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Hello, I would like to have some customization to the form adding more fields to the form. Can you tell me how much it will cost and how to proceed. I would also like to receive an email contact. Thanks!

Hello. Your account doesn’t show as having purchased the product, we can only assist if you’ve purchased.

Is it possible to set up the “to email address” to an email which is retrieved from a hidden field “Owner-Email” in the form. My site will have forms going to many different email addresses. Something like so on process.php

$owner-email = $_POST[“owner-email”] ;

$options[‘to_addresses’] = $owner-email; // To: addresse(s), add new array item for more

Hi, yes that’s correct you can just assign a post value to the options at the top.

This option is fed through the rest of the script, so you only need to change it in the options once :)

Hi does this script run correctly php 5.3 ?


It’s untested in this version of PHP, but we highly recommend upgrading your version of PHP, it’s vastly outdated.

Hi, I am getting “Hang on! Something went wrong!”. Please help

This is what I see in console.

Warning: file_get_contents() [function.file-get-contents]: https:// wrapper is disabled in the server configuration by allow_url_fopen=0 in /home/biotexme/public_html/contact-form/process.php on line 227

Warning: file_get_contents(https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api/siteverify?secret=6Lf-Ni0UAAAAAIrX-ezJI3GXdy4hu56InyiviIce&response=03AJz9lvQfLiYxX0sDoxIrBc02w0bFdB6yNBIAgO6nFf4GjLAPmhaYyMcctPomzvkKjVNDr_GP3Yj_vWStqoFEUatb8O9CDtLTWdknb0JwYFWTrYfUJcLl6pREHtp_0o8s8vPh2vl4OZPBIcCXEJCkSn7EzaYG6M4X6h5D-50dJhDfXXJB0COWPj-B0tYLQ7aYbyrIuQN0vFcxBH78H8GmpsxzjONXrgmkAwXQZGu6xD3P-vNA_deEOA9oqspWlrQrj-y55OtaIaJXI6F_XfmwkA3VfLVY4CNN01xyVLscW7tV1i3dKePbu05UrGjiZCRnIS31yJ-g--lHQpS4kxzlRc0wat99oKPxcA&remoteip= [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found in /home/biotexme/public_html/contact-form/process.php on line 227
{errors reCaptcha response from Google<\/a> can’t be accessed by process.php
Your hosting provider may be blocking cURL and\/or file_get_contents() \u2013\u00a0please verify this with them.
Please contact us<\/a> after you have spoken to your hosting provider”]}

I did check. cURL is installed.



Curl may well be “installed”, but may not be allowed by your host to make connections internally.

Please speak with your hosting provider and make sure they’re allowing the curl settings in process.php

The error you see in the cosole is about the “Curl fallback” which they also appear to be blocking.


This is my hosted contact form. http://biotexmedical.com/contact-test.html

Please help me why is this not working?

Tested – biotexmedical.com/curl-check.php


Hi there. I bought your Form and got everything setup. It’s working properly, emailing the form content. However, the messages are displaying on a secondary page, not popping up on the same page in the message div like its supposed to.

the website is http://surgicares.net/202usp/

you can see what I mean if you fill out the form. Thank you,


Sorry for the late reply on this.

I just tried to submit the form and came into errors in the console upon submitting.

These would need to be sorted.


Hi, would I be able to add additional fields to the form that do not come with the script by default? Thank you.


Yes this would be possible, simply add the field and it should work okay.


I bought the programme and so far everything works fine, there ar just 2 things which to me are not really logical and which need changing:

1. In the generated email, the labels are taken from the field name or id (name, email, phone, subject, message). So there is no way I can translate them (only if I change field name/id, which is quite complicated). It would be far better if the generated email would use the “label span” attribute of the form. How can this be acchieved?

2. The generated email should have the actual subject that the form sender put in as “subject” in the form (and not the standardized subject which I set in the json file). I think this could be changed in line 565 of process.php – I just need to know what to write here…

Please make me an offer for the following modification: In my form, I changed the subject field into a normal text field, so the user can fill in any text he likes. You can see the form here: http://sushitaxi.de/kontakt.php Now I want this text to appear as the subject of the generated email to the site owner.

