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Thanks! webNpro

Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thanks! :-)

Hi! Question, with this plug in could I have a link to my Asana account (my tasks mannager ) direcctly from ucm? Thanks!

Hi menrile,

yes, you can give any url to your custom links.

To do:

  1. Go to Setup / Menu editor page
  2. Click on the + sign
  3. You will get a new empty menu item in the next row
  4. Fill the fields and select icon for the menu item
  5. Begin your url with: http://
  6. Move your new menu item up or down if you need
  7. Don’t forget to click on the Save button! :-)
  8. Enjoy

Don’t forget: this plugin is working only with the AdminLTE theme. You can’t delete or edit the built-in menu items with this plugin version. Before the Dashboard link you can put custom links only.

Check this preview image: http://codecanyon.net/theme_previews/10319011-ucm-plugin-menu-editor?index=5&url_name=ucm-plugin-menu-editor

I hope it helps to you.

Regards, webNpro

Awesome Font Icons – Are not working in Firefox – Please advice… – Also only half the icons are showing in settings/menu editor ( chrome ) From Google section across and down are all errors

The UCM get the menu order from the plugins. The Customers and the Leads menu items are one plugin so you can’t put one other item between them. Workaround: You can’t hide the built in menu items but you can move the Leads and the Customers menu items to the bottom. Make a new custom menu item with the customers page url and move this “Customers” menu item. :-)

Hi kperrow,

I made a fix for the Awesome Font problem. Can you send your mail address to me in PM from my profile page?

Regards, webNpro

Thanks for creating this, always happy to support UCM Third Party Development. I can confirm the same issue with the Font Awesome icons in Firefox – they don’t seem to be working :(

The Firefox has a bug with the Aswsome Icons. I’m looking for the workaround. Please give few days to me. Thanks.

Hi knabensh,

I made a fix for the Awesome Font problem. Can you send your mail address to me in PM from my profile page?

Regards, webNpro

Thanks so much – just sent you a message.

Received a notification about a new update. Curious what is new in this update? Thanks

This is a fix for Awesome Fonts bug. (It’s only one changed line…) Regards, webNpro

Testing on Local host before resorting to adding it to a remote host, but I am seeing tons of these error messages

Warning: Missing argument 1 for module_webnpro_menu_editor::get_select_FontAwesomeIcons(), called in C:\hiddenpathfrompublic\includes\plugin_webnpro_menu_editor\pages\menu_editor.php on line 51

Any assistance appreciated


Hi there I have just installed the plugin but am unable to fill in the fields when adding a new menu item?

Hi again after a closer look seems that the problem is specific to Modzilla Firefox not sure if this helps ;)

I have added the FAQ link as a Menu Item for my clients. Is there a way to make the FAQ’s open in a new tab/window (same as target=”_blank” for http links?).

As the FAQ is the once within UCM the URL given is: /folder/ext.php?m=faq&h=public&i=-1&hash=f2fe3dba’&?show_search=1&show_header=1&show_product=1


Does this not give you the ability to hide menus you do not want to see?

Hi – I have two questions for the menu editor:

1. When adding an external link (http:// etc) is it possible to get the link to open in a new window/tab (like target=”_blank”) in order to stay in UCM in the background?

2. Is there a way to add menu items that are only accessible/viewable for admins?

Thanks, Daniel

Hi, I am wondering if it’s possible to edit the icons of the default menu items. Right now, there is a little lock icon next to them and the drop-down menu cannot be selected. If not, is this something you can develop into the next update?

Any news on updating this with newer features and bug fixes? Seems slow when making changes.

UPDATE: Can’t type in menu fields when adding new menu item. This needs to be fixed please.

UPDATE #2: Found out it’s a firefox issue. The latest version of IE works great with no issues. This should be addressed in the next update for firefox users.



after the last update of the UCM my plugins need few lines of code to work without problem again.

Thanks for your feedbacks, I’ll make the update ASAP. It will be available in few days on the CodeCanyon.

Best regards, webNpro

Hi, is it possible to add links to the menu that open in a new tab? target_blank??


Very good. GLWS

Hi is this item still has support?