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Hello great game ! would it be possible to add iAd banners for always? And full page iAd intersitital ads every time you pass a level ? Thanks in advance

yes once you buy it i can do it for you at a low price.

Thanks for the reply, and how much extra ? Could it be done today thanks

i can get it done in 1 day. contact my in skype. my id is codebhak.

Hello, can you make it for android ? GLWS

yes i can

Need video demo of this app. I also happy to buy if you show clear about your app. Thanks

Any demo to the back end?

Live video preview is available here: http://codecanyon.net/item/ultimate-logo-quiz-starter-kit-for-iphoneios/full_screen_preview/12492453

The documentation on handling backend is provided. It’s very simple and I will be there to help.

When the keyboard pop up and after I typed the words and pressed the done button, the keyboard won’t get away and I can’t check the words (the constantly appear keyboard blocked the check button bar).

After trying around then I noticed that you’ll have to swipe down to close down the suggestions in order to unblock the check button bar from the keyboard. Is there any fix for this to lower the keyboard so it won’t block the display and check button? Thanks.

hi can u contact me in skype.. my id is codebhak,

A wonderful

Do you support buying points

Do you support the Arab

Do you support ios8 ( iphone 6 and iphone 6+


It can support arab. It supports ios 7 onwards.. Tested in 6/6+,5 and 4 iphone devices. Regarding buying points you can hire me and I am ready to do. My skype id is codebhak.

Done Add skype ,,

i waiting you ..

Does it need any external server? Any live demo on the store?

live video preview is available. you can click on live preview to see the video. you don’t require external server

hey the documentation lacks so much info ! Guide me to setup.

i have covered everything in documentation.. if u have any doubts you can feel free to contact me in skype. my id is codebhak

How do you add the logos in it? does it have interstatial ads?

u can add logo names in database with answers. logo images can be put in images folder.. interstitial i can do it for you once u get the code.

how many logo in the database?

more than 100.. i didn’t calculate the number actually

Do you have Android version ?

Hello, is this an online app or can you play it offline? No need for Php site? Also, Are there in-apps or game center? Ty

any update for IOS 9 ??

it works in ios9

is this IOS 9 and xcode 7 compatible ??

Bought Kids Memory Game from him. Kind of person who will ask you for more money when you ask for help

Can i help me to modify data on sqlite database. I can not appear new data for database

Is it compatible with iOS 9.3?

How many logo do you have for this source code?

some questions can I remove the categories just want one Is it compatible with iOS 9? can I adjust the logo size?


hmtooo Purchased

welcome .. plz see reject game in apple store

Hey there, your app got rejected. Here is the reason.

From Apple 5. 2.1 LEGAL: INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY – GENERAL Legal – 5.2.1

Your app includes protected third-party logos in app icon, screenshots, or previews without the necessary authorization.

We’ve attached screenshot(s) for your reference.

Pursuant to your agreement with Apple, you represent and warrant that your application does not infringe upon the rights of another party, and that you are responsible for any liability to Apple because of a claim that your application infringes another party’s rights. Moreover, we may reject or remove your application for any reason, at our sole discretion.

Next Steps

Please provide documentary evidence of rights to use this content. Once Legal has reviewed your documentation and confirms its validity, we will proceed with the review of your app.

Alternatively, please remove all third-party logos from your app icon, screenshots, and previews.