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Hi. Where is the new release with PS 1.7 support you promised us months ago?

Hello, im using visual composer with warehouse theme, and the icon position doesnt work, for example, icon box with the icon aligned to the left, it doesnt happen, icon stays at top of the heading and description… what can i do?

Another issue….. the backgrounds doesnt show at all.. i tried all the formats available and the color never appeared.. this is what the shortcode generates…

width="1/2" offset="vc_hidden-xs"]vc_single_image image="6" alignment="center" border_color="grey" img_link_target="_self"/vc_rowvc_column width="1/1"

And is just a text module with a background … why all that short code..

Please send us your site access and problem screen short, we will investigate that. Without investigating it is quite impossible to give you a solution.

Indeed, i will send you the information of the ftp and create a custom profile for you, thank you very much


MCepkus Purchased

Not compatible with 1.7 yet?

Ok I will ask our support team about this


MCepkus Purchased

I am sorry, it is wrong plugin i am chatting on… No issues with this one

You need to use stable version of 1.7.x. Our plugin only work stable version.


Korigan Purchased

hi, as Awiwichannel background doesn’t work. First time i want to use it.

Which version of ps you are using.

Hello, After I save an advanced button or a banner with style it works, but after like 30 minutes the css is broken and the styles doest display correctly

If you use any custom hook this kind of problem occurs. Because Prestashop do not able to load dynamic js and css load.When file cache system is enabled. You can enable mysql cache for that.

Hello, I can not find the elements “advanced carousel” and “modal” in the composer? Can you tell me how to find them? Thank you https://zupimages.net/up/18/06/8riu.png

Hello, Ultimate addons is child addons for the visual composer. Once you purchase and install. Its all element will show inside the module


krasny Purchased

Where is the 1.7 version?

Not released yet. Update is done.

when new released will be ?

Our new version is done. Not yet released. We forgot to release. If you need, open a ticket in our support system, Our team will send you the new version.Do not forget to send the purchase code also.

Hi, can I just check that I can add links to items/images in the Advanced Carousel?

Yes, you can do that. If you have any issue. Open a ticket in our support system. Our team will help you.

hello i want put an icon before my text creation graphique offerte. can you help me? I put in html but not work !


Please send your request with screen shot in our support system.

something in the plugin is giving me problems, with it activated I can not edit content in wordpress … Any solution? Thanks in advance

to give you more details, when I have activated your plugin and I try to edit any content, the system can not find the page… I need help ASAP please. Thank you!

Are you making any mistake. It is not WordPress version . We are working prestashop versions

Ohh I´m sorry! I will report it on Wordpress version.

Is your new release compatible with Prestashop 1.7.3 ? Also can I use it with Panda theme?

es, our version is compatible with 1.7.3 it will also work in in panda theme

Is it compatible with prestashop 1.7.3?

Yes, it is compatible

Hello good afternoon we have bought the visual composer for the prestashop 1.7 version and we would like to know when the visual composer will be available for the product pages. A greeting!

Yes, it work in product page.


SK3uD Purchased

I have an error on my shop. See this link : http://prntscr.com/jq7zyf I have the latest version of VC and my 1.6 prestashop is up to date. I’m using Warehouse template and it’s up to date to. Were does it comme from ?


SK3uD Purchased

$40 to have an answer is a little expensive. It’s my first question since i bought your plugin …


SK3uD Purchased

The problem comes from Chrome. With Firefox it’s OK. Thanx ;)

You can clear the cache and try again.