Hello? Could you please make me an offer for this modification, please?

Hello… the subject should be pulling in from the translation.json file.

This is passed a variable from process.php like so: $mail->Subject = parseMessage($translations->email->subject->$lang, array($fdata[‘name’], $fdata[‘subject’]));

Simply remove $fdata[‘name’], from the array and replace the Subject line string in the translation.json file with “{$1}” which should show the subject from the form.

Hi. I have the ultimate Contact Form, and I cannot get it to send. I have it moodle on a 5.2php

It seems to work all the way up to sending.


Oh my! Your details failed to send: Could not instantiate mail function. http://www.activitydirector.org/classroom/testform.html


You need to make sure your hosting allows for the mail function to run.

This isn’t something that can be sorted by us I’m afraid.


hello, we bought the contact form but when we test the form its giving as this :

””Hang on! Something went wrong!

The reCaptcha response from Google can’t be accessed by process.php Your hosting provider may be blocking cURL and/or file_get_contents() – please verify this with them. Please contact us after you have spoken to your hosting provider”“

Please ensure your hosting provider is allowing either cURL or file_get_contents(). If they say they are permitted we can do some debugging.

hi, can i change the subject from select to text input and can i delete the captcha and still have the form working? this is a prebuy question… cheers

Yes… just keep the field’s properties the same and it’ll pull through fine :)

Hi jigowatt!

I use a multiselect with select2 in my contact form.

If I select more than one options there, not all will be shown in the e-mail. For Example: I select three options in my multiselect-field, but the e-mail just shows the last one chosen.

The select2 support says to change the name to “name[]”, but this doesnt work for me. Any help?


I’m afraid we can’t support a customised version of our script, only what it’s shipped with I’m afraid.



praxsoni Purchased

Hello, I wanted to ask if this form is working fine on Windows Server.

Thank you


This form is no longer supported I’m afraid.

The supported forms are here: https://codecanyon.net/item/ultimate-php-html5-ajax-contact-form-bootstrap-edition/18332006 / https://codecanyon.net/item/ultimate-php-html5-ajax-contact-form/10017468

If you put through a refund request we’ll happy process it.


Can I use your product to capture data from two different forms on the same page.

I need to have one normal contact form with several requried fields and another, shorter, sign-up form with fewer (and different) required fields.

Is this possible and if so how?

Thanks, and my apologies if this is already in your documentation, but I’m afraid I couldn’t find it.




I’m afraid this would be outside the scope of support we can offer due to the fact it’s not what the form is originally meant to do.

Thanks, Jigowatt.

The form was working great and then I tried to modify the translations.json file to change the message received text. Now, when I try to test the form nothing happens at all when I hit the send button

update, I copied the original translations.json file onto the site’s server and now the contact form will submit. However, I would still like to change the message. Maybe because I changed the gb message in the body section(lines 22 & 23) and not the confirmation section (lines 31 & 32)?


Changing a line of text shouldn’t cause any issues with the form sending unless there was any error in the file.

Can we have access to view the form with the changes in place?



purmar Purchased

Great form! Could you let me know how to setup the $options[‘from_address’] so the return address is the address the user fill in the form. So if Mark comes to my site and send form, it will come to me as from Mark@gmail.com so then I can easily reply. Thank you


It should be doing this out the box unless it’s been set up wrong. Can you confirm it’s not working as expected?

If so please email your process.php to envato @ jigowatt.co.uk


Everything was working but all a sudden nothing will send and we’re getting the error ‘Oh my! Your details failed to send: SMTP connect() failed. https://github.com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer/wiki/Troubleshooting'

We haven’t made any changes to the site or hosting environment, do you have any idea what might have caused this to start happening?


If none of the code has changed then it shouldn’t be related to that and it must be server related.

Have you contacted them to see if there has been any issues / disturbances on the server? It could even be something like a PHP version update.