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Hello, I would like to have some customization to the form adding more fields to the form. Can you tell me how much it will cost and how to proceed. I would also like to receive an email contact. Thanks!

Hello. Your account doesn’t show as having purchased the product, we can only assist if you’ve purchased.

Is it possible to set up the “to email address” to an email which is retrieved from a hidden field “Owner-Email” in the form. My site will have forms going to many different email addresses. Something like so on process.php

$owner-email = $_POST[“owner-email”] ;

$options[‘to_addresses’] = $owner-email; // To: addresse(s), add new array item for more

Hi, yes that’s correct you can just assign a post value to the options at the top.

This option is fed through the rest of the script, so you only need to change it in the options once :)

Hi does this script run correctly php 5.3 ?


It’s untested in this version of PHP, but we highly recommend upgrading your version of PHP, it’s vastly outdated.