Discussion on Ultimate Client Manager - Pro

Discussion on Ultimate Client Manager - Pro

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dtbaker does not currently provide support for this item.

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Hi, does/can this CRM support RTL languages, Hebrew in particular?

hl1afg Purchased

How to make pdf invoice use Korean letter? It’s broken..
When are you comeback? If you come back I will pay for extended support.

Are you able to help to create a new payment status? For example, ‘Partially paid’. Currently we only have ‘New’ or ‘Paid’ status.

How can I link an API from a third party software provider?

would this be suitable for a pc repair store? need a way to work tickets

firs do you support multi language i need arabic english french turkish , secound do you support task system finally you help in install service


I bought UCM yesterday but cannot install it.

I get to the creation of the database then when I validate, I have a blank page !!!

I tried to contact you on your Email Support but it doesn’t work.

Please help me or reimburse me.



I have replied to the email.

Thanks, dtbaker

you have not given me any solution and I still cannot install Ultimate Client Manager Pro. I want to be paid back !

It’s been 19 days since I bought your plugin which does not work !!!!! I sent you 3 emails to which you did not provide any solution. I want you to reimburse me.


WDGNZ Purchased

I have a question about support and updates. Do you provide both? I purchased this a while ago but am not getting any updates to the core. And I purchased support a while ago but didn’t get any response to my issues.

This script hasnt been updated in over 4 years. Is it still supported?

Glitch Purchased

Ultimate Client Manager is obviously going nowhere since it’s not being updated anymore. It amazes me that it’s still for sale here on Code Canyon. IMO @dtbaker is ripping people of with false information about “recent updates” in the item’s description. Updates that where made years ago. That being said, I’m looking for an alternative. Someone in the same boat here that can suggest me something?

can you provide a test drive of that plugin I wanna check it for my client website, this is the first time when I will go through it or the 2nd question is that can I install it on me website or not?

When I click on the “Edit template: invoice_print ” link at the bottom of the invoice tab under settings….I get a 404 error when submitting my changes.

Is there any saas version available? can you provide a solution if its not saas?

Is this only for web designers? Since i need a client management system for a cleaning business.

Deprecated: Function get_magic_quotes_gpc() Can’t loggin since I change of server and cant switch of php version

try this @victorpsw

Forgot my password and cannot reset it / login does not work

Type a plain text password into the ucm_user table under the “password” field of the user you wish to change. Once logged in, go in and change the password again so it is encrypted in the database correctly.

If setting this password does not work, or you get a blank screen when trying to login, or you get no error message when trying to login then it is likely an issue with PHP sessions. To fix this up please open phpMyAdmin and go to the ucm_config database table and click “Insert” and then as “key” use:


and in val put:


... then try to login again.