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hello , you can resize the popup that opens to the left from the customization panel ?

Can you put “expire XX hours” for cookie pop up ?

I just bought Ultimate PopUp Wordpress. Two questions/remarks:

1. How or where can I find the popup code form?

2. The link to collect the popup id is not working.

Please help without delay.

Kind regards, Oona


Hi, I installed the plugin several times, but it seems to me there is a bug. It doesn’t show the form code etc. I have experience with installing plugins, so that can not be the issue. I tried it on explorer and fire fox.

Awaiting your reply and the solution.

Kind regards, Oona

do you have to have a email box, could it just be a message with a click through to the site?

like a disclaimer

dissapointed – There is no timer option to delay the popup by a few seconds or so. The author as mentioned the plugin has this feature in the comments here:

If this feature is not available then I would please like a refund

Popup is not even mobile friendly when set to the default 650px!!!

I just bought this plugin but unfortunately it’s not what i expected it be in terms of customization. I will appreciate it if a refund is made for me.


Updated! Please check now.


I wanted to know if I could test your plugin on a site that we are developing

But I’m not sure if it is going to work right, because of the template, the plugins that are already installed and some code

So, if there any chance to try it or maybe get a refund if doesn’t work!

Thanks for your time

You can refund request if plugin does not work. Sorry, there is no way to test. I am sure it will work if your site run on latest WordPress.

I don’t see any settings for MailChimp Config….

Additionally – when I choose “display pop up on a different page” – i’m told to select a page, but there’s nowhere for me to select said page….

Thanks in advance…. kinda surprised at the functionality. So far it’s not working at all (no pop up showing up)

добрый вечер,а можно сделать чтобы окно всплывало по щелчку кнопки или текста


I’m trying to link my Mailchimp to my pop-up and I can seem to figure it out. I tried searching for the answer online and can’t find it. Can you please help? I launched my blog yesterday and I feel like I’m losing emails. When the pop-up shows up and you enter and email nothing happens.

Is the popup shows, problem in your code. Please get naked HTML code from mailchimp.

Actually can i please have a refund. Thank you!

Answered comment.

Hi So i never got the refund for this plugin. I would like to keep it and go with your advice to put the naked code in the code form. I have done that but now the pop-up doesn’t appear on my website Can you please help? I just launched and i need people to be able to subscribe.

Your code is wrong here:

I’m so confused this is the code I should input in the code form? instead of the naked code from MailChimp that you originally suggested?. Please help!

Just add >


I have been going back and forth about setting up this pop-up and it is not working and it way more complicated than it is made out to be. I would like to request a full refund…ASAP- like today or tomorrow the latest.

Hello, I like the plugin over all; however I would like to have more control over the predefines designs, like I have an option to select the thickness of the border but no other option to change its color, so in my opinion is useless. And I like to insert maybe a logo or any image, change font colors; or even better to have a custom CSS box. If you give a guide how to achieve that I will appreciate.

Is this a plugin and play ? All the comments suggest pain and not not 5 minute setup?

Hi! Can I use custom content in this plugin? Thank you


BNLPros Purchased

Pay to upgrade a plugin i just bought? That’s Crazy and Deceitful!

This is false advertising and a horrible way to do business. I’m not sure Envato is aware of this nonsense.

I literally just purchased and installed the plugin, and in less than 10 minutes i see a request for me to spend another $23!

I see this message…

You are using Lite Version of Popup Plugin, Upgrade to Pro and - Unlock all 14 pre-designed popups with animation appearances - Unlock MailChimp, GetResponse and Active Campaign Integrations - Unlock 14 more special options - Fastest Support & much more..

Hide form after a successful send data to database or mailchimp: Premium Feature Redirct to url after successful sign-ups: Premium Feature Success Message: Premium Feature Invalid e-mail address message: Premium Feature General error message: Premium Feature Required field missing message: Premium Feature


can I popup my own custom html code with divs ..etc


I am interested in buying this plugin.

But want to ask can this popup extension be integrated with MailGet Bolt (, as I am using MailGet for sending bulk emails.

Thanks and regards, Harsh Singh