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Hello Implementing the contact form a have a question.

My contact form has following fields: name, email, place, message.

It looks like this in the php:

// Set the email subject. $subject = “Info about the space”;

$name = $_POST['uname'];
$mail = $_POST['email'];
$message = $_POST['message'];
// Build the email content.
$email_content = "Name: $name\n";
//$email_content = "Email: $email\n\n";
$email_content .= "Mail Id: $mail\n";
$email_content = "Place: $name\n";
$email_content .= "Message: $message\n";

Is this right?

Thanks for your answer. Ton

you need to capture place aswell

$place = $_POST[‘place’];


$email_content = “Place: $place\n”;

Thanks One last question. What is the difference between ’// Set the recipient email address’ and ’//assign site mail’? The recipient is the address of the website?

Thanks so much. Ton

in this particular situation, both can be same

but usually

$email = dummy_for_form@site.com

$recipient = owner@site.com


after customer use hotel reservation form

how i can receive info to my email?


reservation form doesn’t have php side form however looking at contact.php, you will be able to customize it.

Hi – great item thank you! I’m having a few minor problems with the form submission: http://localhost:8888/vendors/securimage/library/sendmail.php 500 (Internal Server Error) and captcha.js:53 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘message’ of undefined

My JS skills are not good so any help in this matter would be appreciated. Cheers

I just tried it and its working fine for me and didn’t through such error.

can you try localhost without port?

Hi again – I’m running MAMP so I can develop locally as the site is html wrapped in PHP but I’ve also uploaded to a test webserver and it still throws the same error. I have customised the forms with different elements from a few of your files. Shall I PM you a link to the test server? Cheers

yes please, that would help

Can I use this form to schedule appointment? I mean, I want to set my available time and people can pick a date/time using datepicker but they can pick a time between only my available/added time and after they submit, I will get email notification of the time they selected for the meeting and obliviously their name, email etc… Please let me know if it is possible..


its a html+css only form so you have to add backend yourself.

you can’t have the functionality described with this as-it-is unless you write that logic yourself.

can i design a job application form with resume upload facility?

hi, these are html forms so you need to write php code related to resume upload.

Hello, will you be adding a color picker?


I guess we already have it now.

Ok Really Newbie but quite adventurous. I wish to have (or make) a html code to place in my Yola Website for booking form. I wish to have a simple form name, email, choose date etc…with submission going to my email. Do not believe i need to use PHP (dont even fully understand php, lol) i would like to purchase your forms, use as is or change slightly, choose add html on my site and enter your code. Please advise if I am in the right direction. Thanks your product looks great! ju


we provide both html and php code so you can use it your website and get mails to your email.


I would like to use your plugin for a flight booking website.

User will have to: 1/ select departure date and arrival 2/ how many passenger 3/ fields for Airport departure and arrival (with auto complete functionality; for example user type “P” and we will give him some option for airport starting with P such as Paris). example: http://www.jetcost.com/ 4/ enter his name, email address and phone number

Instead of jetcost that deliver search result, it will send us an email and we will get back to the customer with a quote.

Does your plugin will allow me to do that? especially point number 3.

Thanks !


this is HTML only template, if you want to do autocomplete etc you need to add backend(php) logic to our template.


hello require to config reservation form, but there is no php file like contact us php file to , pls help regards

Hello, these are CSS, HTML forms,

php/backend files are not included in it.


ok i managed the php config, but need to alter the date format from mm/dd/yyyy to DD/MM/YYYY, i have altered the format in the daterangepicker.js file but still, after selection the input in box turns back to mm/dd/yyy…what else needs to be changed kindly throw some light or give new file for the same, regards

Hello, you need to set in html aswell, while initializing you will have option to set data format.

Is it not supported to wordpress

No, they are static/html forms.