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Is it possible to create a form to ask visitor (not logged in) for a password (set by admin) by session cookie?

I’m sorry but there is no

I’m sorry but it’s not possible


ipomonis Purchased

Hello there,

Awesome plugin.

We have create a new portal using WPML

I have created 3 different modal Windows one for each language.

Show button for modal window: YES Show modal window: – All posts and pages

Depending on the language: GREEK Depending on the language: ENGLISH Depending on the language: ALBANIAN

but when i have Depending on the language checked it displays nothing….when it is not checked it works ok.

Does ‘Depending on the language’ works? or iam doing something wrong?

Best Regards, Yiannis

Yes, ‘Depending on the language’ work.The Modal windows depend on the browser language. not site language.

Does this plugin work on Wordpress multisites?

Yes. You have to activate the plugin for each site

I have two questions: 1) Do I need to buy a license for each site located on my multisite Wordpress? 2) I have Button item in my theme with Link field and I put ”#umodal-id-1” bit when I click on button nothing happens? What am I doing wrong? 3) Is it working for example on mega menu item? I click on menu item and popup window will show sorry for my weak english

Activate for each site


soccerfan Purchased

Ok. Thank you for answer but how about other questions?

2. Can you show page with Link field? 3. We have not tested to work with mega menu


dzinedevs Purchased

hi, I just did activated it. I placed a short code for a modal window I just created within the plugin’s Dashboard with the do_shortcode function right before the </head> tag of my wordpress header template. But nothing is showing up.


dzinedevs Purchased

I just changed the Show Only Once Value to no and checked it on another PC. Nothing.


dzinedevs Purchased

I created a new one and tried to test it. Nothing.

Sorry about your troubles! Please send a link to the page you are trying to set this up at.


djosborne Purchased

Curious if there is a way to activate a window more manually via jQuery. Is this possible? Thanks for the great plugin!

At the moment it is not possible


dzinedevs Purchased

The site I am trying to get this plugin integrated with is [addisfortune dot net] the plugin is up and running, but no sign of a pop up modal.

Here is the configuration on your Plugin Dashboard I used to create the umodal with id=1 [http://] addisfortune dot net/the_images/one.jpg [http://] addisfortune dot net/the_images/two.jpg [http://] addisfortune dot net/the_images/three.jpg

You have not connected the script and style modal window.Maybe it’s because of some site settings

How do I connected the script and style modal window??

Hi there, I can’t seem to find the email settings they aren’t appearing? How do you integrate this with mailchimp? Thanks for your help!