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Where is the location to adjust the distance between these images? https://screencast.com/t/CJIBa51nI

Thank you. I tried that earlier and the change did not take. This time it did. Thank you!!

THank you. I made this change originally and didn’t have success, but I reupdated it and it appears to have worked.

OK, Thank you very much!

Where is the field to define the background and text colors for the dropdown filter elements? Iooked in the color tab of the UL Grid but it doesn’t appear to be there.

Look in your theme where you can enter custom CSS code snippets, or you can add them directly to the VC.



That is awesome. I had no idea you could insert CSS into VC. Thanks. Any idea how to modify this piece?



Can you wait in about 1 day?

I am having to handle a project for ThemeForest.


I’m really interested in getting the Ultimate Layouts plugin. Looks like it has almost everything I wanted to do the job. One question though. I was looking at one of the masonry layouts and noticed that the filterable options were in drop down menus. Is there a way to offer those category options as a left to right menu on top of the grid like so many other scripts do?

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Custom CSS code can be used to handle this element.

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Sure hope so. I’m purchasing it right now and I hope it’s as simple as you say it is. Thank you for the quick response.

What is the proper way to adjust the background color and text color for the read more button? https://screencast.com/t/vhWBDmYy


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How can I set equal height for Grid Anything?

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Currently, it only supports the layout: ALPINE THISTLE – http://beeteam368.com/ultimate-layouts/alpine-thistle/

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Just to let you know:

To comply with the requirements of the GDPR, the loading of Google Fonts must be deactivated in the stylesheet. Would be great if this would could be done by a checkbox in WP-Admin, so that the change remains when updating the plugin.

/*@import url(https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Dosis:400,500,600,700|Roboto:400,700,900);*/ in core.css

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Hi, is it possible to show Categories, Taxonomies, but not to link them to the respective cat/ tag pages? Thanks!

Wow, sorry…

Please follow the instructions below:


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Holy Moly, that was fast- and worked! Thanks a lot, keep the good things coming! Love your Plugin!

Thank you very much!

Pre sale question: I would like the posts to open when clicking in the middle of the image. Is this possible? If so, show it to me, please.

Hi Daniel187,

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i’m so sorry for delay!

It is available this feature:

Pls check: http://beeteam368.com/ultimate-layouts/quick-view-on-all-links/

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I really like your plugin but am not using Visual Composer, do you have one for WordPress sites without Visual Composer?


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Sorry, You need to have installed Visual Composer for used this plugin.

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