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Hi, do you support this product?

do pre rolls support mobile browsers?


yes i do support this product.

Yes, prerolls are supported on mobile and desktop both.

I recomment our latest and best player so far: https://codecanyon.net/item/elite-video-player-wordpress-plugin/10496434

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Is it possible to let this plugin work with Adrotate?

Or does it have its own functioning ad serving platform? Because viewers will be buying, let’s say, 1000 views from me. Then, after those 1000 views, I do not want to show those ads anymore.

If I have to do this manually it’s a bit of a hassle, with adrotate it’s easy and fast.

Do they work together / do you offer a function like that :) ?

Kind regards, Collin


i didn’t test it with the particular plugin, you can send me plugin so i can test. Ads are basically self hosted mp4 videos, you can add / remove them as you want.

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could you pleas illustrate the key differences between the following two wordpress plugins:

1- Ultimate Player

2- Elite Video Player


Sure, Elite player is our latest and best player. It’s fully customisable especially regarding colors, beside preroll it has midroll and postroll video ads, and it’s fully responsive. Has better admin panel and more options that you can use.

I would recommend Elite player.



Dose Elite support dynamic integration of video ad networks?

I may have missed this detail, but I wondered if this plugin allows for a widget video display in a sidebar?


how do you mean exactly? Most of the features are showed in the live preview.


Looking at the demo, I see great examples for a video player on a Page or Post. However, is there a ‘Widget’ for this video player as well?


it’s not built as widget, however, you can insert it in any place that accepts ‘custom shortcode’.

Also, i’d recommend to check our latest and best video player for wordpress: https://codecanyon.net/item/elite-video-player-wordpress-plugin/10496434


Is it possible to use it with the theme Vlog? http://demo.mekshq.com/?theme=vlog That would be awesome!


i haven’t tried, but it can be used in any theme that supports custom shortcode, for example [ultimate_video_player]


Hi, I have a question before I buy it now. You must be knowing that, Facebook doesnt show full image of YouTube share links, like it does for VIMEO links.

So, Im looking for a solution, so that Wordpress can fetch the thumbnail from youtube and make it as featured post image automatically for that WP post

Then when I goto Facebook and share this post link, it will automatically show up the thumbnail image big in FB share image.

But when someone clicks on the post link on FB, it should directly goto my Youtube video instead of going to Wordpress post page with video.

Can your plugin do that ?

I have seen many websites doing this, im not sure, if its your plugin or something else.,

Let me know asap.

Lets say, You have a youtube video – ABC DRIVING.

Now that gets pulled to Wordpress automatically and your plugin will pull its thumbnail full res image and make it as featured image of the post automatically.

So the wordpress post becomes – www.domain.com/vlogs/abc-driving/

So, now I goto Facebook and share this post – www.domain.com/vlogs/abc-driving/

Facebook will pick the thumbnail featured image of this post and show as FB thumbnail.

Now if someone clicks on this post in FB, it should not goto the wordpress post page, but it should directly goto the Youtube Video.

Got me ?

- you can set your own image that will appear on Facebook
- you can se your own texts that will appear on Facebook
- you can set your own link where to redirect when user clicks on your Facebook post,

so yes, it can redirect from Facebook directly to Youtube video (or any url you like)


Wow. And it will auto pull from youtube and make itself as WP POSTS and pull Youtube thumbnail image and make it as WP post featured image too ?

I bought this plugin, I am happy using it. But I have a question, can we count the total views of a complete playlist not only a single video. For example, if we have 10 videos in the playlist and each video is played 10 times the playlist receives 100 views.

This is because we want to show “Views Count” on our website for each playlist.

best regards,


sorry, there’s no such feature,


hello, can you get this default player on all MP4 media files and youtube video ulr, vimeo that users publish? So you do not have to paste or generate the shortcode for each video? Thank you


this is how wordpress plugin works, each shortcode represents one video player instance, and if you wish to post video, you need to copy/paste shortcode,


It’s support video advertising (vast) format?


only self hosted video ads are supported,


Does this player have random pre roll ads that you can set a link to each of the random ads?

It should work with all video types; you need to separate each preroll mp4 url by semicolon – url1;url2;...

You have 2 options, to have global random prerolls with one re-direct link, globalPrerollAds: "url1;url2;url3;url4;url5" globalPrerollAdsGotoLink: "http://codecanyon.net/" or have 1 preroll for each video in playlist: video1+preroll1+gotoLink1 video2+preroll2+gotoLink2...

Hope it’s more clear now,


I have tried doing it that way a bunch and it works with youtube video but not a vimeo video

Please send email with your testing page so i can check, thanks,