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Nice add-on. Can you make the same for Hosting Accounts and other services? As a reminder like the domain name.

Hello, yes, I can do it for you, just give few days to me.

Please remind, this plugin can’t make or modify invoices and scubsriptions yet. It’s planned feature only.

fairly pointless without the integration into invoices/subscriptions

i think we all have systems in place for that already, only really any use if we can have the billing…

Bookmarked and will purchase when available, i would pay more than double if done properly


At the moment I don’t know when will it be implemented in subscriptions plugin but it’s not on my side. I’ll let you know when it’s possible.

Best regards, webNpro


How to change the date format…appear 2014-05-19 …I need to change to 5-19-2014

Yes…the system is setup m/d/y, but the domain list expiration appear y/m/d…..does not good format for USA


Please upgrade the plugin with the built in upgrade function to the latest version. You will find a ‘Check for upgrades’ button on Settings > Domain Manager page. Click on it. The plugin will check the latest version on my server, download and install it after you click on the ‘Install Update’ button.

After the upgrade the domain plugin will use the date format from the System Settings page so you can change it there.

Enjoy! :-)

Best regards, webNpro

One more thing: on System Settings page you can setup “Y/m/d”, “d/m/Y” or “m/d/Y” date format only. The formats are built in the UCM and I can’t change the list.

Hi, Is it going to be part of UCM Pro? Thanks


Sorry my friend, my plugins won’t be part of the UCM Pro. I’m not working together with dtbaker…

Best regards, webNpro

No problem! But if I buy it, is it going to work with it? Because you gave the link to UCM lite and I own UCM Pro. BTW, thank you for the quick reply, very appreciated!


Yes, of course it will work together with the UCM Lite and UCM Pro also.

Regards, webNpro

Thanks again for the plugin! One issue I am running into is under the Domain ?I have it linked to the customer but when I select “Change Website” to select the website it is attached to, I get a 500 error. Under the main UCM “Websites” menu, the domain shows up as well as the original website (that was already there).


Sorry about the late answer. Pls send me an account to your UCM in pm. I’ll try to help to you ASAP.

Best regards, webNpro

After I installed, I always has an error message on the top. it says: Undefined Index: xxxx-todo.php line 65

I am using latest UCM Pro.

Hi, thanks for the information. The bugfix is coming in few hours. Regards, webNpro

ps.: This bug was in my other plugin: Advanced Todo

Hello webNpro, thanks you for you plugin! i want to purches this plugin but i have 2 quasions. 1. can you create auto reminder opsion? i mean, when 2 weeks left to renew domain, i would like to get email and see on my dashboard all domains that need to be renew 2 weeks before the expiry. then, if you still forgot to renew you will get another email on week before expiry and after week you need to get every day for example until expiry date. i thinks this very important option so you never forgot to renew your domain.

2. all domains management must come with hosting option. this is plan to be add? this can work this way: you create hosting companies and write all the hosting and the server info. then you will have “lookup” field in the domain management where you can select witch hosting host this domain.



sorry about the late answer.

1. The reminder mail function is a good idea I’ll put it on my todos list. 2. I’ll see the “hosting” function later. Now I have lot of todos with my other projects but it’s not impossible…

Regards, webNpro

Hi, I just make an purchase of the plugin but nothing comes. Can you assist me on that? Thanks.

Hi, did you check your Downloads page on Codecanyon? You never get files by mail after the purchase. Best regards, webNpro

Hi thanks manage to download it but how do i install the plugin onto the UCM Pro

Hi! Please read the installation instructions from the documentation. Regards, webNpro


I have installed the plugin. However I am receiving the following errors, can you please assist?

When checking for an update:

Notice: Undefined index: aV in Website path\includes\plugin_domain\pages\domain_update.php on line 23

Notice: Undefined index: readChangelog in Website path\includes\plugin_domain\pages\domain_update.php on line 96

Notice: Undefined index: readDocumentation in Website path\includes\plugin_domain\pages\domain_update.php on line 142

Notice: Undefined index: aV in Website path\includes\plugin_domain\pages\domain_update.php on line 200 •Current plugin version: v1.0.2

Notice: Undefined variable: updated in Website path\includes\plugin_domain\pages\domain_update.php on line 332

Notice: Undefined variable: found in Website path\includes\plugin_domain\pages\domain_update.php on line 342 •» No update is available.

