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Hey preview has an error message!

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION, expecting ‘)’ in /home1/kamiyeye/public_html/demo/wp-content/plugins/ultimate-post-thumbnails/functions.php on line 69


Re-uploaded plugin files, thank you very much!

Hi, i installed the extension and everything worked great but now the extension suddenly disappeared! :\ It shows in the plugins list and it is activated but when i enter a post i don’t see the the ‘Add featured image’ buttons..

How can i fix this pelase?

Solved after re-uploaded init.php

Hi, great plugin! Only one thing; it’s suposed to be responsive but my featured images don’t show 100% on iphone. I only see the upper left part of the image. Can you tell me how to fix that? Thanks!

Does the image show fully before the plugin installed? Could you post a link so that I can see and trouble shooting this issue?

Yes it showed en scaled right before. I replied and send the link through your support site. Thanks!

I am making a Wordpress MU network of sites. They will all be very similar sites, but focusing on different regions/cities. The hotel listings and restaurant listings will all have an image slider and this Ultimate Post Thumbnails plugin would be ideal in order to avoid making a slider and dynamically loading the slider id in the PHP file. Using this plugin will allow the client to insert the images in the Custom Post Type editor, as opposed to creating an external slider. My question is, do either of your licenses cover an installation such as this. Wordpress MU will have one instance of the plugin installed, which will be used by the network of sites. Let me know, Thanks

Basically you need a separate regular license for each of the sites, according to http://codecanyon.net/forums/thread/use-plugin-on-multiple-sites/135592, but I think it also depends on if your Network deemed a website or multiple websites, you might need just one regular license, but it’s not for me to judge, contact Envato support and they will determine

i’m building a products website, without the e-commerce feature.

How can i use the plugin only on the product page?

Right now i’m using the_post_thumbnail(); in a page to show the products, the user click on a product and will be moved to the product page, i just need the plugin function on that page.

Now the plugin is showing the featured images on the products page. How can i fix that?


solved, thanks

Hi, can we use your plugin in post thumbnail slideshow mode to have a small multiple thumbs slider for 15 vacation homes like on this page: http://www.casamundo.nl/vakantiewoning-vakantiehuis/italie ?

Our plan is to purchase a theme like http://themeforest.net/item/midway-responsive-travel-wp-theme/full_screen_preview/3559006 and then add your plugin to show mini sliders of the houses that my client offers.

Will that work and is it OK for performance?

Thanks & regards, – Frank

The theme link shows its home page, which is different to that page. I guess what you wanted to post is the Tour page of the theme, where a list of posts with their thumbnails?

Yes my plugin will turn those thumbnails to mini sliders. If performance will be affected depends on how many more images you will add to the page, there won’t be noticeable difference unless you add too many images.

Hi Pre-sale question as I saw Vertical Thumbnail navigation on the demo but there is no images displayed so.. does it allow vertical thumbnails?

Cheers, Darren

Do you mean the horizontal navigation shown below the post thumbnail? Unfortunately it is horizontal only.

After installing I receive errors: ables should be passed by reference in /var/www/clients/client1/web21/web/wp-content/plugins/ultimate-post-thumbnails/common/classes/class.baseadmin.php on line 143

Strict Standards: Only variables should be passed by reference in /var/www/clients/client1/web21/web/wp-content/plugins/ultimate-post-thumbnails/admin/init.php on line 59

Fixed and replied in email

I am trying to add the slider to a page but when I click the slider shortcode button, nothing pops up

Fixed, the update has been uploaded for review, should be available in 1-2 days.

Thanks for issue report!

I have a problem, the plugin doesn’t work in my wordpress, and in the console I can see this: admin.js?ver=4.3:6 Uncaught TypeError: jQuery(...).accordion(...).sortable is not a function

the_post_thumbnail() or get_the_post_thumbnail() will do

If a replace the call to thumbnails function of Visual Composer for one of two this functions (the_post_thumbnail() get_the_post_thumbnail()), the Ultimate Post Thumbnails will work?? the 2 functions its ok?

If a custom thumbnail function is the way how featured images get displayed in Visual Composer, yes a replacement of the function with WordPress standard function will do the trick, it sounds maybe too simple but normally there is no modification required for a theme coded following WordPress Standard, e.g. TwentySixteen, or any theme from WordPress Repository.

Still that is our guess, we don’t really know how Visual Composer code is written, so there is no 100% guarantee. You should confirm that with Visual Composer author or your theme author.

hello, nice plugin! how is it possible to add custom class to picture?

