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Hello! Tell me please how i can put a link to another URL into hotspot or into tooltip? Thank you!

Hello, wonderful product. I’m trying to create a gallery with lightboxes to contain the hotspot image, and I’m fairly new to coding. Would you be able to offer any type of solution?

Is there anyway to close a hotspot programmatically?

Yes you can call the function markerOut() at any time.

For example: var main = new imageHotspot('#main', { options object }); // example click handler (jquery) $('body').on('click', function(){ // this function will close any opened hotspot at any time main.markerOut(); });

This throws a console error “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property of ‘parentNode’ of undefined” on imageHotspot.js:940. Looks like it’s trying to determine what slide it is on. Strangely enough, running main.markerOut() in the console closes the annotation.

can you provide a link? you can contact me trough my profile form ( if you dont want to make it public.

Hello will you be updating this in 2016?

Hi Hi there, Before purchasing I would love to ask if I will be able to customize the plug in so that it fits the requirements of my project.

Please have a look at this photo All I need is to click on the spots on gray photo of the man and get the content on the right, while the hotspot section gets the color and the circle around:)

Responsiveness should be considered too.

Thank you, Anna

Hi, this looks like a great plugin! Before I buy it, can you answer the following question.

Our users will see an illustrations of a 3D city. There are 7 sections on the city. When a user clicks on 1 of the sections, they will zoom into a section of the city.

The overview of the 3D city is 1 large image and the 7 sections are individual images that are more detailed.

When the user clicks to zoom, they will actually be transitioning from the overview image to the detailed section image – so a transition between 2 images.

Is it possible with your plugin that when a user clicks the hotspot, the detailed image comes into focus and enlarges on the screen? Much like the icons example here

This is quite urgent, so please could you possibly respond today?

Thanks, Andy