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hi, good idea this plugin, I bought recently but I need more information on how to build the mail lack an instructive, something to learn. because I do not see examples

Hi there and thank you for purchasing. There is documentation once you install the plugin. You can find it in the “Settings” area of your Wordpress admin. You can easily create email templates and use the dropdown menus that are added to the Wordpress editor to put shortcodes and Mailchimp tags in your emails. To trigger email sending you just need to include the shortcode [email name=”name of your template”] in any page or post. So for a contact form this can either be in the form page or a thank you page. For registration emails it can be in the registration success page. You can use it literally anywhere for any purpose!

I’ve only just uploaded the plugin and had it approved so I will be adding more content to the description page to make it clearer. If there’s anything in particular that you think would help do let me know. I will also be adding new features to the plugin based on user’s suggestions so if there’s anything you think would make it even more powerful leave a comment and be sure to rate and review the plugin when you get a chance.

If you have any more questions just let me know.

I think an explanatory video will be as easy or like most would be to add a page where explanations and a video to be.

That’s a great idea. I’ll work on that in the next few days and have something up soon.

Matt, great next plugin here man!! Very thorough as usual :)

Your Visual Composer page content converter is still working strong!

This plugin looks just as useful, but I’m missing one thing from the screenshots and item description. Is there a way to set certain email template for certain Wordpress actions.

Simple Example: When a new user is registered, can an email template be set for that email when it is sent?

And do you think you could extend support for UserPro, the shortcode tags, and other mail platforms.. (namely ActiveCampaign @ http://www.activecampaign.com/ ) for me.

And how does for the product email template after purchase work? - If using Woocommerce will it replace the Woocommerce email or send both or is there an option?

Thank you for your kind words! Always great to hear.

The idea for this plugin is to keep it as powerful and flexible as possible rather than limit it to a number of uses. Being able to trigger an email with a short-code means you can use it anywhere. The email template area also works just like posts and pages so you can include in your templates any short-codes you use for any part of your site.

So in your example you can use the email triggering short-code on the user registration success page. Some plugins send their own email but you can usually disable this and let my plugin do its thing.

This plugin doesn’t replace any other email notification systems as there are too many out there and overriding another plugin’s features is not a good idea. Almost all plugins have the ability to disable their own emails so you could easily use my trigger short-code on the checkout success page instead of WooCommerce.

Keeping it this simple and elegant allows for a much more wider usage as you could trigger emails for all manner of scenarios that no other emailing system allows for. Things like a user visiting a specific page or post, or a visitor wanting to be emailed information on a particular product. Remember the email templates can accept any short-codes that would normally work on the post or page the trigger short-code is in.

I can certainly look at adding more mail platforms which could then be enabled / disabled via the settings page. I’ve found a list of personalisation tags for Active Campaign here http://www.activecampaign.com/help/personalization-tags/

I’m excited to see how people use this plugin and how I can extend it further. Its an elegant solution that should mean its uses are wide and varied!

If you have any more questions just let me know.

Matt, welcome!

Ok, I got it. As this is a new concept in execution, I didn’t understand it totally from the beginning in how default things were executed, but you are totally right and this sounds much more robust and flexible.

For the integration, yes the personalization tags, though I was thinking more along the lines of ActiveCampaign’s API integration, but I’m not sure if that is needed. I will have to buy first and look into it. I will definitely check it out when I get a chance. I bookmarked it to do so and it just feels good to have something really new to look at :) A lot of the products lately have been mundane and repetitive (to me) and not very unique. I haven’t really purchased something since the beginning of the year, when I used to buy multiple products per month, even if just to check them out. Soooo… I’m really glad to find a worthy toy :) #FeelsGood

I’ve added some more notes to the end of the product description page. Will probably add some more as comments come in. Thank you for the kind words. I’m always looking for new elegant ways to approach things as I too find a lot of plugins are overly complex and restrictive.

I select “preset template” but as you can make a preview of how it is? ejemplo Sushi …

In ” blocky ” does not put the post or pictures .

and now I change template , and was fixed in Blocky

Not all of the preset templates have the latest posts shortcodes already in them. You can edit any of the content once you’ve selected one of the presets.


rtd2 Purchased


Very interesting looking plugin. I would like some clarity though. It says ‘integrate your templates with MailChimp newsletters’. My use case is I send a monthly newsletter to my group using MailChimp. With this plugin, would I be able to create the newsletter in WordPress – taking advantage of the ability to include posts – and then export it(?) and send it from MailChimp? Also, does the plugin support custom post types other than standard blog posts?