There are built-in classes to ease custom styling, you don’t have to add one by yourself.

yes, but for the design of a site I need to have different classes on each image, is this possible? By default you can add a class in advanced editing images wordpress, but with this plugin, I don’t have access to this feature, there is there a different way?

I can add a feature like that if you purchase this plugin, or if you already did, please drop me a line via my profile page using the account you used for purchase.

Hi there – great plugin – and it works well! But I need to change something. Is it possible to have the slideshow autoplayed ONLY on the single-page not on the blog-page? thanks in advance, maggie

You need purchase the plugin first so that I can help, or if you already have, please use the same account to post questions that you make payment, thanks!

Pre sale question: I have a theme with VC built in and I have masonry frontpage composed with featured image thumbnail. The default lightbox is prettyphoto, and it does not allow me to have image gallery for all featured image (or thumbnail) Could you please tell me if the lightbox of your pluggin with overide the prettyphoto one and allow me to put image galeries for each thumbail of my webpage ?

On my website you can see the problem, featured image do open in a lightbox, but I can’t see the content of each gallery related to this thumbail, instead it shows all the thumbnail of the pages.


thank you.

I send a support message on your forum, but it seems you have not receive it yet. pluggin is not working for me… :(

Hi jmahieddine, I did see your question and replied about 11 hours ago, please check back.

oups sorry, didn’t get any email feedback from the forum will check it right now. Thanks

Just got the plugin and is not working, slider doesnt appears in front page, getting this error message

PHP Warning: Division by zero in wp-content/plugins/ultimate-post-thumbnails/addons/image_ratio.php on line 89

Can you send me a login credential and your site address via my profile page? I will take a look at this issue shortly.

Hello, i’m looking for a plugin that when you put the cursor on a portofolio ’s thumbnail the mousehover effect AUTOMATICALLY makes appear 4 or 5 images with fading Or the thumbnail ’s hover can plays 3 seconds of video ? is it possible with your plugin ? Cause i saw an hover effect in the ” Basic” but you have to “click ” on the arrows to see the others pics… i would like that the 5 images changes automatically without clicking is it possible ? thanks

This is an interesting proposal, and not difficult to implement on top of existing features of Ultimate Post Thumbnails.

I can add a choice for the option Autoplay: “on hover”, let me know if you got an idea on it.

the icon upload multiple feature image, can it embed to tool bar of text editor? so user just forcus on text edior box, and can clean up admin hide these image upload box. this one also work with woo product right? how to order position , i want video display in product archive cataog page.

About 3. I written very detail, please read all 3 option again. Did not have in market plugin yet. Just your plugin have similar function for woocommerce. Please ask which you don’t clear, then i know how to explain more.

You did write many, but I see only two questions about 3

1. you want a toolbar button to upload and save featured images there, I answered it in my very first reply, it’s impossible, and again in my last reply – if you know any plugin can SAVE DATA to editor toolbar, whatever if it saves an image, or just a text, please let me know.

2. Another question is about play video in place, I answered it in my very first reply, and once again as #4 in my last reply

Hello. I send you email in profile.

Will this plugin be able to extract thumbnail images from a youtube/vimeo video / shortcode? And if there is a playlist of such videos, would it create a featured thumbnail slider automagically?


1. No, video is added by its URL in current version, thumbnail image is set manually.

2. As long as thumbnail images are set, it create a thumbnail slider automatically.

Thx for the new update, how can I exclude (turn off) the plugin in the sidebar (widgets area) so the plugin will not affect the thumbnails in the related post because plugin doesnt show the images properly in any theme with thumbnails in the sidebar (or other custom postions)

I will add an option in next update to handle this.


Is it compatible with ajax filtered portfolio like : http://the7.io/main/portfolio/portfolio-masonry/1-portfolio-masonry/

Thank you :-)

Ultimate Post Thumbnails is built on top of WordPress official thumbnail mechanism, so to say, as long as your theme/portfolio utilize WordPress’s standard function ( the_post_thumbnail or get_the_post_thumbnail ) to display thumbnails, it supports Ultimate Post Thumbnails, ajax doesn’t matter.

If however, your theme/portfolio utilize custom written code to display thumbnails, then it has to be replaced with either WordPress function or Ultimate Post Thumbnails function ( upt_the_post_thumbnail ) to compatible with the plugin.

Cool thanks. I will buy it if my quotation is OK :-)

Hello, demo doesn’t work on iPad.

Thank you for telling me this, I’ll check it later. Temporarily, please see Ultimate Post Thumbnails in action on mobile here, it is a new theme of mine that will be released soon, which uses UPT for thumbnail all over the theme.