When clicking the read documentation button from the settings page”

Fatal error: Class ‘module_webnpro_advanced_todo’ not found in Website path\includes\plugin_domain\pages\domain_documentation.php on line 11

When adding a new domain:

Notice: Undefined index: date_registration in Website path\includes\plugin_domain\pages\domain_admin_edit.php on line 123

Notice: Undefined index: date_expiry in Website path\includes\plugin_domain\pages\domain_admin_edit.php on line 135

Notice: Undefined index: do_not_renew in Website path\includes\plugin_domain\pages\domain_admin_edit.php on line 146

Notice: Undefined index: recurring_amount in Website path\includes\plugin_domain\pages\domain_admin_edit.php on line 170

Notice: Undefined index: website_id in Website path\includes\plugin_domain\pages\domain_admin_edit.php on line 179

Notice: Undefined index: website_id in Website path\includes\plugin_domain\pages\domain_admin_edit.php on line 247

Also when I try and assign a created domain to a customer and website it gives me a 404 Not found.

Hi, those settngs are already set. Do not have an issue using these selection boxes anywhere else on website though. Thanks .

Still having issues with this. Any assistance appreciated.

What is happening is I can either assign a domain to a Customer OR a website but not both. It 404’s. Thanks

Hi, please send a pm to me from my profile page with login details. I’ll check it ASAP. Regards, webNpro

1. question, i dont understand the exact diffrence between the already integrated domain manager from UCM to yours!? Can you explain it a bit please?

2. Does your module send our remember mail before domain expire?

Hi, there is no difference because UCM hasn’t got integrated domain manager. Best Regards, webNpro

It makes an alert on your dashboard before domain expire. The mail function is planned feature.

I have sent u skype message and email. Hope u check soon so we can fix the errors. Thanks

Can you check these lines in your /includes/config.php file?

ini_set(‘display_errors’,false); ini_set(‘error_reporting’,0);

If the error reporting is enabled you will see the notice messages too.

Please confirm if it’s working.

Best Regards, webNpro

Quick response :) Everything is good thank you

Hello, thank you for all of your UCM Extensions (I have them all).

I have been having issues though with the Domain Manager.

It seems to be connecting domains to wrong customers and websites, and when I try to edit websites and customers it doesn’t seem to save.

There is no current upgrade available, so I am unsure what the error is.

Any ideas? I did try emailing your support email but it was returned. Many thanks!

That’s perfect. :-)

thank you – i just updated the user role permission so you should have access to everything needed – let me know if not. Thanks!

Thanks so much for the help! It seems to be working great now :)

Does this allow us to integrate with our registrar accounts so updates are made automatically?


The plugin doesn’t manage your domain it just store the informations about your domains.

Best Regards, webNpro


Great Plugin. Helps me alot.

Like the first guy who commented if there is for hosting it will be great too. And also if under ‘Websites’ if there is username/password to save it will be awesome.

I have some issues which i checked with UCM Main plugin developer, they said i should find you. There are 2 issues for me,

1) Dashboard there is a misallignment of layout 2) I am not able to edit, delete customer.

Please email me at I will send you the link and details to look at. Thanks

Hi, thanks for your feedback. Please give few days to me. I’ll try to fix this probem ASAP. Until I make the fix simple delete the folder of the plugin and you can edit your customers again.

Best Regards, webNpro

webNpro UCM Plugin: Domain Manager 1.0.3

BUGFIX: widget code fix on customer and website edit pages
Please use the built in update function of the plugin to get the fixed code. If you prefer the original (download -> upload) method you have to wait a bit (until it appears on the Codecanyon).

Now you can edit and save the customers. Let me know if you have problems after the upgrade.

Best Regards, webNpro

Thanks for always getting us updates of your extensions! I was wondering if there was a way you could add a “MySQL” area to this where we can add the MySQL databases and their relevant information (host name, database name, user name, password [encrypted field], and database description) for the domains so we can keep that info handy too (with the ability to add multiple/unlimited MySQL databases per domain). Right now I have that in custom data, but it would be handy to keep it with the domains.

Is this a possibility for a future update?

Thank u for all your extensions!

Hi, I can do the plugin for this. If you still interested drop a PM to me. Best Regards, webNpro

I just bought dDomain Manager and Advanced ToDo’s and I am getting all sorts of errors on many different pages. Could you please PM me for help? Thanks!

Thanks for the quick response…everything is working flawlessly!


I have a plugin domain all ok, but i have a problem, the domain if active , but not renew automatically?

Hi, this plugin gives information about the renew dates but won’t renew them automatically. Regards, webNpro

I’ll definitely pick up this addon once the ability to make/modify invoices is finished.