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Does the script convert csv to a bulk insert sql file? If there are thousands of line in my csv file, I don’t want a thousand insert queries on the database.

Hi There, I want to get no of columns from xls file with name and I want to create mysql database with same column name and than insert data with optional to add some more columns. Is this possible?

Hello, I am looking to design a website similar to Is your script useful to achieve me that functionality? Let me explain you what exactly I am trying to do. I have a affiliate account with and I want to promote GoDaddy domains. GoDaddy offer free list of domains in .csv file which is updated everyday. That csv files contains over 300,000 domains. I am looking to upload .csv file everyday in my website and display in my website with datagrids. (Just like do. I would also like advance search and apply search filters to list related to domains. Use the link below to see what type of csv I want to work with… Also I would like to know how can I apply my affiliate link at CSV file or within your system.

Hi. Can you chose to which table you can give one access to download. I only want to export a table with emails. Hence i do not want user to have access to other tables like images, menus etc…. thank you.

Does this script handle nested XML elements well? For example <object> <name>John Doe</name> <address> <street>123 Main</street> <city>My Town</city> </address> </object>

Hi, do you plan to update to work with php 7? regards

HELLO! I need a plugin so new users can register and then from the website create a table that only this user can have access, the table should be created uploading a Excel file to mysql dB. Same for many users. Can I have this with this plugin?

This script isn’t working:

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Any update for PHP7?

Very good tool ! Please update to support PHP7

Hey! I can’t use the script. Is there a version that uses mysqli to connect to the database? Mysqlquery is deprecated