Ultimate Barcode Generator

Ultimate Barcode Generator


New barcode generator version 3.0

This project is a neat effort of creating a class that enables all kind of operations related to BarCodes, QRCodes, DataMatrix and PDF417 using simple code and API . No need to rely on external API … You can have your own API NOW !

Today is quite easy to find a qrcode generator, or a qrcode class, or even maybe some codebar generator or class. But what about a class to handle all of them? What about a class that allows us to create a image, force download or save to a location with only three lines of code?

So here are all the features:

  • 9 QRCode types: Link, SMS , Email, Phone Number, VCard, meCard, Wifi, Geolocation and Bulk Text.
  • 10 Barcode types: UPC -A, UPC -E, EAN -8, EAN -13, CODE39 , CODE93, CODE128 , POSTNET, CODABAR and ISBN
  • NEW ON V3 .0 Datamatrix code generator.
  • NEW ON V3 .0 PDF417 code generator.
  • NEW ON V3 .0 Option to show or hide the data in 1D Barcodes.
  • All barcodes are generated by code. No external API usage
  • After class initialize, one line of code does all the necessary steps and configuratios to generate code.
  • Configuration of size and colors on the same one line of code generating the code.
  • 12 methods. Generate, force download and save, for every type of code.
  • 1 PHP processor file to generate codes via POST or GET . API USAGE .
  • Support for AJAX querys via POST or GET to processor file
  • Clean and well documented code.

UPDATE Version 3.0 (22/11/2011)

  • Datamatrix code generator.
  • PDF417 code generator.
  • Option to show or hide the data in 1D Barcodes.

UPDATE Version 2.0 (20/10/2011)

  • QRCode generation no longer relies on Google API . Complete stand alone app
  • QRCodes now accept color setup
  • QRCodes now accept margin setup
  • QRCOdes now accept Error Correction Level setup

UPDATE Version 1.2 (10/10/2011)

  • TYPO : LINE #2466 – there was a comma missing on function _generate_save_qrimage()

UPDATE Version 1.1 (07/10/2011)

  • TYPO : Geolocation was sending sms
  • BUG : Function error() was not displaying correctly
  • IMPROVEMENT : All functions related to QRCodes I’ve set up minimum default margin of 1, to avoid GoogleCharts API margin incongruences bug