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Help, got a fatal error: Fatal error: Class ‘rv_CSLoader’ not found in /home/accountname/public_html/wp-content/plugins/ultimate_google_web_fonts/classes.php on line 77

That’s the fastest as it can be :) Loading is almost instant, but plugin builds a form of 600 fonts times number of fonts you are customizing. Try using Chrome, it’s fastest.

I meant in the front of the site (only one used there). :-)

But it lists 600+ fonts, right? :)

Hi i’ve just bought your plugin and it seems that i can’t get an API thru google. What a mess sincerely. Can you give me your API? Thanks So far, i can’t use the plugin… :(

And worse, when it sucessfully saves…each time i load a page i have a Google bad Request popup screen…

after many tries, the only font that i can change is the regular body font. All the others (title, menu, etc) change when using the left toolbar but do not save and return to their original font immediately…

Tried with your theme right now, everything works properly. You should upgrade WordPress from 3.5.2 to 3.6.1

I uploaded the plugin and no fonts what it happening

I can’t help you without any further information

hello what happen if the plugin is not working proper with mine theme?

Only way I can check the theme is to have it installed and the plugin also.

i have istall at this domain koraligarden.com

Only way I can check the theme is to have it installed and the plugin also on my server, not online

Hi, what is the difference between “Ultimate Google Web Fonts – code generator” and “Ultimate Google web fonts – WordPress plugin”

WordPress plugin works automatically with themes – no need to code anything manually. Code generator generates the code which you manually add to the site.

Ce plugin est génial et fonctionne à merveille. J’espère que vous continuerez à faire des mises à jour. Bon travail.

Merci / Thank you very much :)


“This plugin is awesome and works great. I hope you continue to make updates. Good job.”

helle i bought the plugin right now. i use the impreza theme. i click install but nothing happened. should i unzip the zip??? what is going wrong?

did you unzip the zip? the plugin is inside the archive, named plugin_ultimate_google_web_fonts_v*.zip

No! - that was the reason. Thank you very much it works now.

One more quesion:

when i say SAVE. where it is after that? in the styles css by the EDITOR???

don`t wonder i am lerning the basics at the moment in WP comming from Joomla everything has changed… but its nice! I love WP after 4 days! :-)

it was a good idea to buy your plugin Good job!!!