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Hi, it work with mysqli for PHP 7 ?

no support no buy

Hey cezarys, one question: are the APIs for dropbox and s3 up to date in your script ?

Cannot get this to upload to Google Drive, creates zip succesfully (undid the UNLINK comment to leave zip alone), but get nothing but 404 errors from the GDRIVE credentials showing the errors for the upload attempts. Please help.

Is this script working today? Still working for s3 technology?

still functioning today for google drive or dropbox ??

Why do my backups only weigh 811 bytes?

Bonjour, j’ai acheté ce script pensant pouvoir sauvegarder 5 ou 6 bdd mysql sur mon serveur. mais je ne comprend rien a l’installation… Y a pas de fichier instal pas de config.php…est ce que quelqun peut me guider ? par avance merci —translate : Hello, I bought this script thinking I could save 5 or 6 mysql bdd on my server. but I don’t understand anything about the installation…. There is no file installed, no config.php…can someone guide me? in advance thank you

Bonjour, Encore un script sans support ? Cordialement

translation :

Hello, Another script without support? Sincerely

toujours pas de réponse ?

Je vais donc faire une demande de remboursement. cordialement

I dont understand anything about the installation and the process. completly lost.

the script is working or stopped ?