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Hey. Just bought the plugin, activated on test mamp server and error: Notice: Constant WP_DEBUG already defined in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/ulti-forms/ulti-forms.php on line 21

Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent (output started at /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/ulti-forms/ulti-forms.php:21) in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/pressapps-fullscreen-login/public/class-pressapps-fullscreen-login-public.php on line 579

What’s wrong? Need help

Hello, sorry about that. We have now patched it up, please update when the new update gets approved.

Is there an upload file option

Hello, no, sorry.

I would like to have a few checkbox to be set as checked by default, can it be done? And can i input google adword code when user submit the form?

Hello, unfortunately none of these options are possible.


Hello…two questions.

1. Where do I go in and add a drop-down menu as one of the fields? 2. Where can I add some custom css such as bottom-border color and more specific styling options.


Hello, 1. Sorry, this is not possible at the moment. We are working on this feature. 2. You can just find the class of the element you want to style via the code inspector (e.g. #ultiform-id-3 input[type=text]) and then add the css in any regular way (on page, in your style.css, etc.)

Hi, Is there an option to link Aweber to the Email Subscribe option?

Hello, unfortunately not, but the emails are saved in a list which you can just simply copy and paste wherever you want

Hello , the plugin does not work. error message : Please verify the plugin to activate it.

You need to verify the plugin first, please. See how to do it in this video: https://youtu.be/zcpSmB4lJpM

Hey mate, how does one go about exporting the email list INCLUSIVE of names? All it comes up with is just the email addresses.

What happens if you haven’t enabled that send button from the start of the initial sign up??

Have I just lost a heap of data?

I am afraid so. We are really sorry about your situation! The option says that it only saves only emails though (‘Add email to the list’)

Hello! hi, i look for a optin-plugin: after signing in with email address the user should linked directly to download page. does your plugin have the function „Redirect after optin“?

Hello, sorry, it doesn’t

Hi there,

i bought Ulti Forms and did not like it then bought ultimate modal plugin one and love it! Can i get a refund on the Ulti forms plugin I bought?



Hello, ok, please request a refund.

Please ask your questions at the new support center https://wow-affect.com/support/

Hello, The plugin says that it saves the email submissions to a list? I am not seeing where that is. Maybe I am reading it as if it is part of the plugin.

There is the menu item called Emails, your emails should be there.

The menu item “Emails” is not one of the options inside of the plugin. I can see List, Add new, License, Items, Extra, and Rate this plugin on the Ulti Forms. Do I have the latest version?

Please update plugin to version 1.2.1

where is the demo

Hi There, is there anyway to reset the list of email signups?

No. You can delete each email

Hello. The plugin description says I can rearrange layouts as I’d like, but it doesn’t seem that I can. How do I change the layout of the form? Your picture in the plugin shows side by side fields… is that possible with this?

At the moment, the field may only be placed under each other. The next version of the plugin will have option side by side

Ohh bummer. Yea, so then this product isn’t what I need. Can you please refund me?

Please, Apply for a refund

Hello, I need a be able to set a text field to require a minimum number.

For example the user must type at least $200 into the “Offer” text field.

Usage example…..


Name: __

Email: ___

Offer: ___

(submit button)

Can your forms plugin do this? thank you

Unfortunately no

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