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I noticed it’s 2 months since you responded to your customers’ questions – Is kind of worrying, will it be safe to buy your script?

I wanted to request that you provide speech bubble to your script and then I’d be looking to buy.

Thank you.

PS – Your demo when in dark mode has issues with the header when I scroll. It appears transparent.

Is it ok, that dark version of the script have transparent header menu??? Facebook and twitter counting doesnt work it always show up as 0

I would buy your script if the next version will be the chat in the sidebar


yinkira Purchased

whats new update


Jens78 Purchased

Hello. So slowly I do not find that funny. I have been in the possession of the script. There was still no update around the error of the counts of the Likes and Tweets. And No, I will not extend the support. Because the problem has existed since the beginning and in this time it was not fixed.

This is becoming the problem with Envato. They take the commission from sales, then when their new model of “buy support” came out, I have watched a great percentage of sellers and Envato take advantage of this, and what do I have in my Download history- about 35% NULLED items I have purchased because they are crap with crap code and the seller does not support it and Envato does not either. I did receive compensation for some of these bad scripts and themes, but I have received more- my advice to all people buying code- do due diligence on the seller by way of username, email address and do NOT trust a 5 star rating.