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Is this plugin based on a masonry framework?

I need to layout posts in my taxonomy/archive pages the same as I have this plugin setup for.

Or is it possible to call a filter from another page? (ie. ?cat=filter1) and it would display results only in that filter? (would be useful as an alternative to the taxonomy function)

Basically I just need the ability to have the user click on my custom taxonomy and be taken to a page with all posts of that taxonomy, but it should be laid out the same way I have it. (african lily – grid)


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You refer to the Hashtag filter:


Path details will appear when you click on the filter, you just copy the link from the address bar of your browser.

How to set up as follows:


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Thank you this helped a lot!

Ok, thank you very much!

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Hi, I can’t find where can I set ‘Equal Height’ for GRID > ALPINE THISTLE.

Can you give me the instruction where can I set it ?


maybe I am not finding the correct option, but I am selecting pagination numbers is these grids, and when I hit number 2, post grid goes to page 2 but keep refreshing and goes back to page 1, so imposible to use pagination numbers,

I am using Load more meanwhile, but Iprefer to use pagination numbers, so, there is an option that I do not find for a correct setup?

Thanks for advanced, Andres


I understand your problem.

Currently, it is using ajax technology to handle paging.

I will add a new feature to solve your problem. Hopefully, you patiently wait, I’ll add it in the next update.



that´s ok!!

Hi !

I have a problem and I don’t know if the plugin can do what I want. I have a few post categories (project, events, ...) and tags which represents our topics (Climate, Sustainable development, ...).

For example, on my “Climate” page, I want to put a grid just with my climate-tagged post, AND propose filters with categories of THESE retrieved posts.

But I can’t have this. On my “all” filter, I have the good number of posts (just the climate tagged post) but on my other filters, I have ALL projects post, ALL event post, ... :/ Do I need to re-arrange my categories and my tags, switch them, or there is a tweak to reach this result ?

Thanks !

I try with mutli-taxonomies but the “UL filter item” and the “UL grid” queries don’t” seems related :/


It sounds like you are using this plugin from an unidentified source ( I see you have not bought it ).

Sorry, I will not be able to support you in this case.


I actually have a similar issue to the post above. I have a custom post type with 4 different taxonomies. Taxonomy 1 is the main filter category. I can get a page to display only the entries from that taxonomy, but when I add taxonomy filters for 2,3 and 4 they don’t relate. I played with the or/and settings, and still not working. When I filter by taxonomy 4, it shows me all items under taxonomy 4, and not the ones limited to the variable of taxonomy 1 and taxonomy 4.

In theory if Query type was AND and relation was AND shouldn’t that join all the tables and display entries that meet multiple criteria?

Hi Archetypeorange!

If possible, pls configure a template page. And send it to me, together with an administrative account ( https://codecanyon.net/item/ultimate-layouts-responsive-grid-addon-for-visual-composer/17454996/support )

I will look at the structure of your data and analyze it ( This will help me a lot. )

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okay I sent you a message! Thanks

Can you tell me why I get a thick grey line at the bottom of every post image when I use any of the Creative styles? Check the following link to see.


No worries, have found a solution. I thought using “large” image size would do it, but it works fine when using 1200×900 or one of the other crops.

Great plugin btw!

I do have another issue though.

When using SNAPDRAGON, as soon as you hover on the 8th item in the list on the right, the display goes crazy and vanishes. It happens all the time and I have no idea why.

Hi Dan!

1/ Yes, with creative layout, you’ll need to use the large image size.

2/ I do not understand your problem, you can describe in more detail through a screenshot?


Question. Can when you hover the image of a woocommerce product show a different image that product has in the gallery? Thanks.


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Currently, it does not have this feature.

I will consider, if possible I will add in the next update.

You can send me your email? ( https://codecanyon.net/item/ultimate-layouts-responsive-grid-addon-for-visual-composer/17454996/support )



When I try to ad adsense it comes up blank (in chrome) and as a broken link (in IE). Am I doing something wrong? The codes are correct.

Thanks for your help!


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Sometimes, Google ads not showing up because google does not identify the content to select relevant ads.

All the ads will depend on the analysis of the content from Google, sometimes you need to wait patiently.

You just set the width of the Grid with elements >= 320px so advertisers can display the best.

If possible, please send me a link to the website that you are configuring, I will consider and advise you ( https://codecanyon.net/item/ultimate-layouts-responsive-grid-addon-for-visual-composer/17454996/support )

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GSG Purchased

I would like to purchase this addon does it allow you to create a magazine style page with different layouts from different categories?

For instance, could I have Sea Lavender at the top from category tech, next Transvaal Daisy from category blogging, next Snapdragon from category business, etc?

Do you have to have the filters displaying at the top of each category?

Does this addon have any compatibility issues with the ultimate or massive composer addons?


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1/ Yes, it’s available features.

2/ You can hide tab and filter.

3/ It is compatible with all wordpress themes & plugins.

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Is there any display of all layouts at a glance for easy viewing?


Thanks for your comments.

I will check the design and will create a page that lists the snapshot for each layout.

This work may take a few days, hopefully it will help you and those who are using it.

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Adorelia Purchased

hi, is it possible to make a gallery (simple grid of images on a page), where the images separately could be downloaded by the visitors, via a simple ‘download’ button? (idea is to offer a downloadable high-res image bank) I couldn’t find such option… Thanks!

Hi Adorelia!

Is this what you’re looking for?
Currently, it does not have this feature.

However, I will study seriously. If it’s feasible, I will give an update in the near future.

Thank you for your suggestion.

Best Regard!


Adorelia Purchased

hi, yes correct, even when my particular situation would require to have not a whole subgallery to download, but i would make 1 page of just pictures ‘from media file’ (no sublevels) and those images would be individually downloaded by whoever needs them. I looked a lot but nobody seems to have this function, besides those who offer the downloads as a paid service (photo banks), but that’s something differently. Thanks a lot!

Ok, I will try to do this function.

However, I will not promise in advance that there will be features download. Because I have to consider more carefully.