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Dude! You may be on to something here. I like this. But…..On the Currency example-you see the way your script rolls like a slot machine does then displays the amounts? I am looking for something like this that will “randomly” display a “NAME” in that same slot machine manner selected from a list of names I have available. Could you modify your code to do something like that? or simply make a script that does that?

Hey! Today updated JS counter supports you wanted ‘randomly’ feature! Enjoy!

do you have an example of what I requested?


You may test it with the ‘Live View’ on product page. Also you may go directly to product page: http://counter.ortusit.com/

You need to go to ‘Visual Counter Builder’ area (middle part): 1. choose one of presets 2. type your text in the field ‘Text and Symbols to Show:’. Each new string you want to displayed must have a new line 3. activate checkbox ‘Random Display:’ 4. press ‘START’ button


Great 5 stars :)


Today Ultimate JS Counter was updated. Enjoy and thanks to all our buyers. Please don’t forget rate and follow us for the next updates.

Hi! I have basic skills in html and I tried to install this to my website but is not working. The counter appears but not showing the numbers. You can check it out at http://click-costarica.com/streat/

What I need is to set up an end date and thats it. Thanks!

leftSymbolPadding / rightSymbolPadding

—these values used in the new release of plugin.
Also, use Visual Counter Builder (VCB) to test your values and to see how it work. For custom implemted – see documentation below the VCB.

Thank you.

Thanks! I’ve managed to increase the space between symbols, but now i want to decrease it. It doesn’t seem to work since the default value is 0. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance, the script works great!

You can decrease the space with change font size.

Hi, I think I don’t understand this script. This is to offer to my users different kinds of counters, etc. my users will use this in their own websites? Thanks!

I don’t fully understood your message, sorry.
What are you really need?
If you want to use this script with a few websites you need to purchase an exdended licence.

If you have other questions or some private offer – feel to free to contact with me via the contact form from this page (rifght bottom side) : http://codecanyon.net/user/OrtusIT

Very easy to use counter, I like it’s functionality so far. Is there a method like ‘onComplete’ or something that can be fired when it finishes a process?

I have it generating a random number in a range, but after the animation stops I need to find out what number it’s landed on so I can perform another action based on that final integer.

we’re sorry for late reply. Please specify the type of counter you used (text, countdown, etc.)
Thank you.

Hello mate,

Great counter but I can’t still do what I want. I want an end less counter that would start at 500 and finishes at 1000000 by increasing of 2500 per day. I found this website that has what I want at the bottom of the page : https://branch.io/

Can your plugin do that ?

Thanks very much


Hello, I want a plugin to display in real time the number of online visitors, the number of visitors Today Total visitor numbers thank you

Please check our new releases here: http://www.wpcounter.ortusit.com/release-note/

Hello, Okay html php plugin integration on our page possible with

<?php echo $language [‘Total’]; ?> <?php echo $language[‘Aujourd’]; ?>


Hello, you plan to add new features when? at my request example I would like to have http://www.petit-kiwi.com/3en1compteur-compteur-visites-php Thank you

Hello, how are you

I am also interested in your plugin But before you buy I have a small question Possible incorporates a web counter An example “Total 89547 visitors” On a cms php

Good continuation

Thank you in advance for your answers

This is beautiful.



I would like to use this counter but to go from a given number A to another number B. Lets say from 50 to 176, instead of always starting from zero.

Is this possible in the classic counter format?