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I buyed just now your Plugin


Purchase Code: 2d69ef8e-6a24-41cb-84cf-64a3ec55892b

And im getting this failure: WordPress-Datenbank-Fehler: [Table ‘103712_1.wp_modal’ doesn’t exist] SELECT * FROM wp_modal order by id asc

Please HELP!!!

you slide out menu plugin is no longer available for download and so is this going to be available on your site – I can not locate download and purchased it in conjunction with modal plugin in hopes to use the two together… Please advise.. I would like to access download.


lafilm Purchased

I’m having a problem with a page that has 14 windows on it. (separate links to a virtual tour) If i have more than 10 I get an error on mobile where the page “has a problem” and then continuously reloads. Is there a workaround for this? Thanks!

Hello, I just bought the plugin however I cannot seem to configure the windows as you have it in the demo.

Do you have pre-configured samples or templates I can use then customize it for my needs.

Thank you

Hello, I recently purchased as I want to create fly out panels. However I can’t figure out how to do this or get the plugin to work at all (when I add a module it says ‘record added’ but there is nothing there?) Up the top of the dashboard it says “Warning! Deactivate and then activate the plugin ‘Ultimate Modal Windows’ for proper work.” but I have already tried this a few times. Thanks, Sophie


I buyed just now your Plugin but i cannot create the new modal windows. When I have configured the modal window then I click add new modal window, but is not listed in the list and i cannot view the shortcode.

My Purchase code is 5af41e01-c8a2-4c78-a2d8-a292e61354c9 please help.

Please can help me


dickitt Purchased

Important. I would like to know how can i set a modal window to be able to show only for a few days. Let’s say just on weekend, or until a date. This option is critical as i see it since offers change all the time, and it’s very usefull to set a timer so they only run for a limited period of time if you want. How can i achieve this ? i didn’t find this option anywhere. thank you !

Wgere can I find the purchase code to verify?

I have a license: 4379b755-daa3-4fb5-84c8-2bdb7a96d469 It was registered to

We have since changed the company name to and does not exists. however, we failed to deactivate it from the site before taking the site down.

How can I transfer the license from to Thanks.


I just purchased Ultimate Modal Windows plugin. I want to ask a question that can i use this plugin on more than 1 website. I am going to create a website but before that i need to show one page template of the website and for that i need to use Modal windows plugin. I will create the template on different domain.

Please advise.



cstanak Purchased

We can use the “add new” tab to fill out the form to create our “Modal Window”, however after submitting the form, the page goes to a blank “list” page/tab, and nothing is shown. We have refreshed and reloaded the “list” tab, and can not find the window we created. We also checked the other tabs, but nothing is showing.

We have uninstalled and reinstalled the plugin a few times but it is not working.

Please advise.


ike1492 Purchased


I just purchased this before realizing that it required wordpress. Will it work without it?


Ike McMahon

Just purchased this plugin, and it is not what I expected. I would like to receive a refund.


aerta Purchased

Have just bought the plugin but can’t make it work as I would like.

Product code: 9558ce7e-c1fc-4c56-9ba3-c3abae299532

How do I set up a button or a text link so that when it’s clicked, the pop-up appears – just like in your example?


Hi there

Is this available for HTML5?

Lovely functionality and loads of options.



I am having problems with the slide in. It looks great. However, while I can get it to send me an email when a contact enters info, it won’t send it to my mailchimp account. I designated mailchimp as my email integrator and put in the correct API and List ID keys… but it doesn’t send the info to mailchimp. Please help!



Nevermind. I found it. Let’s see how it works. I’ll let you know

It is still not working

Can you send the screenshot of settings on


This plugin looks to be exactly what I’m looking for. Just a couple pre-sale questions if you could answer for me:

1. I see I can have multiple flyouts (awesome!) with that, can I trigger them to show at different points on the screen? In other words, show Flyout1 when you get to the site, then show Flyout2 when you scroll past the first full screen div lets say?

2. Will this plugin function with anchor points? Say if I put an anchor point inside a flyout and I wanted it to jump further down the page, can it do that?

3. Can I customize the content pre-flyout? Instead of a button I need almost a menu, with a logo, blog feed items to show. When clicked one element I need it to flyout, when I click other elements, it would be anchors that jump to a section of the same page.

Perhaps the best example is my prototype. Can your plugin do this?

thank you for your clarity in advance!! - Jim


1. Yes, you can create several modal windows with different tasks 2. Probably not 3. Not sure, but I think it’s possible


ferstkat Purchased

Hi there,

I accidentally bought the plugin twice, can you please give me a refund for one? I just need it one time. Thanks

Hi, I have just installed the plugin on a new site. It works perfectly except that it fails to send the message to admin when the form is used. It sends it to the user OK.

The popup is triggered by a red ‘Contact Us’ button/link in the header area on the homepage.

I had this same problem on another site a few weeks ago and you fixed that for me. You can use the admin logins below:

Site: administrator username: support password: u&fLcrK};J`f24(vJkS+#fve*XV`aj site login:

Purchase code: 685f3fc0-f969-48f0-a233-df5c1a96e305

Thanks for looking into this. Regards, Roland

please, delete user support or chanche password. To specify here this data is not safe. Write us on email


Lemourios Purchased

Dear DayesDesign, I have installed and activated the plugin in a domain for testing purposes. How do I deactivate and reactivate the plugin in a new domain? Thanks

Try activate the plugin in a new domain


Lemourios Purchased

5 stars for your GREAT plugin and support…

Thank you