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I am interested in buying this plugin but your demo page is a bit confusing. I am most interested in testing the sliding version of this mobile menu but all I see of this implementation is a screen capture.

When I click on the bars that open the menu shouldn’t clicking on it a second time collapse it? It seems like this would be the expected behavior. If not, you might want to consider making this an option.

Also, why on earth wouldn’t you put a QR code on your demo page to make it easy for potential customers to test your plugin on their mobile devices?

There is also an issue with the button that opens your menu that we really need you to fix. If we use the push option to open the menu your little (three line) menu button is still visible when the mobile menu is revealed but clicking it again does not close the menu…as it does on your mobile simulation page.

It’s a bit confusing to users and it’s also causing navigation problems. What ends up happening is the user taps it once. When it does not do anything they tap it again, and eventually try to double tap the button. When they double tap it the entire screen zooms in.

It would be great if you could make the bar icon turn into an X when the menu expands and then clicking on the X closes the menu.

We are sorry that we might have missed your emails. No problem at the issues , we can fix it , just send your details in

Hi can you throw up a demo page where the menu is in the lower end of the screen

hello brother, i removed it because i had to update the site. i will get it back if needed too.. you are never late for good things, i am soon updating this menu too and making it even better :) i am looking forward to hear from you , thank yoy :)

I sent you a tweet couple of hrs ago, it’s usually easier to get it touch with me on Twitter or G+, it would be nice to see a demo site where the mobile navigation is in the footer and the PC navigation at the top .

Hey brother, Sorry that i rarely use twitter but i do use G+ . I will soon update the demo and let you know. Thank you :)

Feature requests:

1.) Clicking on the name in the menubar takes the user to defined link.

2.) Option for all sub-menus to be expanded on open. When we first started testing mobile menus it seemed like it was logical to access the sub-menus by either clicking the parent and either having the sub-menu expand by sliding over or by dropping down. Our research has shown that while these are visually interesting effects (and important if you have a very large number of menus and nested menus) that it is a better user experience to show them all of the menu items in a long (already expanded) scrolling list.

3.) Please add a second menu option for the opposite side that can be used to display a “call us” button and a “contact us” forum. Or a “reservations” option for restaurants.

4.) Please give the us more control over menu height, padding and font usage.


thank you for the feedback, i will surely take it as milestone on next update. thank you :)

Hi, your plugin is fantastic, it works as expected, thanks, however I have a question: Can i make somehow to switch off the original site’s background image for example? If mobile menu appears, the bg image is disturbing, and no need for it in mobile view…

i did not understand you question , so please email us at : , we can surely resolve any issue,

I have this plugin installed and working on this site

However, we have noticed that when we have the plugin activated then we are unable to click and drag on our main page to select the text on the site’s homepage or on any of the blog posts. If we have javascript turned off or the plugin deactivated we are able to select the text and copy it if need be. (this is an issue the customer has raised, so clearly it’s something they do from time to time).

Is this something you can tell me how to fix please?


I hope the new file fixed the issue :)

I’m using this plugin – however if scrolled down to the bottom of the page and click the menu icon the menu icon and title bar go to the top of the page. This seems to happen on my theme I’m using an unstyled version of _underscore (theme for development).

Please get back to me – i’ve tried to fixed but am unable and if the plugin should work on all themes i’d assume a standard unstyled theme like this it should have no problem.

Thanks, Any help would be hugely appreciated.

Yes, you need to add container menu there and it would work :)

I’m not sure i understand?

check you email bro :) lets have long conversation over there.

I have just purchased this plugin. There are some bugs.

1. The toggle button for the menu does not work once the menu is open. You have fixed this in your demo however in the actual plugin it does not work.

2. When opening the menu – the toggle button and header title often gets stuck – this is on Firefox (mac)

3. When dragging the menu out – the menu does not stop at the end it shows the back of the page and then shoots back.. how can this be reolsved.

4. All of the above isses are not visible on your other version of this plugin however on both versions there are bugs and i’m most dissapointed.

5. I have purchased both your plugins because your information on the plugins were not clear – you need to fix this…

6. How do you disable the drag when on a larger screen?

Good day – please advise what the procedure is to get a refund – both your flyout menu plugins have a lot of bugs and shouldn’t be sold as is.

sometimes single error seems to make plugins buggie, try changing z-index of the menu, it causes problem with some themes

I’ve tried everything you have suggested and this still does not work. please either update your plugin to fix all the bugs or offer a refund to those who are unhappy with the product.

This menu remains available when viewing the site in desktop mode.

Please fix this.

Well why don’t you just add a checkbox as an option for if a user wants it active all the time.

It’s not normal behaviour for a responsive menu to be available at desktop screen sizes.

And anyway, you said you were going to fix this 2 months ago, and a week ago you said it would be fixed in 1 or 2 days.

Is this fixed yet?

I’d like my money back please.

Hi, I am using your menu and I really like it but I have two questions. Why does it still show the normal wordpress menu? I would like to only show the plugin menu on Mobile phones.

Second: the menu is now over the logo, is it possible to only show the button on the right or to manage that the site starts under the menu?

To see what I’m talking about:

Thanks a lot! Celina

I saw the URL but didn’t get your problem , please email details in, surely we can fix it :)


Interested in your plugin but can see a duplicate product called: - Revolution Responsive Menu WordPress

What’s the difference?

one is based on wordpress ,menu system and adds new menu whereas next just turn your existing menu into fly out menu

Re. Zaccety’s comment “This menu remains available when viewing the site in desktop mode.”

Have you fixed this yet, I see that you said you would do it in a few days, over a month ago.

would love to see this work for Buddypress but that would require a menu on either side, one for your account and the other as the menu can this be achieved?

I had emailed about this, and surely look out if i can do this in future.

HI @mesunil2010 if you build it i will purchase it as I would expect many others


I am interested in buying the plugin. Please let me know can i use this plugin as widget for sidebar. As i want to use tree menu on my sidebar. I will use custom menu.

Regards, Nile

yes, you can use for your purpose, it will work well.


When i try your demo page on my iphone6, when swiping the menu jumps to open it doesn look smooth (your older plugin works has a nice swipe animation) but when i close it it works good.

Can I use this to replace my exsiting porforlio sidebar?

Since WordPress 4.5 the page “jumps” when loading. When I turn off this plugin everything is fine. So I would say it’s incompatible and I wouldn’t recommend to buy this plugin until an update is released.

Hi, Do you fully support RTL?

Your demo website is not working.

demo does not work

Your live demo is not working