Thanks, rt.

I’ve added some more explanation to the product page just in case you needed it. Let me know if you have any more questions :)


rtd2 Purchased

Hi Matt,

Purchased the plugin.

Few points:

1. I used the Curvy template, as a test, with MailChimp. The import worked well, which is good, but the email didn’t render quite right in Yahoo! Mail – it was stretched horizontally. I can continue testing.

2. Is there a way to import/convert an existing MailChimp template to work with the plugin?

3. How would I go about using the looping shortcodes to work with CPTs? The plugin I have in mind is Modern Tribe’s The Event Calendar. There are details of their CPT at https://theeventscalendar.com/knowledgebase/wordpress-post-meta-data/. Any guidance would be appreciated.



Hi thanks for your pointers.

1. I will investigate. It worked in testing but maybe they have updated how they render content.

2. You would need to see the original source code (HTML and CSS) for a mailchimp template. Then you could copy and paste that in to the sections of your template in my plugin. I’m not sure mailchimp offer the source code though so it may be difficult.

3. The looping feature can work with any custom post type but currently only outputs the standard Wordpress values, i.e. Title, Excerpt, featured image and permalink. The system uses the Wordpress feature here https://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/wp_get_recent_posts so you can specify any arguments includes post_type which would be your CPT.

Hope this helps. If you have any more questions do let me know.

Do I need mailchimp for your product? Or can I use it with gmail or other mail system?

Hi sorry for the delay I’ve only just seen your message! No you don’t need mailchimp. it can send emails directly from Wordpress with a shortcode in any page. So you can trigger any of the templates you make with any page on your site. It makes it very powerful. The mailchimp feature is simply the ability to add mailchimp tags to your templates and provide a URL for the template if you wanted to import it in to mailchimp.

Hope this helps. let me know if you have any more questions

Hi there,

I’m looking for a newsletter plugin that is a bit more advanced. Basically I have a car website where I want users to be able to sign up to a mailing list but as well as having their name and email address, it has additional fields to specify the type of car they want.

Then when a new car is added to the database, I want it to check the make and model of the car against the mailing list to check if any users in the mailing list want are looking for that particular make or model and if any users in the mailing list are then to only send them an email with the details of the car.

Is this possible with this plugin?


You need a database system first so I would recommend you look at DHVC easy forms for Visual Composer or maybe Formidable Pro if your needs are more advanced. It sounds like you need a developer really to help set this up. If you have the budget I’d be happy to assist.

Are there shortcodes for adding standard WP content such as Registration Information (Username/Password) or for a Multisite Install (New Site URL/Username/Password). What about content for “Forgot Password”?

It is unclear if this is specifically for Newsletters and Direct Mail emails or if it includes overriding the standard WP emails. Please clarify.

This is for entirely new emails for any purpose you wish to use them for. You could create newsletter templates if you wish (as all templates have their own URL you can import in to mailchimp) or you could make ANY page on your site send an email. It doesn’t have to be triggered by a form.

SO maybe if you wanted notifying every time someone visited a particular page (maybe a checkout page or they reached a particular “goal” page) you could use the shortcode to trigger sending an email to you, or anyone else for that matter.

Its a powerful way of sending emails whenever you want, for whatever reason. It doesn’t impact on the Wordpress core emails although you could disable those if you wanted to and use a series of pages and my plugin to trigger new, better looking emails!

I hope this helps.

It doesn’t impact on the Wordpress core emails

Perhaps it might be worth-while to include the ability to override the standard WP emails so they become HTML and cohesive with the site branding. I think most people are looking for that solution, everything else that you’ve done would be icing.

I try to steer clear of overriding core Wordpress functionality. It leads to all sorts of hassle. My plugin is designed to be elegantly powerful without getting in to the core of Wordpress. Check out the “theme my login” plugin for what you’re after.

Awesome work!


How/would this would with Gravity forms submissions?

Hi, this plugin is designed to work independently of any other plugin. Its an elegant solution where you can trigger the sending of emails just by including the shortcode in your “thank you” page. And data that is sent to that page in either POST or GET form can be picked up in your email template. You can also pick up logged in user name, email address, etc as well as site name, tagline, etc. So with Gravity Forms you’d need to make sure my shortcode was included in the page that Gravity Forms posts data to.

Depending on what you’re trying to achieve you may find that Gravity Forms is overkill. You can create a contact form with straight HTML and with my plugin can pick up the form’s data in your template and send.