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I would love to get this plugin to work like it should, but I cannot, and although I have open tickets and I have been trying to help Alex from my side, we are not getting anywhere.

Two main issues. I cannot use their shortcodes inside the Kallyas page builder. Things break badly. I cannot upload an avatar, even if I just use a normal wordpress page. They tell me it's kallyas.

Their social login functions causes a FATAL PHP error. This has got nothing to do with Kallyas, but outdated pre PHP 7 functions that needs to be updated. I spent weeks on this, but it seems Alex just does not care to help.

I have listed the issue on the outside and it's basically down to duplicate declared functions.


I gave Alex this info, but NOTHING.

Alex, I invested a huge amount of time trying to get your plugin to work, I need to get it working.



Author response

There was properly investigated your concern and clearly provided evidences that the problem is gone when you switch to any other theme.
Moreover, there are hundreds of customers that use that theme beside UMP without problem, except you!

If you're under impression that providing a negative review you will get additional support to fix your problems inside your theme, you have all our promises that you're WRONG!

A such nonethical approach against the support rules it is not permitted and if that is not changed quickly there is no other way than to be further reported.

for Other

To the author:
-Report me to Envato, I will not argue here.
-I re-opened the case again with Envato.
-Since I can not contact you via email. You can refer the case 810888 while reporting.


Author response

You're a license infractor and with a serious copyright infringement once you've installed the plugin on two separate websites on the same time (based on your initial review that you've tried to remove it). So, based on that prove we will open a copyright complain against you.

Don't try to cover your mistakes with lies that you didn't used the license, once that it clearly looks that was activated and your complain was about how to remove/deactivate it not how to activate it: "Once time the key is activated it cannot be deactivated"

Removing the Author message it clearly shows your guilty and overwriting the review it is against the rules. You may continue on this direction but definitely not for a long time, you've already did for 14 times!

for Feature Availability

Great plugin that needs a few tweaks but is a work in progress with huge capabilities

for Bugs

This is one of the buggiest plugins I have ever used. To give you some examples - Stripe integration doesn't require people fill in required fields before it can be submitted. They have known about this for several years (based on the comments section) and simply blame Stripe (funny that they don't mention this in their documentation). Obviously WooCommerce and many other developers have no such problem with their plugins.

There is no ability for someone who purchases a membership to see a specific thank you page. If someone manually renews their membership, there is no way to send them to a page specific to the renewal page. In fact, within Stripe's integration, they are simply put back on the page there were on with no notice that the renewal worked at all. This is all apparently working as intended according to the author of the plugin.

On Authorize.net integration, the plugin has similar inconsistencies and it is unknown whether or not this integration will completely stop working on May 29th as Authorize/net is eliminating their support for using the GOT command within their API. With countless requests for comment by the author, no answer on whether or not this would affect the plugin working was answered.

Though certain parts of the plugin work well, the plugin developers will not spend time fixing stuff they have already developed. They will almost always say things are working as intended or that they are not their fault. I would not recommend using this company's products or this plugin at all.


Author response

Your last support ticket is more than 1 YEAR AGO where you've only requested for custom work. Meanwhile your support time has EXPIRED and was not renewed.

So, what are with all those lies? You really hope to get support for free on alternative way?

You have used this item on multiple websites for more than 1 year without any complains and now suddenly you've discovered that is not working because you wanna avoid to pay for support?!

Users like you should be avoided and ask for proves after every comma.

for Feature Availability

I've been using UMP for a few months now, building a membership site. Support has been excellent, with a few fixes required.

We're using it with Buddypress to initiate the user signup process and divide our members into Groups. Works well.

Also using the Divi theme & pagebuilder, and all seems to play fine together.

I like the individual pages for all the UMP processes, which allows me to style every page ... login, signup, account, etc.

Great product, lots of scope, but pretty solid as it is.

for Customizability

My honest review :

This plugin itself is definitely deserve 5-stars! really AWESOME plugin!! Feature-rich and easy to setup. Especially with the download limit. Worth every penny!!

Support is ok. Relatively fast to respond but the only issue is the respond wasn't to the point, feel like hurry-scurry. And I have to follow up multiple times and it was wasting my time.

Overall, it's a very very great plugin in terms of price and its capability!

for Flexibility

I read on the plugin page that this is the best plugin on the market. Hands down that it is. I tried several before this one. I tried S3 Members, Memberpress, and PaidMembershipsPro. Not only do they not have all the features of this plugin but they are extremely expensive. Yea, it's 120ish a year for the plugin but that's the problem...."a year" you have to renew every year. This plugin you have more features, easy to use, and you buy it once and you're done. For a small business that a life saver. I have it all implemented on my site 2pupsncat.com and loving it!
Thank you for a great affordable plugin!

for Feature Availability

cool business cool business cool business cool business cool business

for Flexibility

actually a good plugin with a lot of features.
3 things are missing, which are - at least for me - important:

1. when having a website in more than one language it ist not possible to define different url-targets when clicking for example on the login-button. the translation with the .po files is no problem, but it would be great to have the possibility to add a form in the showcases.

2. there is no possibility (as far as i know) that members can cancel their memberships. obviously only the admin can do that. this is not customerfriendly.

3. the plugin has no separate menu-addon. you can define the links via the regular wordpress menu and can make them visible for the targetgropus, but it would be nice, after the user is signing up, when the username appears in the menu with a drop-down menu (for example).

for Feature Availability

Ultimate Memberships Pro has been the best membeship plugin that I've found so far The price is reasonable and the features truly have exceeded my expectations. I enjoy giving quality products and services and Ultimate Memberships Pro has given me the perfect opportunity to present my business in a professional way!

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