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Hi, I create a modal button popup and then after pressing the done button at the end, it loads and brings me back to the options page and only says “record added” but doesn’t show my new popup?! It’s just all blank as if I just wasted my time and nothing is there…I’ve tried many times and it doesn’t work, can you please help me!

Can you send access to the dashboard on email ad@dayesdesign.com

Can flyout windows span full-height and width? I am particularly curious in full-width/height windows for top and bottom flyouts. In any case, are there options to specify size of flyout windows/panels from custom sizes to 100%?

Yes. It is possible

Is there an actual downloadable demo of the plugin I can trial? Lastly, are there more flyout demo’s available? I’am right on the verge of buying the plugin and I am really interested in viewing a full width/height (100%x100%) flyout from bottom expanding to top. Thanks!

Are there options for flyouts to ‘push’ or ‘slide’ the page content when activated?

Pre-sales question: I use the Divi 3.0 theme and WYSIWYG builder (not the regular Wordpress builder). I want to be able to build the content I show through the modal with my divi editor. Will the modal show all of the page (and load the CSS of the page) so that the styles are correct? Thanks!

We did not testing


promofo Purchased

Where can i find documentation, it’s not in .zip that i downloaded. How can i import same items as you have in your demo site, can you provide demo data?

Unfortunately, at the moment this plugin does not have detailed documentation

Hi, I am attempting to activate this plugin on another site in my multisite setup and I keep getting the “invalid license” error. It works on the first site just fine. Any ideas? Thanks, Slade

Right now the client will have 2 sites (they are identical but with different colors and slightly different content) NeuroRead.net and CardioRead.net. There are plans for possibly 1 more site on the same multisite install using the same template called HormoneRead.net.

Do I need to purchase a separate license for each site? The client won’t have an issue with that but I’m not sure how to do that using multisite.

Thanks, Slade

1. You need to purchase a separate license for each site 2. Activate plugin for each site in network, not for network

Ok. No problem. I didn’t realize it wasn’t multisite compatible. Thanks! Slade

Hello, just bought the plugin.

Trying to show a popup on click on a link.

Although tried both variants with anchor or ID the popup is shown in addition always (!!!) when loading the page. So without trigger.

Any hints?

Thx Martin

Refresh the page without cache


I visited your side and very much interested in your plugin. a Feature that shows a pop up on bottom left that XXX has purchased etc etc.. on what plugin it is available? I will buy it right away.

Does your timer comes in popups?

Sorry, but no

Hi, I am interested in buying the plug in. Does it have the option to disable the popups on mobile, I want to show to desktop users only.

Yes. The plugin has the option to disable the popups on mobile

When I try to use this plugin on my multisite and go to setting I receive next message: “Purchase code is already activated for website xxx.com/xxx”. How I can use this plugin for several sites on my multisite network? Last time when I asked about this situation your support said me “Only activate for each site” but not buy. Now I cannot activate more than one subsite of my multisite installation. Please, answer me ASAP!

oops! Three monthes ago I asked you this question and receive another answer :( I asked about it authors of every plugin which I use and I was guided precisely by these answers for my choice

What is happening, I just bought and installed the Ultimate Modal Plugin. I can not type or add my content inside this field when adding new modal. I added the screenshot on https://mentemilionaria.co/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/plugin.jpg How can I fix it?

Can you send access to the dashboard on email ad@dayesdesign.com?

ok. Just sent it from luccasbarbosa@hotmail.com

I am not able to use this plugin. What’s happening ? After activation I click on ADD NEW and the content box doesn’t activate, so I can not type inside the content using VISUAL or TEXT view. Please have a look at the image https://mentemilionaria.co/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/plugin.jpg

Can you send access to the dashboard on email ad@dayesdesign.com?

Will this be able to do full-screen modals?

How do you set it to full screen? I’ve watched your video and the settings allow for width… not sure how full-screen will work?

Also I have tried your popups on my iPhone and they do not work – the screen goes dark and there is a flash of colour but no popup stays on-screen. Are there some issues with iOS?

I see lots of popup that appear immediately when the visitor’s mouse cursor will close the tab to draw attention to some more content. Can this plugin be programmed as well?

Is it possible to also make a fixed popup on the page that can not be closed until it pops up with a valid email?

Plugin can show popup when mouse cursor will close the tab. it is not possible to make a fixed popup on the page that can not be closed until it pops up with a valid email

I am doing a scarcity strategy with discounts and planning to buy your modal and countdown plugins to achieve the tasks as i want.

The Scenario:

- User enter in a product page

- Pop up will appear in exit intent, advertising the discount with a call to action button

- User Click the button and active a “Flyout” (popup must dissapear) that contains a confirmation message and the countdown.

These steps i have no doubt that are possible with your plugin.

Now my questions:

- Can the flyout remain sticky even if user reload the page?

- If it can be sticky after activated, can the flyout disappear automatically after some time?

This plugin gives me errors when i try to install.

Can you show screenshot?

Please help, I am not able to install the plugin using the wordpress installer. I get an error message.

What message do you receive? Try to install the plugin via FTP

I just purchased and added the modal. The pop up shows behind the main navigation. How do I get it to display with the navigation in the background? Z-index set to 999999 http://spafitnation.com/home-test/

Any suggestions?

Insert a modal window via option “Show modal window”, not Shortcode


Yours plugin just can use for once only? Means if i would like to use for multiple website then i need to purchase another licence?