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PhP7 work :)

Download version is 1.0 where is 1.4 ?

No it must not happen it is 1.4 please check after update


sbscan Purchased

Modal Popup on Page Load is very good, but annoying. Isn’t it possible to show once per session. It shows every x second after page load.

This module element is designed only to show pop up. Not for use like session or other pop up functionality.


ferdyxd Purchased

hi, i would like to try a demo, i bought VC page bulid for prestashop and now i’d like to try this addon. I tried this login page :

http://drive-ultimate-addons.presta-demo.com/admin123 user: demo@demo.com password: 123456789

but it doesn’t let me in, no error.

thank you

Yes, we are aware of that. We are working for our demo. You can view our video from youtube

Will the used Youtube video background script be updated soon to work with newest Google API ? It still works, but it’s very slow..

I do not understand your message. Please write details in our support system.


identuo Purchased


Do you guys have a product category carousel in this as well? I couldn’t see it in the advanced carousel element.

Please let me know if you do.

I’ll purchase the plugin right away. :)


Hi there,

Please open a support ticket for your query. We’ll answer you ASAP.


Hello, is it possible to display the Revolution slider through the Modal Box? thanks in advance for your answer. Best regards

I am sorry we never test that. But it may work if you insert via short code.

I tried with the short code but it doesn’t work. I thought that maybe there was another way of doing it. Anyway, thanks a lot


Titof16 Purchased

Hi doesn’t it work for prestashop 1.7.1 ? And I got already your visual composer page bulder. Doesn’t match options with it

Hi there,

We’re updating the ultimate addons for prestashop 1.7.x. Hope you’ll also get it very soon.


Hi, This module is not displaying correctly when smarty cache is enabled, for example I have created buttons with the text in the middle and when I switch on the cache it puts the text to the very left. Is there a fix for this?


Please enable mysql cache if you use cache enable.


Thanks for your speedy reply, That seems to have done the trick. – (Cache the route to all evil)

Kind regards

Hello! do you have masonry gallery ?

Hi there,

Sorry to inform you that masonry gallery isn’t included with Ultimate Addons.


hello i put sale products but when look my page my product not appear ! i put sal product bloc in visual composer !

But not appear.

And also, i clear my cache obligatorly when check my page ! my design not ok if not clear cache !!

Please open ticket in our support system. We will investigate that.

Hello I installed visual composer on prestashop with ultimate, to make my homepage, but there is a very big problem, I am obliged to empty my caches for design apprays properly. If I empty them my design of the homepage is broken !!! In the preferences tab vancée = performance, I put on Mysql, but does not, my site breaks all the time every time I refresh the page! So to each I am obliged to empty my caches! thank you for helping me. it’s very urgent http://www.web-studio-agency.fr/insecte2/fr/

Will you please open ticket in our support system , with your site ftp and back office access, We will investigate that.

Hello i enjoy mail to suport support@smartdatasoft.com and i open ticket on your site !! Thanks very urgent !!

Hi there,

We’ve answered you on your support ticket. Please follow your ticket to get quick support from us.



Is it possible to reverse the image when flying over and the text first?

When I open my site I have an image and when I fly over it I have the text behind with black background (i hover effect) I would like to reverse this.

The text with the black background is first and when I fly over I have the picture behind.

it’s possible? Can you help me?

Look my site (Découvrir l’entomophagie, Blog, Idée recette etc..) it’s in 3D)


Hello, I am sorry to inform you that , it is not possible. You can use other element for that from our demo.

what other elment? exemple ?

Hi, Will there be any new features any time soon?


We have plane to do.


I can post grid in my site, but not found post, i put category, but not found !!!!


can you help me?

Hi there,

We’ve answered on your support ticket. Please follow the support ticket to get quick support from us?


Hello, when version for prestashop 1.7 will be available?

Hi there,

Sorry to inform you that Ultimate Addons is not compatible with Prestashop 1.7.x. We’ll make it compatible very soon.


Plugin compatible with presta ?

To got compatible version you need to contact with your support system to got the version.

Bonjour, Suie à notre dialogue sur VC prestashop ( ou vous nous avez expliquez vos probleme pour les MAJ . que je peut comprendre. )

J’ai bien reçu le lien Zip pour VC ( qui semble fonctionnez sur la ) sauf page product biensur.

Pour Ultimate addons avez vous la MAJ ( c’est urgent ) merci

Hi there,

Sorry to inform you that we couldn’t understand what you are trying to say! English Please?




Ok , je doit parler en anglais sur cette page alors que je dialogue en francais avec SmartDataSoft sur l’autre module ?? Vous avez vraiment baisser de niveau chez VC … Lamentable

dommage AVANT vous aviez un bon produit…

Presales question: I really like your plugin. For flip boxes, does it allow the boxes to be assigned to categories and a filter menu at the top of the page?

Hi there,

FYI You can use ultimate addons on category pages, not on filter menu at the top of the page.