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for Customer Support

I had a problem in that membership data suddenly disappeared from my database. I never resolved it, in part thanks to an unhelpful customer support technician who after giving him lots of detail including screenshots of my problem, came back with 1-liners, absolutely no help at all. So I have been asking other developers for advice and the advice is to steer clear of this plugin as it is buggy. I will be switching to Memberpress pretty soon.


Author response

We are unfortunately for that but as support team members said there is no way to mass erase data from UMP (even if you wish that) except if the entire DataBase is erased or plugin completely uninstalled by Administrator.

Still checking the ticket thread there was mentioned only that data is missing and one single screenshot. Not "lot of details" or multiple screenshots.

I like Ultimate Membership Pro! It has allowed me to build a custom membership site. The only downside, updating has been tough, not easy. Even with the Envanto Plug In. I keep getting error messages. I also have had smaller issues here and there. Support has been good so far, just takes a while. Wish it it was faster for my launching needs. So that's why I gave it 4 Stars. Other than that, this is a good plug in.

for Bugs

A lot of bugs. Right now i can't upload images because of this plugin. I can't change user's settings in admin panel etc. Also bad documentation and its very bad in terms of translation


Author response

If you have any concern, you may get in touch with support team. By now it have not been registered any ticket from you, which means you have no problem with it.

for Design Quality

I am still in the setup process, but so far, it is looking great :)
I am setting up UMP and then will move on to UAP,
Hoping for the best:)
So far plugins look lovely and promising :)

for Customer Support

i ordered two license for the Pro Version. I got Purchasing Code, with the software says its not valid:
"Submitted Purchase Code is invalid."
Now I tried to open an Ticket. But to open, you need an valid Code. Damn. Got no Support because of invalid Code.


Author response

In order to submit a support ticket all it needs is to complete all required fields properly and also to be logged into your Envato account for license validation.

Otherwise, the same process is accomplished daily by dozens of customers without any problem.

for Customizability

A plugin really really complete ! Just missing french language.
(FR : Un plugin vraiment très complet ! Il ne manque la langue française)

for Other

The reason I am giving 3 stars and not higher is because there are no updated tutorials.

Your YouTube tutorials do not match the latest design and the explanations are not helpful at all. I am using a 'fan' tutorial from 2017. Please do better.

I will not be recommending this app until a new tutorial is out.

for Customer Support

kullanıcı dostu değil ama çok iyi bir eklenti

for Feature Availability

What I like about this plugin:
- very wide range of features for a membership plugin: payment opportunities, content restriction and user profile
- they keep on updating the plugin regularly, it is really alive, so that means the creators take their project seriously
- the price is great for what you get.

I hope they will improve in the future:
- customer service. The replies are minimal. It feels I have to drag the solution out of them. So that takes a lot of energy. They are not really committed to my problem, it really is MY problem. I have spent a lot of time on figuring not-smoothly working things out myself. I must say customer support has been improved since there is a new guy since recently. When you have a big crisis with your membership plugin you probably have to call someone else for a quick solution.
- documentation is basic. It is only about the initial setup. Nothing beyond. For example; everything about the user notifications - when is what sent - I had to research myself.

In short: everything you need is there. Just be ready to design the desired membership flow yourself! I recommend this plugin.