Support for Ultimate Client Manager - Pro

Support for Ultimate Client Manager - Pro

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How to upgrade from UCM Lite to UCM Pro?

If you have already purchased UCM Lite ($30) and would like to upgrade to UCM Pro ($60) then it is possible by purchasing a second UCM Lite license:

  1. Purchase a second UCM Lite license and get the license code from the downloads page
  2. Login to your existing UCM Lite installation
  3. Go to Settings > Upgrade
  4. Click the little + to add a second license code underneath your existing license code
  5. Enter your new UCM Lite licence code here (you will now have two UCM Lite licenses on this page)
  6. Click upgrade
  7. There are a lot of files to update. If you find it doesn’t work first time, go back and do the update again. You can even try selecting one update at a time instead of trying to do them all at once
  8. Done! You have now upgraded your installation from UCM Lite to UCM Pro :)

(note: if you’re feeling nice you could just buy UCM Pro – every little bit helps with the development and maintenance of this huge system)

Can I get a discount?

No sorry, there is no discounts for upgrading from Lite to Pro. Pro includes all future plugins for free, we cannot discount this special feature.