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Hi, will this allow use of albums as masonry grid that open to individual galleries? Thanks


Thank for contacting us!

This is what you are looking for?



Hi! I still love your addon, everything is coming together nicely now. There are still some tiny snags: How can I put information on the Image Overlay (post excerpt or fa icon)?

Hi Ungi!

With the number of lots of different layouts and this is an extension for Visual Composer. So, it is no custom features as you need.

Some layout with content located on the image overlay:




I am studying to develop samples, so that the customers are the developers can customize or change HTML structure for each layout.

Best Regard!

Hi there,

Will you be adding excerpts to carousels?

Thanks Jack

Prepurchase question: I really like this layout: http://beeteam368.com/ultimate-layouts/canterbury-bells/ but I need the videos to play in place, is there a way to do that instead of the popout?

Hi sethlife!

Sorry… Currently, it does not have this feature.

Best Regard!

Hi there,

I have added taxonomies, categories and tags to add to the drop down filters, but when it comes to viewing this on the front end none of them appear apart from the category one.

Would you know why this is?

Thanks Jack

Hi Jack!

If you want to use multiple taxonomies, refer to the example below (woocommerce and post):

1/ http://beeteam368.com/ultimate-layouts/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/2016-12-14_185514.png

2/ http://beeteam368.com/ultimate-layouts/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/2016-12-14_185624.png

3/ http://beeteam368.com/ultimate-layouts/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/2016-12-14_185706.png

Currently, there are no short excerpts located on the carousel. I did not have the specific intent to add this element, because sometimes it did not look so nice.


Hi, i recently bought your plugin. After following all the instructions and demos. It is not appearing in grid style, may be due to theme or something? What could be the solution?


If possible, please send me a link to the website that you are configuring, together with an administrator account ( https://codecanyon.net/item/ultimate-layouts-responsive-grid-addon-for-visual-composer/17454996/support )


Mailed all the details, please check

Ok! Done!

Thank you!

Hello, not sure what I’m doing wrong but I can’t get the “load more” option or any pagination to work. It’s selected in the Layout mode but nothing shows up on the front end so there’s no option to load more thumbnails when viewing. I’ve tried all Pagination options, Load More, Page Number and Infinite Scroll and nothings working. Can you advise?


I’ve just sent you a private message via your author page. Thank you.

By the way, thanks for your quick response!


Thank you.

You made a mistake when configuring.

I will send instructions to you right now.

Best Regard!

Hallo guys, great plugin but get in conflict with the plugin wpdataTables,

Hi Iceman1664 !

Sorry for delay!

It does not have any feedback on the conflict with themes and other plugins.

You can be assured of this.


Hello, i like to use list with cornflower style see here http://beeteam368.com/ultimate-layouts/cornflower/

My question is this plugin offer an option to reduce image width without losing quality?

Hi Tomawebdev!

Sorry for delay!

It can resize images through the available sizes from your theme.

You can refer to the image below:


Or Video:



how to make quick view at the middle or as a button at the bottom side of the image (product / post )

tyvm .. please place them in the documentation ! <3

Thank you!

We apologize for this inconvenience.

hi ,. i want to make a carousel bloom just like this one http://preview.codecanyon.net/item/ultimate-layouts-responsive-grid-addon-for-visual-composer/full_screen_preview/17454996?_ga=1.122911752.2079089450.1479734896 how ever .. i couldnt make it full width like yours … can you please explain to me how to do it exactly like yours? thanks alot

im still waiting your replay for custom work. via email :)
and btw is there a way to make lightbox popup faster than now

1/ I need time to consider your request (custom work).

2/ To ensure speed of page loads for the first time. It will only download the information, consistent image.

When you open lightbox or QuickView. It will download the full data (post details, full size image …). Therefore, it will take a few seconds.

This helps reduce the number of unnecessary visits query (saving bandwidth, hardware resources …)

When your database has a large number of records. You will see the power that it brings.


your a great dev . got big respect for ya

a suggestion . idk if it would work. but is there a way to make a popup effect on carousel when a mouse hover


I will research this feature.

I think it can be done.

I will answer you soon.


How i can make quick preview on the links in SNAPDRAGON. i want like your demo, in SNAPDRAGON when you hover on the links the block will show you the post and its thumbnail even without clicking on it.

