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Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_GOTO, expecting ‘]’ in /var/www/virtual/ on line 23

What can I do?

Sorry about that, please update to version 2.3 which will be released shortly.

Hi there : )

can you post some updateinfos on productionpage plz?

Cheers and best regards,

Since SmartBackup died with the latest PHP update, thought I would look for another solution.

Got a little excited when I did read on your product page “And I will now start to provide limited support and updates for this product.”

However clicking on the Live Preview button gets me to this page: “Could not connect: Access denied for user ‘isahasse_upsb’@’localhost’ (using password: YES)”

Looks like that limited support and updates faded away real quick. Next!

Hello sir i check database all is there the 3 databasee but when i am adding another database to save i am getting error “Failed to add backup set entry to database.” Please help me

default password doesn’t works… “upsbadmin” Any idea ?

Hi I just bought your script uploaded it, changed the database as explain in your readme file. Whenever I point to the install it shows a blank white page nothing shows up and I noticed the install-blank.php exist not install.php. what could be the problem

It’s not installing at all

Not a good way to start a relationship its over 15hours yet no reply this scripts does not work can’t install. I followed for readme instructions yet no luck. How can I get to install without your guide

Hello Does the developer still support this script ?

i have 1 Question. script not bad. you can redesign so it will be professional.

1. Question is:

i have one site one database Like to Backup automatic not in -> public_html/yourscript/

we have /backup – DIR

how can choice that location which is not inside of public_html

Does the developer still exist ?

Hello do you support automatic and incremental backups ?

Hello. interested , but afraid of “existence of support as the question ‘does the developer still exist is not answered’ “

Can i get it?