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hello i send you a quote request for a freelancer task job with your code. no replies from you at info AT essemble DOT co DOT uk please advice

Hi, just bought this script and your Multiple Choice Quiz Engine script. both have saved me a ton of time, both gave me what i needed and a lot more, nicely done and well worth the cost.

Hi there. Thanks for the great feedback. I’m glad it served you well. Kind regards.

Looks very nice. Two questions: (i) Other than display issues, are there any limits on the number of drag items or the number of drop zones? (ii) May text elements be used instead of pictures as the drag elements. Thank you.

i) there are no technical limits to the number of drag items or drop zones ii) yes, text can just as easily be dragged, as can groups of text/images.

In your Drag and Drop sample where you have the coffee cup, and the lumps of sugar. How do I make that example function where Lump1 is the only correct answer?

Hi, i’ll reply using the support email address.


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I have successfully added a third dropbox under your existing 2 drop boxes which works ok. However when I added a 4th below that the items would not drop and stay into it. It’s as if there is a setting somewhere which won’t let the draggable items drop into a lower position on the page? (I have increased the height of the container). Can you advise please?


e_gall Purchased

This is now resolved.

Implementing the dragdrop.js script I cannot even get the code to pass a basic quality check due to a fatal use of ‘with’: “This error is raised to highlight a fatal JavaScript syntax error. Your code will fail to run in any environment that supports strict mode. The ECMAScript 5 specification clearly states that the presence of a with statement within strict mode code is illegal (ES5 §12.10.1).”

It is located on line 301 in the timeout function. Here is the rationale and an example of how to refactor: Are you willing to fix this?

Certainly. If you want to remove it you can change the line to:

this.setPos(drag, hitDrop, drag.targX, drag.targY);

hi, can this be implemented on a wordpress site? thanks.

Yes, it can be added as a custom page. Check the Wordpress help/forums about adding custom pages to your site.

is it possible to add an image to the submit button?

Certainly. You can add a css class to your button and specify a background-image style (and any other css styles) in that css class. To add a css class to your button, simply add className=”myClass” to the button element xml. Then you would specify the style in your css file, e.g.

.myClass{background: #fff url(’../assets/myicon.png’) no-repeat;}

HI, how might I go about integrating this drag and drop question into your Multiple Choice Quiz engine? Thanks!

Hi, this would require some customisation!