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for Feature Availability

This plugin is a one-stop powerhouse.

Having tried PMP with it's mess of separate extension plugins that clutters your plugin page, as well as their expensive annual pricing, it was a big relief to find UMP with it's deep functionality yet has one dashboard where modules can be switched on/off and features can be customized.

Amidst its very helpful documentation, flexibility,and customizability, the biggest pro for me is that the frontend comes with beautiful designs right out of the box. I don't need to spend so much time trying to customize css just to get the frontend forms to look presentable at least.

I hardly ever review plugins, but I had to shout the praise of UMP.

for Customizability

This them is good but needs more color options defined. Not everything for color are changeable and text as well like heading colors.

Also It would also be nice to have a good Buddy Press integration. With some future updates I am sure this will be a #1 theme. I give it a 5.

Great Job!

for Design Quality

Buyer beware. While this plugin does much of what you'll need very well, it will require more customization than you'll expect (or want).

I'm a developer writing this review on behalf of my customer who licensed the plugin (on my recommendation). Functionally, the system is well designed and works well. I've now used this plugin for two different membership systems, and with that experience, some things are clear.

CSS design and layout is not this company's forte. This plugin will not abide by your theme's font styles and settings. They have built this plugin with their own hard-coded font styles, most of which you'll have to overwrite with customizations to match your theme. This was the first time I've ever seen a plugin do this. Customizing CSS is no big deal, but they provide no information at all on how to go about customizing their system. Be prepared to do LOTS manual customizations to get it to match your website.

Other weird things about this plugin:

~ Website URLs are not linked
Website URLs on user profiles are displayed as just text (not linked). This should be simple, but it's not. Be prepared for PHP code changes in order to make this happen.

~ Poor display of addresses
In the USA, our addresses are formatted with the city, state, and zip all on one line. This plugin puts each of those values on a new line. Correcting it requires PHP code customizations.

And by the way... these customizations we're talking about? They'll be wiped out on every new version of the plugin that gets updated, so be prepared to apply these tweaks over and over again.

Their knowledge base doesn't have anything helpful for customizations, so you have to create support tickets. I currently have open tickets on these issues, so we'll see what happens.


Author response

We're sorry for your experience but any changes which is desirable for UMP system it can be done very easily and even to proceed any PHP code or be gone after update:
Complete guidelines are available via Knowledge Base:

For more development requirements, you can have your own templates which are manageable as other big scripts does, with your own template files inisde your current WP Theme.

So, it can be achieved mostly everything without being necessary to modify the plugin core files.

for Bugs

Gets 3 stars that's all, nothing special and quite buggy. Paypal not very good with this plugin, users have many problems paying.

for Design Quality

The plugin works fine, but I did not like the design of the forms and some pages. The account page for example has design issues and bugs. I can not change the cover image of the profile through the phone, it always gives an error. And the worst is the misaligned objects where you can change the avatar. During the avatar exchange you can see several bugs. Of course this does not disrupt the plugin's operation, but it's really very annoying to see that page objects are not following basic design principles like alignment.

for Customer Support

Bad support, contacted them with 2 problems, they didn't even want to look into it and only replied to 1 of the question saying it was not a problem from their plugin...
Add to that that they do almost no update to that plugin (not even good with GDPR but they will say it is because they didn't even took the time to read the law)
I would avoid buying from them !


Author response

We're sorry for your experience but checking your status we've noticed only one ticket submitted on July, while ago, and was related email verification and nothing to gdpr settings.
From UMP side, GDPR is implemented from a while and is aligned to the main WP rules for this approach.

for Customer Support

I love this plugin, however, the wonderful support on some small issues I've had is the best I've ever had at code canyon. I plan to extend my support so I have it just in case I need it.

for Code Quality

excellent plugin and very useful.,thank a lot azzaroco team

for Documentation Quality

One of the worst plugins to translate. The plugin is not translator-friendly. It requires the use of several tools, including FTP client. Translating this plugin is a colossal waste of time. If someone bought it to translate it into another language, it would be disappointed.

The help file omits the translation altogether. Zero information in the knowledge base. A massive loss of time and the huge disappointment!


Author response

Translation is done with the well known PO files, like any other WP script. It does not require anything else special.

Also, even if is a standard way to translate any plugin, multiple articles are available into Knowledge Base, including with video tutorial:

So, how can be "zero information" on this case?

Still, the main problem seems to be the fact that your Support period have expired, instead of being renewed have been chosen the rating submission.

for Feature Availability

LE plugin qui regroupe les fonctionnalités dont j'ai besoin et qui le fait de manière esthétique.

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