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Hi there.

Can I use this plugin to display the following from Gravity Forms in a pop-up modal windows?:

1. Error messages 2. Confirmation message

I am NOT interested in displaying the whole form inside a modal windows.

Thanks a lot,



I have a problem with the activation of the Ultimate Modal Windows Pro plugin v.4.2.

Enter in the activator the purchase code (57799bbf-eb2a-46ca-883c-324bc8931f24) and a message comes out that is already activated for this website (

However, it won’t let me do anything. I can not enter to create any popup.

Please, can you help me with this problem?

Try to activate again

Now it works, thanks.

Hi, this is a question before buying your great plugin, I hope your plugin is suitable for my needs.

This is my question, I am using the “WooCommerce AJAX Products Filter” plugin from this site

I use the ajax plugin as a filter in the widget and displayed in the sidebar, the ajax plugin also has a shortcode feature.

  1. (1) ### Can I display widgets to filter products using your plugin?
  1. (2) ### Can your plugin display a sticky button / float button to reach the filter widget?

Thank you very much.

Hi! Is it possible to replace the content window (as shown here: with the WPBakery editor?

You can insert the WPBakery shortcode in the popup content

Hi, My client informed me that our site was broken. After disabling all of the plugins and then reactivating each one at a time I found out it was our Ultimate Modal Windows plugin.

When it is activated the site reverts to 700px wide (should be full width with 1410px wide content area) and all of the content is jumbled.

Any ideas?

Hello. Can you send the link to the page with issue on email


Yerandy Purchased

I have bought this plugin and it still does not let me download it and tells me that I have already downloaded it 20 times when it is not true. what solution do you have for that since I bought it because I needed it…

Hello. Check you folder for download

I have 4 licenses for the same site and we are not using any of them can you help

Hello. What kind of help do you need?

Hi – the plugin has been disabled on my site temporarily, however upon reactivating it is asking me to enter the licence key once again. When doing so the plugin is telling me the licence is already activated for an existing URL, and denying the re-activation. The URL the plugin is referring to is however the correct URL of my site! Any ideas what the problem might be?

Hello. Try to activate again

Hey, how do I add more fields to the form?

Hello. It’s impossible. You can use another plugin for creating a form


Some pre-sales questions:

1. Is it possible to insert individual styled buttons inside a popup to close it? 2. Is it possible to prevent any ways of closing a popup like clicking outside the popup and to just close it by an individual button? 3. Is it possible to define individual posts/pages where a popup should not appear (but on all other posts/pages)? 4. Is it possible to use shortcodes inside a popup? 5. Is it possible to use code inside a popup? 6. Is it possible to define specific popups only for mobile/desktop? 7. What is the impact of your Plugin regarding site-speed?

Thanks in Advance

7. The size of the connected scripts is 36KB 8. Yes, it’s possible

Thanks. Another question comes up: 9. Is it possible to set up columns within a popup so that in Desktop content is side by side, but in mobile it will be one below the other?

Yes, it’s possible


fatsteve Purchased

Hi, I just purchased this and it won’t allow me to activate the plugin, please help asap this is really urgent.

What error message do you get?