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Uh??? How is payment Received? I dont see a paypal or anything?

Hi pharill,

Did you read the title of the Application/Product?
It’s a Credit Card Number Validator/Checker not a Payment Gateway System!

Kind regards

Gotcha…thanks for clearing that up for me. Good Luck with sales

Thanks! pharill ;)

Serious question: What’s the use of this software (since it’s a windows executable)? Why would anybody want to check a credit card that way?

Hi knurb,

This utility checks if the entered Credit Card number passes the Luhn10 formula and allows you to instantly check Credit Card number for validity.

Also this utility demonstrates the Credit Card Checker ActiveX SDK DLL Library (Framework) which can be implemented in almost any programming language like .NET, ASP , Visual Basic, FoxPro, PowerShell, Delphi, Python, RealBasic, JScript, etc.

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Is “innovative utility” just to hype it up, or is it indeed innovative?

To me innovative would be integration with live fraud check APIs, not just another implementation of LUHN 10 , since that is rudimentary high-school stuff.

Many thanks :)

Hi phpexe,

Yes, it’s “Innovative” and it is based on LUHN10 aka MOD10 algorithm, I can’t implement “live fraud check”, because it requires internet connection to send Credit Card and CVV , CSC, CVV2 numbers over internet to check if it is fraud or not.

Maybe for you it’s “rudimentary high-school stuff”, but for others/buyers is a great little handy utility! ;)

Kind regards and thanks for stopping by! :)

Does this software simply check the validity of the number or does it validate a credit cards use?

Hi lerie,

It will check the validity of the Credit Card number, the PRO version supports Expire Date validation to.

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Where is this PRO version you speak of? nice app btw.

Hi Owni,

You can find the PRO version here and thanks for your comment!


Amazing Work ;)