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Nice work GLWS :)

Thank you AlekseyZhdanov :)

Nicely done, more samples please! Show us what it can really do. Don’t forget some horizontal plans.

Very cool!:)

Thanks AZ_TUNES :)

Is this plugin shortcode supported? I.e is is possible to use a shortcode to display a pricing table in post or a page?

HI yasafburshan,

“Ultimate HTML Pricing Tables by Entro” is not a plugin for specific CMS. You can include all pricing tables in any CMS, stand alone page/post or website you like.

I hope that our product will like you and will be helpful for you!

Best Regards, EntroThemes

1. what exactly does SEO ready mean? 2. what is maximum number of price/offer columns to be compared?

Hi digicamcase,

Thank you for your questions!

1. SEO ready in our case means that our item has been developed with a carefully planned search engine optimized content.

2. You can compare up to 12 pricing columns, but it depends on your website layout. For example, if you are using boxed layout, you should probably use 4-6 columns for better look like.

Hi, i use theme 20, how can i remove videos and add images in the table? Thanks!

Dear Support, i add the nice tables you have in my site… (demo20)

pls look here… http://tinyurl.com/jl9k2xk it’s not responsive, why? i have done something wrong?


HI dear xrisxal2000,

Could i kindly ask you to create a support ticket here -> https://entrothemes.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new

Thank you!

Of course! I created already, Thanks

Just saying: Trojan alert on demo.

Hi Aksakboga,

Thank you for your comment.

We know about mentioned FALSE alert. If you check the code, you will see that we obfuscate the code to prevent copy/paste. Because of that obfuscation, some antivirus programs detecting a threat. There is no real threat, trojan or other viruses on our demo.

One again, Demo is clean and secured.

Thanks, EntroSolutions

Yes, i understand you. But this may have a bad effect on your sales. Best Regards

Hi again Aksakboga,

yes we know that this could affect our sales, but what are the options?

Option 1 – to not provide demo = bad for sales. Option 2 – to provide demo without obfuscation. In this scenarion anyone can just copy/paste it without buying = bad for sales. Option 3 – to provide demo with obfuscation and SOME antiviruses to alert for possible virus = bad for sales, but our best scenario at the moment :)

Do you know better solutions? Personal what would you choose if you were in our place and why? :)

Best Regards, Entro Solutions

Dear Support team, the responsive of the table is fine, for me is perfect and the right way, but my friend that have the site says that some people would not undertand what must do. There is a another responsive layout we can do, or a workaround to make the tables the one after the other?


Wait for your response!! Thanks!!

Very nice, GLWS!


for the Pricing Tables is this a simple html script that i can add to each of my pages for the table to appear or is this a pricing tab that is added to the dashboard menu then we have to add a new pricing tables and then use a short code to display that pricing table on the page?

Hello ilmas0123,

Thank you for your comment.

This item is NOT a plugin. If you decide to buy it, you will receive html, css and js files needed in order to integrate pricing table in your code.

If you need a future assistance, you can always count on us! :)

BR, Entro Support