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Can you elaborate on the saving data? If I install it on a device I won’t be able to add items to the list?

Let me know when the update is ready and I’ll purchase it.

Next week (wed or thur) it will be avalaible.

Cool. Thanks!

plz when u update all data to became reedy to work on real device let as know to purchase

Next week (wed or thur) it will be avalaible.

have the updates been made to allow it to work on a real device as I see the last update where 5 days ago. Thanks, joe…

Hi TheoB,

I too look forward to the updates. I’m interested in purchasing it but only when you update it. Also is this just a list the user can make. Or can they click on each title and then go to a new UIView where they can save text in a UITextView and part of that note they just created?

So in other words… Is this a note LIST or note BOOK ?

Thanks for your time.

Thanks for your comment! After the next update it will be a notebook

Any news on your progress to update the app ? Thanks

Very busy so I appreciate your patience, send me an email, I have a present for you.

Can I add password on app on your source? How can I run it on my device? Thank you so much

Can you please let me know what is the status on the saving data on the device. Thanks !

Yes, any update? I know you are very busy, but 7 months ago you said it will be available soon. I was wondering what happened?

If the saving feature and notebook is device ready let me know and i would like to purchase it as well.

I tried to submit it to the app store, but got rejected for this:


We found that your app uses one or more non-public APIs, which is not in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines. The use of non-public APIs is not permissible because it can lead to a poor user experience should these APIs change.

We found the following non-public API /s in your app:


Please advise