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Hi theefarmer! I would love an option to use Livestream video if possible, as I just noticed that you’ve added additional video source options, which is awesome!

If you need any info regarding Livestream, just let me know, I’m happy to provide some info and embed code examples if it’s helpful.

Hello TC3,

I’ll look into it for a future release. If you can provide more info that would be helpful. Please contact me via my contact form or email me.


does this support rtl ?


Officially I can not say it does. But I’ve done some preliminary testing and it seems to be working on RTL. But again I haven’t tested it fully to officially say it does. Hope this helps.

Any other questions please let me know.


With this plugin, am I able to target a specific DIV for the video background, or is it full screen only?

Hello TheFrameGuy,

Currently it is full screen only. If you know jQuery and CSS you can customize it to target a specific DIV without a problem. I’ll add such a feature in a future release but no ETA on it.


Good day – Are playlists supported (e.g. vimeo, youtube)? Full screen gif animations? Thanks, Faisal

Hello fhumayun,

Playlist are not officially supported at this time. Gif’s should work. I have had several users used them, I have not tested them on the slideshow function myself thou. You can select to randomize the videos. When you have more than one video background for a posts, then every time you browse that post UMBG will randomly select one of the selected videos to play. This setting is site-wide. Meaning it will randomize the videos of all UMBG posts if they have mor ethan one selected for it.

If you need further clarification please don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you for your inquiry.


Many thanks for the fair, honest and helpful responses. One last question: UMBG doesn’t bundle any stock video samples – so for first time dabblers like myself, is there an example online repository of stock videos ( are these adobe after effects media files? ) that I can use.


With UMBG you can use YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, DailyMotion, and HTML5 Videos.

You can check out:
Pexels Videos

Just do an online search for stock videos. Good luck!

umbg support gives always “403 Forbidden” when opening a new ticket OR using an existing ticket link when replying – please help – thanks!

” 403 Forbidden

A potentially unsafe operation has been detected in your request to this site. “

all browsers / different connection methods :-(

or in other words: how to stop the first video originally set in the UMBG settings for a certain page whenwe use the jquery coding later on in that page (complete code for the 4 videos sits in one text widget in the sidebar of the page). controlling the videos works like a charm apart from that.

is there a way to bypass the original definition of the first umbg video from the wordpress settings and start the first one from tthis textwidget code, too? I think this could be the most elegant way and we can define everything per artist in the sidebar.

right now I have the video change code for video1-video4 in the sidebar when I could start(!) on page load the first video (video1) from that widget, too – everything would be perfect

thank you very much

best Thomas

by the way: I tried to answer you in the original thread for days now… with different IPs, systems etc. – always 403 Forbidden

I have email you directly. Please see that email and reply via email.



I have a presale question. I need to know if your plugin can achieve something like this as in this website: http://quad.fr/

I would like to have a full screen homepage same as the website, and then just after the scroll, the video plays with sound exactly the same way as in the website. You will notice when i scroll up/down the video automatically stops when it is not in the viewport.

Can your plugin achieve something like this? Thank you

Hello sundeep19,

You will have to customize the code in order to achieve this. UMBG is full screen only so there isn’t a particular container you can attach it too, meaning any HTML element you attach it too the video will still play full-screen in the background. If you know CSS and jQuery you can customize the code to achieve your goal, including targeting the window’s load and scroll events to play and stop the video as in your sample website.

I have a customer which has done the scroll play/pause customization functionality. Please also know and understand that custom code work is not part of UMBG ’s included support.

Thank you for your inquiry and if I can be of further help please let me know.


Hello- this looks great: is it possible to change the up/down arrow that brings up the page content to be a word instead of the arrow- I am thinking my customers are not smart enough to realise what that is and will only see the video- can it say a word or 2 instead of the icon?


The button shortcode feature has this capability, but not the default controls. You can change it but you need to make the change in the code. Either via CSS or the jQuery code. Basically is just changing the data- attribute on the button element. It won’t be hard to do at all.



Would I be able to use this with Advanced Custom Fields? Adding it to a template then the user can select what video to use to show in the background of a div?

Many Thanks

Hello mumford,

Such functionality is not currently possible, although I have not tested it with Advance Custom Fields. Also, UMBG currently displays the media only as a fullscreen background regards of what div you use. If you know CSS and/or jQuery you can make it resize to your needs without a problem.

Thank you for your interest, if you have any other question please do not hesitate to ask.



Great plugin! Is your plugin compatible with Visual Composer?

- GM

Hello GM,

At this time it is not compatible with VC as far as being VC Ready. But UMBG will work without a problem if you have VC installed.

Thank you for you’re inquiry, any other questions please let me know.



TC3 Purchased

Yes, one thing that would be an amazing feature would be the ability to use as a background for a specific Visual Composer row, maybe targeted by VC row ID?

I’ll see what I can do in a future release. Have been testing your Livestream suggestion, but nothing good enough yet for release. Thanks for the suggestions.

Any update is coming soon, severe bugs on new WP updates

Yes, I have an update coming soon but not sure if it will address any issues you may be experiencing. Please contact me via my Contact Form and include details of your issues.


I bought the full version, unfortunately I can not add a background with Wordpress 4.8.2. since the add page loads endlessly. Is there a way to solve the problem?


Thank you for your purchase and sorry you’re having an issue. If you can please Submit a Ticket on my website I will be able to better help you resolve the issue.


Two pre-purchase questions – #1 is this compatible with Enfold theme and #2 – is it compatible with self-hosted mp4 videos or must they be Vimeo, Youtube etc?

Hello goldengate415,

It should be compatible with themes built to WordPress specs, so I don’t see Enfold been a problem. If you encounter anything just let me know via my support ticket system.

You can use self-hosted mp4, webm, and/or ogv videos (HTML5 videos).

Any other questions please feel free to ask.