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hi, i download all folder to my domain but i can not to see your script, i did all change as write in your files. Help

hi i send you my ftp access by mail from your profile, can you fixed it????thx,

Should be back by email, thanks

thx, i you do anything???thx

Can i have support for script that i bought from you??? can you see after 2 weeks why don’t work?

For support please send me your request through my profile page with a link and temporary FTP access and will check it out, thanks

1. is this thing still active? supported? 2. does it have reminders that go out X amount of days before the payments are due?

Hi, thanks for your interest !

1. Yes sure it’s still alive, and you can check the demo here
2. There is no reminders sent since that would need to be based on a cron job (server based)

1. How do I change the name, logo, address of the printed pdf invoices? 2. You need to enable admin to change his password via webapp, not from code. That’s more helpful thank editing the config file everytime.


Thanks for your purchase !

1. For customization or technical support please send me your request through my profile page with a link to your app, thanks
2. It’s more secure to have the admin password set in the code, so that only the app admin can change the password

Hi, just a presale question I can see from the client area that they can manage their domains and register new domain please how does the domain registration function works. Thanks


Users cannot register domains, they can do it and pay for it but the app admin need to really register the domain after that on a domain registrar for ex.

Hello is it possible to integrade this with wordpress? Like a wordpress plugin?

Hello, Are you planning to update this manager ?

Ok thanks. I’ll check the demo again and then I send you the list.

Hello again,

These are some of my suggestions

1- ability to add domains and hosting plans (I think now it’s possible but I cannot test it) 2- ability to set expiring date and renewal date (usually 30 days before expiring, in other cases when a client has many domains a bunch of domians are invoiced together) 3- ability to download domains/hostings plans (all or filter by client) as a CSV file 4- ability to add multiple domains to a single invoice 6- lists with sortable tables 7- filterable inside custom select: 8- client password encode when updating database, php: md5() 9- optional payment, so invoices could be used just as reminder list

I hope you find them useful


Thanks a lot for the suggestions and ideas!

Hello. Can the domain checker be edited? Id like to add my own script becouse am selling subdomains. Please reply.

Yes sure that can be done. You get the full source code and are able to edit or customize it. We are also available if you need any help with that

hey ;) any updates soon?

Regarding what? We usually update all our apps whenever needed to make sure it’s still working fine :)

Hello ! in the demo it is not possible to check and add new domaine name. The script is dead or beacause it is the demo ?

Is it possible to add a support system between admin and user ?

Is it easy to translate and add in a existing website ?

and is it possible for the user to modify the FTP password ?

Thank you very much.

The app doesn’t have am integrated domain checker. A support system can be added yes, please contact me through my profile page for an estimate. Translation can be done the the source files. And the users are not able to change the info within the app, only the app admin can from his own interface

Hi, This is exactly what i want. But i need to ask somethings.

1 – Does it send automatic reminder e-mail to clients for different periods e.g. 30 days 15 days?

2 – I dont wanna my clients enter with usernames for payment. (my clients wont know userpanel) I want them pay with payment link when they get reminder mail with payment link ?

are these possible ?

do you think that will it be possible in next versions ?

The automatic reminders are usually based on the server cron jobs, that may vary from server to server, so there is little chances to see it available within this app.

hi check domains seems not work. can you confirm ?

Should be working fine. If you have any issue after purchase let me know and will assist you ;)

Hello, Does this script work?

Regards, Bartosz

Yes sure !

Hi presales question. If I buy this plugin, do I still need to buy your Domain Checker plugin to have all functionality of a user ordering a domain? I am hoping I can just buy this one and my customers will be able to order a domain through me and then I use the registrar I want to actually get their domain. Is this how this works? Thanks!! Julie

We didn’t update the demo yet, but the update should be working with Dreamhost and Mashape. Please reach me by email for support or estimate on Namecheap integration, thanks

Still not working with Mashape. Don’t have Dreamhost. I sent a support email, hoping you can help me get it figured out. Thanks.

Will get back to you by email coming 24h !


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Hello, can you tell me when your next major update will be released?