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This was easy to set up and works great – the form sends the email with attachments – but the success message appears by itself on blank page – “Your details were successfully sent! We’ll get back to you soon.” – instead of on the same page after submission. What am I missing? Thank you!

I was able to get it to work by moving the .js to the bottom of the page, along with my other js files—but now the success message has a green background, in the right place, but only reads “undefined”, whereas before it had the correct text but was redirecting to the contact-form/process.php page to display it. Suggestions for fixing the “undefined” message?

Ignore me. I changed my lang=”en” on my html page to lang=”en-gb”, as suggested by you on another post, and that solved my problem. Thanks for this form – it helped a lot.


Does this provide support for SMTP Authentication?


Hi… I am having trouble configuring the process.php file. How do I get some help with that? I don’t want anything fancy. Simply a Name, Email address and a Comment field.



ketri Author Team

Hello, please send us a private message with your requirements. Thank you!


I want to make required a checkbox in my form. How Can i do? And How can I show the result in the email I receive?

Thank you

Hello, I have the form working with very little effort on the websites root pages. However do to the size of the website I have sub folders of pages in them. When adding the form to these pages. Clicking the submit details button nothing happens. No errors are displayed and the form does not submit. see this page. Is there a setting needed to allow for these pages?