Discussion on UI Templates for IOS - 180++ UI Templates for your IOS App Projects

Discussion on UI Templates for IOS - 180++ UI Templates for your IOS App Projects

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Good luck with your sales

Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)

Can you please support swift 5?

Please support swift5.

Need to upgrade to atleast swift 4.2 otherwise does not look that great with lots of warnings. Maybe can you please do it?

Is it abandoned project? no upgrades

hello author I have bought your source code but I can’t run with

I send you personal message, please check it out;)


I bought the project but I’m having trouble sending Apple, Guideline 4.2.6 – Design – Commercialized models and application generation services

We noticed that your application appears to have been built from an application builder or a marketed template, but was not submitted directly by the owner or vendor of the content within the application.

Next steps

To resolve this issue, this application will need to be sent by the content owner or app content provider with their own Apple Developer Program account. Another acceptable option is to create a single binary to host the content of all your customers in an aggregate or “picker” model, such as a restaurant locator with separate pages for each client restaurant, or as an event application with separate entries for each event client .

Apple is not accepting the project by identifying that the code (class) is from a third party, would you have any solutions to the problem? something that I can use to report that the license was purchased?

can you tell me if I take the license of the code would have any problem?

// // MenuLeftControllerStyle10.swift // Material Design IOS // // Created by Denis Tirta Prada on 7/14/17. // Copyright © 2017 Mediatechindo. All rights reserved. //

yes.. you can remove this

Thank you

Please update to Swift 4. Most app now already in swift 4

is this templates code available in swift 4?????

still with swift 3

good job but it lacks a little doc

Halo, dari Indonesia ya ? Ini berarti file2 .xib nya ya ? Apakah bisa digunakan jika saya pakai Swift 4 (bukan Objective-C) ?

hallo .. bisa bro :)

Sipp…makasih (y)

WPBootstrap AUTHOR

hi i have send you email can you come back to me on that .

Attention all , the seller is scammer no any clear documentation , no any help or support Very very bad templetes no one Buy it

alifadlallah , I need to speak with you can you give me your email

hello .. please send email we me via

Thank you

Very Bad Support Doesn’t Reply for any emails and no Clear Documentation No One Buy it Very Bad

hello .. please send email we me via

Thank you

i sent 4 email’s until now and you don’t reply

Very Bad Service and i waste my money with dirty Templates

i need this product but i have only 21 $ ;(

no auto layout at all? the view doesn’t change after rotation.

How do we convert it to swift 4?

Can you make a youtube video?

There are lots of error like Method ‘initialize()’ defines Objective-C class method ‘initialize’, which is not permitted by Swift.

‘init(colorLiteralRed:green:blue:alpha:)’ is unavailable: This initializer is only meant to be used by color literals.

Hi can you please make a video tutorial about how to install Menu Style 12? I keep getting errors. I would really appreciate it.


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