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I am a developer. A client wants me to find out about MLM script. I need to know If your script can do the below:

1.) 2×1 Matrix

2.) Packages of 5k 10k 20k 50k 100k – Provide Help (PH) to someone with any of the above stated amount and Get Help (GH) of 100% the amount you invested in 21 days.

3.) GH receiver should be able to report a fake POP (Proof of Payment) to admin

4.) The person paired to PH to another person should be able to say I can’t pay and he gets deleted or blocked

5.) When your PH time of 12 hours elapse you get blocked

6.) Pairing or merging should be automatic and or done by admin

7.) The system should be designed that after creating an account, you have to login to choose a package to be able to Provide Help (PH).

8.) If a participant receives payment, there should be a “recycle timer” (like 12 hours for the person to reinvest/re-provide help of hE ll be deactivated

9.) If a participant creates an account and does not join a package, there should be a timer too 12 hr for him to do so or the account will be automatically or manually deactived

10.) Also looking if the person that Provided Help (PH ) is not confirmed within an hour after the beneficiary has Received Help, he can report the person he has paid.

11.) How does Admin pair members to members

12.) How does members provide proof of payment to admin incase of dispute?

13.) How does admin update the member who has just paid?

14.) Can one have several scenerios you have so we can study it to create our own scenerio?

15.) Is it possible to integrate local payment gateway?

If it can be customised how much are we looking at and how soon cant it be ready?

This should be new script and cant be customized.


oldowan Purchased

installed the script got it up and running fine. but when i created a new user and went to get the validation link to activate the account. i was directed to a blank page and unable to validate.

u got live demo pls