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Hi Dudum,

Im having problems using variables in my sql statement.

Its kind of important because I have one very long sql script and for example if I want to change the “dates” of the reporte it would be very useful for me to only change it in one place.

Thank you!

hi , is it possible to have some examples of Reports ? For Example i want to create an account report for each Client . Can you help me on this ?

still relevant?

I want to buy this script but I don’t know SQL coding. Can you help to provide me the code for making or calling for report from SQL?

please drop me email with report you want

Hi Can you make a report to pull down the during the month of invoice item transaction within a company in UCM? Also for example can pull those info from the customs data in SQL?

Please let me know how can I do it. And can your plugin can handle it?

Also saw that after new SQL update of UCM, your plugin does not work. Please help clarify

hi after new sql update of ucm report plugin is not working, kindly guide how to solve

Hello! Unfortunately, I just purchased this plugin, and it doesn’t seem to work with the latest version of UCM. Any timeline or ideas on a fix?

HI, i just bought you plugin, but not sure to understand how it works. I would like to have a report of all job from a user. So i create a new report and i put this sql request: SELECT * FROM `ucmok_job` WHERE `user_id`= 471 But i have an error, it say :

SQL ERROR: Access Denied for user ‘XXX@localhost’ (using password: NO) SELECT * FROM `ucmok_job` WHERE `user_id`= 471

But when i execute this request in my phpadmin everything is working fine. Do i need to write something else in my request ? Do i need to allow access somewhere ? thank you for your help

If this plug in is not being supported, then remove it.