I don`t know what happened but its working fine now !!

Thanks A lot.

Ok Mountisito!

Press the following key combination, to remove the browser cache (to ensure CSS files, JS has been fully downloaded):

Windows: ctrl + F5

Mac/Apple: Apple + R or command + R

Linux: F5


Went fine, thanks for your support.

I have contacted you twice via support and have yet to hear a response, it has been over 2 weeks.


I sent you an email 4 days ago.

And attached a new version.


You try to check: in bulk or spam folder …

Now, I have forwarded to you once more.


Thank you so much for getting back to me, it sounds like my provider is blocking your content, I have resent an email to you from another email address, can you resend your reply to that one. Thank you so much.

Ok, thank you!

Pls check your email!

Best Regard!


Adorelia Purchased

hi, i install the plugin, and next i don’t get that Kodex Post Likes plugin that’s needed as well acc. the manual. I don’t see it in the files either? And next: i bought this to use for Woo, but from the manual i see that this probably won’t work for the default woo shop page, but only for other pages where you’d show some products via VC? Is that right? (that would be pretty useless) Thanks!

Hi Adorelia!

Thank for contacting us!

1/ Please install version as described below, to be notified of the installation comes


Or you can install directly: https://wordpress.org/plugins/kodex-posts-likes/

2/ Currently, this is a feature related to the page builder and is an addon for Visual Composer. Therefore, it does not support to change the structure of the default woo shop page.



kosinus Purchased

is it possible to select specific posts to display? something like https://s28.postimg.org/hfq0vragd/Clipboard01.jpg

Hi Kosinus!

Yes, It is available this feature.

Best regard.

hello. nice looking plugin. i have a couple of pre-purchase questions:

are you able to create your own skins – or do you have to modify existing ones via CSS?

can you create a latest posts grid for your sidebar (widget) and have it exclude the current post?

thank you.


It has full options for you to set up hyperlinks.

Pls see option:




mrcavallo Purchased

wonderful – thank you!

you’ve convinced me to purchase it.

i appreciate your time.

Hi. Thank you very much.

Good morning, lovely work on this. Can I ask which plugin I need as I cant find the demo that I saw yesterday based on my needs?

I would like a simple single row grid that displays custom post types which can be filtered by tabs. The grid would display just the post title, no dates or author if possible. Also love the quick view option, can you tell me what it displays in the quick view? In my posts there are shortcodes for contact forms, would these be displayed also or is it only text and images?

Many thanks

Yes, it shows the full content of the article.

“Content blocks” layout can also display the article in quick view mode.

Pls check demo: http://beeteam368.com/ultimate-layouts/demo-quick-view-content-block-layout/


Excellent looks like I need content blocks plugin rather than ultimate layouts then. I’ll search for a comparison on what differences between the two..

“Content blocks” are just a small part is separated from “Ultimate Layouts”.

You do not need to take time to compare.

Therefore it is priced cheaper than this plugin.


Does video lightbox work with self-hosted videos?


if you are interested in video formats such as: ‘mp4’, ‘m4v’, ‘webm’, ‘ogv’, ‘wmv’, ‘flv’. Stored on your server, or on another server …

The answer is yes, it support for this feature through shortcode video of Wordpress.

You can see an example here (The last two articles): http://beeteam368.com/ultimate-layouts/video-lightbox/



Adorelia Purchased

Hi, I’m trying to: make one page with different picture galleries on it. Each gallery will show at most 6 pictures in one row. When clicking any picture of a certain gallery, the lightbox should open with ALL pictures of ONLY THAT certain gallery.

I tried many ways but i don’t succeed. (via ‘attachements’ and ‘category’ filter with is fine, cause no other method will do this) but how to show just x pics on page and all of THAT gallery in lightbox?

ps: I tried first by using WP Real Media Library but that’s not compatible, i found. With Enhanced Media Library it’s better…


Hi Adorelia!

Thank you for your suggestion.

I installed: Enhanced Media Library. If not too difficult, I will study the function grouping gallery through this plugin.

I will have an answer soon let you in a few days.

Best Regard!


Adorelia Purchased

ok thanks, looking forward! :)


I am preparing to release a new product, may be delayed a bit.

I hope you will understand and sympathize with me.

Thank you!