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Is there a way to auto-add filters to all images on a site instead of one by one? I have an existing site with thousands of images and adding filters by hand one by one would be an insane task.

Thanks :)

Currently, you can only add image filters one-by-one.
Thank you for letting us know. This is actually a good idea.
Noting this down in my suggestion list. :)


The plugin is great. Is it for woo-commerce?

We prepare to create a computer, ram and some related stuff website.

Hope to create a search engine like this: http://www.dfi.com.tw/products/quickSearch.html

Is it possible to create the search filter using your plugin?

It might be some custom support.

Do you provide custom search filter service?


Hello there,

Ultimate Image Filters is a plugin that applies different effects for images. This plugin isn’t related with custom search filter services. :)

It would also be super-cool if it had the option to always filter all uploaded images automatically. Thanks!

This is noted down as suggestion. Thank you for your idea. :)

it would be useful to apply a filter to all images of a post with a single click

Thank you for your suggestion. However, we are still investigating on how to make the feature for bulk uploading possible at the moment. Given that we find a way on this one, we can probably take more similar suggestions by then. :)

Hi, I’m looking to purchase this item. Will this work in the front end? My users are only allowed to publish image/post in the front end. Thanks.

This cannot work at the frontend unless it allow the scripts to be called. And also, the frontend will also be required to be able to upload images using WordPress Media Library.

Would it be difficult to do this and my front end uploader does support wordpress media Gallery except the template to upload is different from the back end one?

We do not exactly know what your frontend uploader looks like. But what we meant is that, it should be exactly the same as the Media Gallery in your backend.

Hi GambitTech

I am really planning this to purchase, however, can this be customized to use in our FrontEnd? I have a social media site and i let my user to upload their picture to their end, i am planning to get the functionalities you put to the media manager and use it in Front End, is this possible?

Thank you

This cannot work at the frontend unless the script is called. And also, it will require your frontend image uploader to support WordPress Media Gallery as well.

Hi I already own GambitTech Visual Composer. I want to buy this, but can you tell me if it’s possible to automate the filtering as images are uploaded? I have alot of automated posts and don’t want to have to go back into dashboard to manually filter each image. Thank you.

Hi there! This plugin doesn’t require Visual Composer. Also, image filters can only applied manually.

Thankyou, I was only pointing out that I had bought Visual Composer (and it’s excellent). But the filters not being automated is a problem for me. I auto publish posts, so this wouldn’t work for my site :( pity.

Thank you for your concern. Automation been also suggested for a couple of times. We’ll look up into this and see if it is possible to add this feature.

Holla! :0

i love thos plugin on my website.

Is there away i can use this plugin on desktop\laptop pc.. in a form of softwar ?


This plugin is exclusively for WordPress.

When i select a picture and add a filter i get a black screen…..

Hi there. Are you able to crop your image without any problems by any chance? One thing you might need to check on this one is your site’s memory. The Black Screen is usually a sign of insufficient memory. But there can be other causes as well. Another thing that you might also need to look out for are JS Errors.

Please do let us know if you encounter any JS Errors.

The size is 93kb, so i think its a JS error. How to fix that?

You can check for JS Errors when you open your browser inspector and go to the Console tab. You can send us a screenshot of your console tab so we’ll know what went wrong.

I was interested in this plugin because as a web designer building sites all the time, two things I wish I could do quickly when building a site: a) darken an image a bit so that when I use it as a row background in visual composer I can superimpose white text over it. This would be useful so that any white parts within the image would not interfere with the white text as the image would be slightly darkened. Unfortunately this plugin had no simple option to do that because it is so aimed at changing colours, and b) just convert an image to black and white. These two options are common, but unfortunately not included in any of this.

Hi millsweb, the Ultimate Image Filters work differently. Think of it as filters similarly to instagram. With your idea, I think what you might need is to add a secondary background with opacity to be used as an overlay for the image.

Hi, Is this plugin compatible with the latest version of WP 4.6?

We just tested again and it is working fine. We might as well update our supported versions. :)

Hey, just purchased. When I select a photo and then filter, just get a spinning circle where there should be a save button. No filter is applied.

Hello, just letting you know that we are still investigating your support ticket regarding this one. And we’ll reply again for more findings or possible solutions as soon as possible. :)

Thanks, I look forward to your findings. Really need this plugin to work. Don’t want to have to develop a version that does.

Is it avaiable update rotatory image?

This feature isn’t exactly a part of ultimate image filters. But this may be possible with a third party plugin as well. :)

Is it available update in next time?

We are currently focusing on fixes and essential updates for the plugins at the moment. So this feature may not be added on the next update yet. But otherwise, we might also take up on your idea in the future updates. Regards! ^^