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About woocomerce layout product, can i have each style/catalog? Here is example https://pl.vc/1d4i69

1) Sorry i don’t really understand you. Shortly. I can have each style product desplay difference for each catalog right?

2)What do you mean for :”The title you see is the title of the page listed.”?

3) About youtube channel, is it used my web channel or allow user have there own linked youtube channel to my web?

4) i saw there is allow video feature, can i also have video in galllery? is video/audio featured work for woocommere?

1 & 2/ This is an extension for the visual composer (page builder). Therefore, it will not have the functionality to change the layout available on your site. You need to create product lists on each page. Then synthesize them like this example: http://beeteam368.com/ultimate-layouts/test-catalog-layout/ (or put up the same menu as my demo)

3/ It will assist you to grab the available videos from the channels, playlists or videos delivered by youtube ( Please visit the following link to find out: http://beeteam368.com/yt-gallery-doc/ or http://beeteam368.com/youtube-gallery/ )

4/ Yes, it has support for all post types included in your theme.


Hi there hope your well. I am looking to use your excellent plugin as my homepage header displaying 5 posts in the carousel calla lilly style. Is it possible to have this grid at a set height? On your demo it appears fairly small height, I wondered if it could be set to say 950px to act as a header?

Hi Miam00 !

Thank for contacting us!

With your request, we will have to create a new layout.

This is also a good idea, we will add this layout.

Best Regard!

Nice one, I will keep an eye out for it will you call it header or something so I can find it amongst the many demos

Thank you, I will need time to develop this layout.

Maybe it will appear in the version 2.0.1

Best Regard!


Does this VC Add-on work for streaming self-hosted MP4s?

Does it work with ANY Theme without much CSSing required? I have several Themes that do not provide a VC Woocommerce Products Element with List function, they all use the default Grid display.

I want to display Woocommerce Downloadable Products in either a Grid or a List where I can set the default and the Customer can toggle both the two display. Themeforest has such a Product Grid / List toggle, and I want to do the same.

One last question, you also offer a Bundle, why isn’t this VC Add-on part of the Bundle?

Thank you.

Where are you located that you are paying a 30% tax rate?

Sounds like CodeCanyon is making as much or more then you off each sell.

Thank you for your response, this is just some information shared with you. It’s not a big deal. I promised you to update these three items:

1) The excerpt comes from the Product Short Description, but, I really need the option to create the excerpt from either the Product Short Description or the Product Long Description with a ”... Read more” link added to the end.

2) I am using the Add-on with the Marketica Theme and the WC Vendors Plugin. The Add-on ‘Show Author” does just that, it shows the Author. However, in the Marketica/WC Vendors, Author is the WP Username and the Vendors are given the field StoreName so on the Products pages, it says “Sold By: StoreName”. I need the List to say the same “Sold By: StoreName” not “UserIcon Author”.

3) Grid / List toggle.

I’m working, I had promised to you.

Best Regard!

I understand.

1) Give the option in a pull down to create the Excerpt from either the Product Long Description or Product Short Description.

And move the ‘Read more’ button/link from Post Meta 2 to the end of the Excerpt. This is the location of most of the ‘Read more’ links/buttons I have seen.

2) In WP User, there is ‘Username’, ‘Nickname’, ‘Display name publicly as’ and in the WC Vendors section ‘Shop name’ fields. The Vendor creates an Account with the Username, and they can change the Shop name to anything. The Theme displays the Shop name w/link to their Products.

When I changed the Nickname and then select it in the Display name publicly as pulldown, the Add-on shows it correctly in the Product grids/list. However, from the frontend (Vendor’s Dashboard), the Vendors do not have access to the Nickname/Display name fields, only the Shop name field.

3) Grid / List toggle … that would be great feature / function to add since you already have it working elsewhere.

4) Can this Add-on create a Products Grids similar to https://videohive.net/? I’ll check you demo a little latter to see if you already have something similar working.


Hi, is dont find the option for arrows on the bottom from the content blocks. I use the content block daffodil. how can i insert the forward and backward arrows buttons ?

Thank you!

Hope you take the time to evaluate it.

Best Regard!

yes – i have 5 star rating

Thank you very much. Wish you a good day.

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how do i create a slider that show post attachment images beside post featured image for a single post or list of posts?

Hi Mynetfocus!

Thank for contacting us!

I do not understand your question.

Can you describe more clearly? Because this is an extension for Visual Composer, used to build layouts for specific pages. And some of the features you need might not be available.

Best Regard!

Hello – presale customer here – I would like to overlay images with titles more than one line and full frame of image (overlay) – do you think it is possible ? Thank you

Same for sub-text – more than one line – I have seen you have some with 3 lines of text – would it be possible to have text on 3 lines but adapting font size to fit the longer texts on 3 lines. Making it bigger if less than 3 lines.


Thank for contacting us!

1/ I would like to overlay images with titles more than one line and full frame of image (overlay) – do you think it is possible ?

Yes, It can be done.

2/ Sorry, it does not have this feature.

Best Regard!

Wow that’s awesome plugin! I have a question/sugestion. Please add twitch and hitbox video api gallery.

I’m looking for a plugin for the stream video gallery (twitch,hitbox,gameyt,azubu)

I will pay for all modifications


Sorry, I have no specific plans for other services.

This development is extremely expensive and requires a specific plan.

Hope you understand and appreciate.

Best Regard!

Of course. No problem :)

Regard :)

is it possible to set a fixed size for post image? For example, I would like to have multiple “Baby’s breath” modules on the same page and all of them would have the same size (with cropped image when necessary).

