UCM Plugin: Invoice Numbering

UCM Plugin: Invoice Numbering

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UCM Invoice Numbering Plugin Features

This is a very simple plugin for the Ultimate Client Manager to make custom invoice numbering.

The Ultimate Client Manager can be found here.

v1.0.6     01/02/2016     New feature: sample field on the settings page
          Improved feature: dtbaker added advanced field ‘invoice_incrementing_next’ instead of count() invoices
v1.0.5     02/12/2015     BUGFIX: API error
v1.0.4     09/15/2014     Improved feature: Connection error checking for the license api
          Improved feature: Connection error checking to the upgrade server
v1.0.3     09/12/2014     New feature: envato license validation
          New feature: webNpro upgrade function with
          New feature: “Read documentation” function
          Improved feature: include all strings to the new UCM translation system
          Improved design: Make the Custom Invoice Numbering Format field wider
v1.0.2     02/21/2014     FIX for php 5.3 in the customer_invoice_number_function | Thanks, Jan! \\)” title=” :)” />
New shortcode added: {YEAR2}
v1.0.1     02/16/2014     Small code optimizations to make sure we always get unique numbers,
From now we use the last invoice_id instead of invoice_incrementing_next,
BUG FIX: numbering step
v1.0 02/03/2014 First release. You can change the built-in invoice numbering format by using shortcodes

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Upgrade Instructions

  • From the v1.0.3 version the plugin has an automatically upgrade function too, what you can find at the Settings/ Invoice Numbering menu point. With its help you can foremost test the new functions and faster reach the contingent repairs too. For more information please read the Automatically upgrade function feature documentation.
  • The Invoice Numbering of course can upgrade by the traditional download-upload-manual upgrade way too, for this just follow the Installation Instructions.

Installation Instructions

  • Download and install the Ultimate Client Manager on your website
  • Once UCM is working, come back and purchase this plugin
  • Unzip the downloaded files, and upload them into your websites includes folder
  • Go to Settings > Invoice Numbering in your UCM system
  • Add your envato license key to the Plugin License Key field
  • Change the invoice numbering format and click on the Save button
  • That’s all, have fun!


  • {PREFIX} Customer invoice prefix.
  • {CUSTOMERID} Customer ID
  • {JOBID} Job ID
  • {YEAR} Year (4 digits)
  • {YEAR2} Year (2 digits)
  • {MONTH} Month (2 digits)
  • {DAY} Day (2 digits)
  • {NUM} / {NUM1} 0..9 – auto incremental
  • {NUM2} 00..99 – auto incremental
  • {NUM3} 000..999 – auto incremental
  • {NUM4} 0000..9999 – auto incremental
  • {NUM5} 00000..99999 – auto incremental
  • {HEX} / {HEX1} 0..F – auto incremental
  • {HEX2} 00..FF – auto incremental
  • {HEX3} 000..FFF – auto incremental
  • {HEX4} 0000..FFFF – auto incremental
  • {HEX5} 00000..FFFFF – auto incremental
  • {RANDNUM} / {RANDNUM1} 0..9 – random
  • {RANDNUM2} 00..99 – random
  • {RANDNUM3} 000..999 – random
  • {RANDNUM4} 0000..9999 – random
  • {RANDNUM5} 00000..99999 – random
  • {RANDHEX} 0..F – random
  • {RANDHEX2} 00..FF – random
  • {RANDHEX3} 000..FFF – random
  • {RANDHEX4} 0000..FFFF – random
  • {RANDHEX5} 00000..FFFFF – random


{NUM}/{YEAR} => 1/2014, 2/2014, etc. 

Automatically upgrade function

  • From the v1.0.3 version the plugin has an automatically upgrade function too, what you can find at the Settings/ Invoice Numbering menu point. With its help you can foremost test the new functions and faster reach the contingent repairs too.
  • This function check and do only the Invoice Numbering plugin’s upgrades, the UCM’s and the other plugin’s upgrade not!
  • For the new upgrade’s installing please click the [ UPGRADE? ] button next to the Latest version information.
  • The plugin does the necessary changes for upgrade and informs you about the achievement. It’s not necessary to run the “Manual Upgrade”!
  • In that case if you got a failure message, please contact me for help.

Inbuilt documentation / help

  • In the interest of easier usage the Invoice Numbering plugin’s got an inbuilt help too, which you can reach with the click on the Settings/Invoice Numbering page Read documentation button. We are enriching the documentation continually.


Note: This is a plugin for the Ultimate Client Manager. Please ensure the latest version of Ultimate Client Manager (Lite or Pro) has been purchased and installed before using this plugin.

Please, refrain from downloading codes from unreliable sources, because by doing this you ignore the hard work of the developers!

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