tool in here

Hi, Thanks for coding this! I think I’m doing something wrong. When I resize my browser (FF) to a mobile width, the menu items don’t stack like in the video. The index page that came with it does this as well. Any suggestions?

Fred, please provide the solution asap! This is the last item before I launch. I don’t want to delay any longer because this.

Mmiikkeeyy, I’ve been a little busy. I’ll update this later on in this week man.

Can we expect it today?

I’m experiencing similar problem: from full expansion of FireFox to resizing browser to width of an iPhone, other slightly wider formats, the responsiveness is inconsistent, and in some cases just wrong (forcing you to scroll right to see the messages button … plus the number of messages is no longer overlayed on the messages button but is to the right of it!). Looks like your media queries need some correction, perhaps?

I’ll check this one and will get back to you asap. Fred.

I can confirm that this is not working correctly in FireFox when window is re-sized. I will leave it out of my current project and wait for a fix and include it in my next project. Otherwise it looks and works great, I will give it 5 stars anyway – just please fix it :) Thank you PS: I am @vpsnodebox from Twitter

Sorry for the delay guys, but I’ll take care of this today. Thanks Anyway :)

Hi, Thank you. I’m using with an iframe and need a z-index to place the drop down over the iframe. Where and what do I use? Cheers, J

Jackola, please send me a more detailed email via contact form or via hello at

Hello everyone, Just to let you know I’m working on fresh new customizations for Version 2. Stay tuned during this week!

Hi Guys, I’ve launched Version 1.1 with some CSS Media Queries Fixing for some devices. Now, the Menu is responsive in every device as it should be.

Thanks Fred.

Hi please do not forget to rate it :)

Just purchased and I’m a little disappointed. The number of items is limited to 6 in the main menu. I need to add other 2 items but there are many changes in the code to get them visible. Can you add some more documantation? Also to use only labels without images… there’s the need of some doc about to do it.

The down arrow, when resizing screen, is sliding under the menu icon/label.

Just an idea: can you make the mobile version as a dropdown menu? (or let us choose to have visibile items or dropdown)

Hello Galerio, please contact me via Contact Form on my Profile Page to help you out with this.

Thanks Fred.

Does the dropdown work on mobile devices?

In the screenshots, the “Messages” menu appears to have a nice little notification count. Is that a feature one can use via code (say, to truly notify websites users of unread messages)?

Yes it is :)

great working menu – recommended !