Hi Fabiogo!

If possible, please send me a link to the website that you are configuring ( https://codecanyon.net/item/ultimate-layouts-responsive-grid-addon-for-visual-composer/17454996/support ).

I will consider and discuss with you in more detail.

Sometimes, just a custom CSS code can solve this problem.

Best Regard!

Sent you a private message. Thanks

Solved very quickly, thanks for your great support

Hi, Where can I set ’Equal Height’ for CAROUSEL-TRADITIONAL / BUSY LIZZIE? The ‘equal-height-columns’ class won’t have any effect there.


Hi DbEwebdesign!

Thank for contacting us!

It looks like you are using this plugin from an unknown source.

In this case I can not support you!

However, the feature you are referring to only supports the “ALPINE THISTLE” layout in the GRID group.

Best Regard!

Hey, is this compatible with Jupiter Theme, because it hast a different Visual Composer (Modified Version) please let me know, would love to buy it, very nice plugin well done

Hi Ilenz79!

Thank for contacting us!

It works well with Jupiter Theme.

Best Regard!

Hi guys, great pluging but having a hard time making the videos load. Its like nothing pulls up.

Hi Studio5agency!

Thank for contacting us!

Can you send me a link to the website you are configuring ( https://codecanyon.net/item/ultimate-layouts-responsive-grid-addon-for-visual-composer/17454996/support )?

Currently, version 2.1.0 is under review from Envato ( Added some features and fixes some bugs related to Youtube API V3 )

Best Regard!

Hi mate, may i have demo content xml

Hi DesignsVilla!

Thank for contacting us!

If possible, please send me your email ( https://codecanyon.net/item/ultimate-layouts-responsive-grid-addon-for-visual-composer/17454996/support ).

Best Regard!

Hi All!

Version 2.1.0 is being reviewed by Envato

This update will fix some bugs related to the Youtube API V3.

If you’re having trouble, please contact us via the support tab – https://codecanyon.net/item/ultimate-layouts-responsive-grid-addon-for-visual-composer/17454996/support ( A new version will be sent to you )

Best Regard!

Hello, I’m curious, can I create just a simple static block without connecting with post, pages or taxonomies? I would like to create a list of places with link to specific Pages. I hope it makes sense. Thanks.

Hi Crcentrum!

Thank for contacting us!

If you want to connect directly to specific pages on your system, follow the instructions below:


Best Regard!

Awesome. Thank you!


kosinus Purchased

custom ordery_by seems to not work? is it possible to get addon to work with any custom order plugin (like Simple Custom Post Order). VCs Native Post Grid works fine, templates blocks work fine only UL refuses to display custom sorted. Tryed to ad __(‘None’, ‘ultimate_layouts’) => ‘none’, to reg-vc.php, option did not help. Any suggestions?

Hi Kosinus!

Thank for contacting us!

Can you describe your problem more clearly?

Do you want to remove all the default sorting options?

To better assist you, please send me through the support tab: https://codecanyon.net/item/ultimate-layouts-responsive-grid-addon-for-visual-composer/17454996/support

Best Regard!


kosinus Purchased

ok, will write through the support tab

Thank you, pls check your email!


hingex Purchased

In your documentation for the youtube gallery, once I log into WP admin, what are the exact steps fo getting to the header section in your documentation? IN WP admin > Settings > Youtube Gallery Settings – I only see the ability to import sample data.I do not see data source , layout, carousel etc like in the documentation.


hingex Purchased

I just purchased this and imported youtube gallery data but once I navigate away from WP admin > Settings > Youtube Gallery Settings and then go back , I do not see the sample data. Plese advise

Hi Hingex,

Thank for contacting us!

1/ Goto CodeCanyon and download the full installation (All files & documentation).

2/ Then unzip and install the file: youtube-gallery-vc-v1.0.2.zip.

Best Regard!

Hello! Very good job guys! I have a prepurchase question. I have a review website and need to show on the homepage the reviews using your blocks but i need to show 2 ratings on each article. Is it possible? thank you in advance.

Thanks for your reply. it is not yet live with the new template, but you can see the theme here http://redirect.wpsoul.net/


Sorry for delay!

To be sure of one hundred percent, I need an active website with an administrator account.

I will have to customize the source code to meet this requirement.

Thank you!

Ah ok, what i was trying to do was to be sure of this before purchasing the plugin.

Hi there, I’m interested in this plugin but I have one question. Is it possible to open the post beneath the ajax grid? so when you click it it opens up? like this: http://www.kriesi.at/themes/enfold/portfolio/portfolio-ajax/ Thanks, Bertus.


Thank for contacting us!

Sorry, It does not have this feature.

Best Regard!

Pre-sale question:

With your plugin can the post grid be completely cached by WP super cache? Or does it use AJAX queries for each page load like the built in post grid in VC?

Hi jasonitan!

Thank for contacting us!

1/ With VC’s available Grid shortcode: They do not apply Ajax technology for this shortcode. They load all the data in the first query and use the Isotope ( http://isotope.metafizzy.co/ ) library to create the filter. If the post count is greater than 100 items, you’ll have a long wait in the initial load.

2/ It can work with WP super cache, w3 total cache or wp rocket!

Best Regard!

And will it use the template I created in the VC grid builder? I am using custom field to display a unique logo for each category.

Hi Jasonitan!

Sorry for delay!

1/ You can use Visual Composer to create layouts like in demo.

2/ Currently, it does not support image retrieval from custom fields. It only support for display pictures from “featured image”.

Best Regard!