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Hello, Can this script backup Full website to amazon s3 bucket and is there away to be notified that a full backup has been made and backed up to amazon s3 bucket?

Do you have plans to create a feature that allows backing up multiple cpanel websites ?

I will be happy to hear from you soon

Thank you Ronnie

Hi. At this moment the script doesn’t send any notification after succesful backup. This might be a feature I could develop later.

Hello. I need a way to upload files from a source folder to Google drive selected folder. Don’t need to zip files. Is It possible to achieve this ? Thanks, M

At this moment the script zips the files so there is just one file transfer necessary. I never thought about sending all files seperately, because ziping them seems to be the most desirable (for most of the people). I’ll think about implementing multiple files transfer.

Hi This is surya I would like to buy your backup app, Questions 1. I am using godaddy shared hosting service is it supports? 2. how files will move from my hosting site to drop box ? Is it use my internet usuage or hosting usuage ? 3. What are the charges for dropbox?how much time required 1gb size? inform me


@1 – Yes I’m also using Godaddy hosting and it works.

@2 – You need to provide Access Token from , my script has a documentation which has an instructon how to generate this token, it’s quite easy.

@3 – Default Dropbox account is free and has 2gb of space.

hi you have demo for it thanks you

Hey, I have a hard time getting this script to work, the log file “ERROR while copying file” and in the file error_log “PHP Warning: unlink (/ No such file or directory in / includes / Ultimate Backup. php on line 618 ”. What can be the problem?

Hello. I’m not able to backup the root folder. my backup file is in the site root (eg: httpdocs/) I need to backup the entire httpdocs folder. How do I have to set the path for backup ? Thank you M

I need also the possibility to execute from gui, so tring to hack ‘listDirectories’ function to have at the top of the list someting like ‘root’ but no success until now

Please write me an e-mail, I’ll send you alternated version in reply.

I have changed the gui.php in this way…. bot so elegant but is working for me

function printDirectoriesList($directories, $prefix, $indent = 0) {
                <input type="radio" checked="checked" name="directory" id="root" value="./" />
                <label for="root">root</label>
    foreach ($directories as $dir) {
                <input type="radio" <?php if (!$this->selected): ?>checked="checked"<?php endif ?> name="directory" id="<?php echo ltrim($prefix . $dir['name'], '/') ?>" value="<?php echo ltrim($prefix . '/' . $dir['name'], '/') ?>" />
                <label for="<?php echo ltrim($prefix . $dir['name'], '/') ?>"><?php echo $dir['name'] ?></label>
        if (!empty($dir['children'])) {
            $this->printDirectoriesList($dir['children'], $prefix . '/' . $dir['name'], $indent + 1);
        $this->selected = true;

I have a shared web-hosting account for a Wordpress-based website, and about 15 GB of other files on the web server. I want to backup these files to my Google Drive WITHOUT downloading them to my local HD and then re-uploading them to Google Drive. Is it possible to do this with Ultimate Backup? If yes, how?


Can I use this to backup multiple folders/databases separately using a cron job? I want to backup parts of my hosting account separately and see that in step 5 a php file is created to run a backup, but am unclear if I can have 10 different configuration files created by this script that a cron can hit at different intervals.


do have any live demo


Can’t get the script to work. Tried both gui and after changing the example.php. Getting this error after adding the MySQL info (changed my domain out with MYDOMAIN);

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect() in /var/www/ Stack trace: #0 /var/www/ GuiController->stepTwo() #1 /var/www/ GuiController->run() #2 {main} thrown in /var/www/ on line 131

Looks like support is non existent…. Can’t recommend buying this script :-( It looks like he is using an outdated command…

Whenever I try to backup the website, I get this error:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 536870912 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 277513443 bytes) in /home/ctaegypt/public_html/includes/gapi/src/Google/Http/MediaFileUpload.php on line 227

You could notice that the allowed memory is higher than the allocated one!


I purchased your script expeting an easy interface to use to create the backups.

I wanted to use this to backup my wordpress website to amazon s3.

Can you please explain how to set this up?

Your support documents are confusing and I am not a developer.

Thanks for the help!

Will this also be compatible with onedrive?

Hello, Is this script still supported? because i wanted to buy it and backup my website to amazon s3

I look forward to hear from you soon

Thank you Ronnie

Hello cezarys,

I would like to know if I possible to install this plugin to my wordpress here:, it is possible?

Thanks in advance!

Hello I need front end option to upload files manually by user. is that possible?


Is it now possible to backup full cpanel website to amazon s3, google drive and other ? Please help us add that option and am sure you will be able to make big sales with this as many people would like to backup full websites and not just databases

Hi, Would be possible tu use your plugin in Thanks!

Hello Does the developer still support this script ?

Hi, I need to back up my localhost MySQL database and sync it with a database on a shared hosting.. will it be able to do that??