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for Feature Availability

I recommend people to buy this plugin. Sweet like charm, Does what it says.

I am still in the initial stage of using the plugin and so far it's been top notch.

Good luck guys.

I would like to see more templates though.

for Flexibility

you are limited only by your imagination. This plugin is great.
Thx guys

for Other

People struggle to pay with Paypal, takes 2 or 3 tries. Paypal express needs to be utilised here so that Paypal works like the Stripe through a popup. Cant understand why this plugin does not do that, it should, free plugins do, why this so called "Ultimate" plugin doesnt is beyond me. Support is very very slow too. Read the comments, author just saying "I sold to 30k people", so what?! How do comments like that help? Sort out the problems and then you may get 5 starts, however, with all the problems I have had, you lost me my business.


Author response

We're sorry for inconvenient experiences. Paypal gateway is the most stable and reliable payment solution and as is easily noticed no ones have any problem with it. We will not change it just for your wish.

For your knowledge, Paypal express is not recommended for recurring subscriptions, being limited and even disabled for several important countries.

The average response time for your ticket is 11hrs. Faster than that can not be expected.

Still, seems you're submitting reviews back and forward and always with an aggressive attitude. Using this tool for getting more attention is not the best approach

for Feature Availability

Super awesome membership plugin. It indeed has everything you need -(and more).
First I was overwhelmed by all the options but quickly after some navigating around it felt like second hand. The support is world class. I have spammed them with questions and they respond very swiftly. It keeps developing. I used to pay monthly for using membership pro 2 but this plugin far exceeded any previous application I used.
I still hope the developer will consider making an mobile app for this so you control most settings from that platform instead of logging into Wordpress.
I wish I could give more stars and higher rating. Love it. Keep up the good work guys..

for Documentation Quality

There is are very few plugins that have such a detailed documentation on every little thing you need to do.

Video + Written!

Also, their support is pretty awesome ! Buy it, it's definitely worth it!

for Customer Support

Terrible customer support that makes attempt to weary you with crooked questions and insist on you answering "so-called" questions that are not even correct or proper sentences.


Author response

For a better understand your concern, support member sent you some questions but each time you've avoided to answer, 4 times, 4 TIMES one after another you've sent other responses but no answers.
So, instead of provide some straight answers for further support services you've chose to rate the system with a negative review. Clearly you do need any support. A very weird approach!

for Customizability

It was really pain using this plugin in our solution. It offers many functions. The use together with other plugins was not easy. Also customer very often did not understand things and we had to provided support to him.

for Design Quality

The best WordPress membership plugin I´m aware of.

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