Ultimate Paid Referral System

Ultimate Paid Referral System

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What is Ultimate Paid Referral System?

It is the procedure to start your own earning website, as a side business or even multipurpose. This script will help you to earn money online and you can start your own MLM system. This script is totally based on MLM system. Time to time more features will be add on the basis of demand.

This script will allow to:
1. Register users on your website and you can pay signup bonus.
2. Users will get money on making referrals. You can set amount for per referral.
3. Users can enter into lucky draws. (Price, prize money and date of lucky draw could be set by you.)
4. They can give payment request through their account when they reached minimum payout level. (Level can set by you)
Winners for lucky draws and amount crediting in users account can be done with one click only. User even can request password, if forgets.
All E-Mail ads are registered will be genuine, as all the registrations would be email verified.

What are the features of this script?

1. Login system with verified email ids.
2. Signup System
3. Forgot password recovery
4. Referral system
5. Admin panel
6. Lucky draws.
7. More Security
8. Fast support system
9. Users can earn money
10. Users can send payment request
11. Theme included (No need to design any theme)
12. Easy integration
13. Customized programing
14. Comments system for every code of line
15. Advertisements can be placed on any page, to earn maximum money
16. Profile pages included – Users can update their profiles easily
17. Users can see his/her down line
And several more…

Live Preview: Member URL :

Username – demodemodemo password – 123456789

Admin URL :

Username – demoadmindemo password – 123456789

Updated Version Log:

Version - 1.0.3
1. CSS bug fixed found for IE9 
2. Jquery bug fixed for IE9
3. Improvement: Javascript Optimization(Core and demo functions put in separate files) 
4. Improvement: CSS Optimization(Core and page level styles put in separate files) 
5. Improvement: Assets File Structure Optimized 
6. Fixed: All known bugs 
7. Improved: iPad usability 
8. Improved: iPad Mini usability 
9. Improved: iPhone usability 
10. Improved: Php Code 
11. Improved: Comments In Code 
12. <div> elements issue fixed in some pages 
13. New File Added For Default Accounts 
14. Menu Bar Issues Updated In some Internet Explorers 
15. White Space Issue Updated in front page 
16. Several More Bugs Fixed 
17. Security Updates 
18. Many XSS vulnerabilities Solved 
19. Connectivity Issues Solved 
20. MySql Connectivity Issues Solved 
21. Bugs Fixed (submitted by buyers) 
22. Graphics Updated 
23. Fast Execution of Pages 
24. Fast manipulation of data from back end. 

Files updated: - all files updated

Version - 1.0.2 
Some MySQL bugs fixed done in version 1.0.1
(Msg to users: Change all the files. Use This script Now, Delete Old One)

Version - 1.0.1 
Default Admin account Added
(Admin can now Login directly, without creating account)

More features would be added on the basis of demand.

I'm available 24*7 for support, contact me in-case if you need any support.</div>