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The system is full of bugs.

Firstly, when contacting the support they sent me to update the plugin, via ftp and turn off all plugins and theme.

Except that there was no update signaling for this plugin in the dashboard. And only after contacting support was I informed of an update for bug fixes.

After updating, the problem persisted and support told me that I uninstalled all the plugins and the theme and did tests one by one to find out what the conflict would be.

This done, the problem persisted

So, only then, they logged into my site and said they fixed the bug that the problem was in the installation of my wordpress. They said that they corrected and that the problem was solved.

Curiously, only this plugin presented a bug in my installation. And the problem was of bad wordpress installed.

The problem was corrected for a few hours and it came back to manifest itself, I made the tests uninstalled some plugins (which are indispensable) and it worked again.

But to my surprise, other new bugs appeared.

I lost almost 3 months of work, and money with this plugin.

I'm looking for another one to replace it.


Author response

We're sorry for your experience but it can not be blamed the UMP system which is working just fine just because other scripts affects the JS workflow on your website.

This is your mention during the Support ticket which explains without no doubts that the cause of your concern is an external script and not UMP:
"I found the possible problem. When the plugin for subscription plan -YITH WooCommerce Subscription- is actived, the register buttom stop to work."

for Flexibility

Overall it's a fine plugin.

Unfortunately, I bought it almost exclusively due to the good comments and advertised 'membership cards'. There are other plugins that support cards, but none with so many good comments which was a deal breaker.

Unfortunately, I discovered that you can have only 1 card design, regardless of how many levels of membership you have. If you are planning to have bronze/silver/gold levels with different cards - forget about it, it is not possible.

In addition, there are many areas which lack customization options. For example my account page sections.

In other comments, support claims that most things can be manually edited with CSS, which I assume is true, but it's definitely not something everyone could use. I am not a developer and by buying a premium '' user-friendly" plugin I must admit I expected much more.
Support also claims that there are many pre-made templates, but well, there aren't THAT many, just several basic options, and in any case, there should be some sort of editor to allow modifications for non-technical users... If I could code I would just code my own plugins...

for Feature Availability

The plugin has all the features what we needed for our new project. The documentation sometimes is not clear but the developer staff always answered our questions in 60 minutes.
We didn't regret it.
Thank You!

for Feature Availability

Good script , with good support. i recommand !

for Customer Support

Great plugin with great customer support very quick on resolve problems

for Design Quality

This is amazing... The plugin is the best i have ever used. the support is excellent..thanks guys

for Customer Support

High quality support. In the hours following the opening of a support request, someone takes charge of the problem and provides the solution to the problem.

for Other

There is a fundamental problem with General Options > Public Workflow > Listing Pages/Posts. I have a membership site with around 13,700 Product Skus and 100+ Pages of which most are restricted. Setting "Listing Pages/Posts" to off should allow you to hide restricted posts and pages in search for non-registered users however in doing so it exponentially increases you loading time of pages for customers because it wants to query every restricted page before a page is loaded. Support have been quite obstructive thus far but I am sticking with it until the matter is resolved.

for Feature Availability

This is an Amazing Plugin! Simple and very Powerful :) one of the best buy that i made. Thanks for all

for Customer Support

This is a Great Plugin but support is somewhere between 0 and 1. Their service level is up to 72 hours for a response... which is often a question back. Only to have to wait up to another 72 hours... Many of the responses I have received have been... "Read the documentation." I have but I still have questions because things are not working as described.
To make matters worse, they only allow a limit of 5 tickets at a time but they are not very fast about clearing tickets... As soon as I submit one ticket, I receive a warning that indicates I have reached my limit. I have asked three times to clear my old tickets. All of this is exacerbated by a "language barrier." I'm posting this here because I truly hope that support improves. Its a GREAT plugin with lots features but support is lacking!

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