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Nice work!! Good luck! :)

Thank You!

Awesome plugin, good luck with sales!

Thank You!

Looks good. A list of payment gateways please.


I am sorry, What are you requesting?

I’ve already purchased the plugin but can’t figure out if it is storing client info in the Braintree Vault for auto-rebelling.

At this time my addon does not support the vault.

I installed the plugin and it’s working well but the only problem is that when someone goes to pay, the note at the bottom in red says: Note: Please note that your card billing statement will show *YOURCOMPANYNAME for this transaction.

How do I replace that with my actual company name?

It should be located inside the template file for the module.

hi will you be updating this pluging to reflect the storing of cc in the vault? thanks

hi thanks i have purchased your plugin a few people here have requested a vault so could you add that function please. Also I dont see a processing modal so customers know that there payment is processing thanks

Also do i need to do anything with your plugin to activate ssl? i can see a ssl folder?


hi thats problem has been solved im getting a cvv error i contacted braintree see what they say. However can you show me how to remove the postcode field as that feature doesnt work for australian customers therefore that could be causing a problem for me thanks can you please reply asap i need to get this fixed

I have received a reply from braintree they have mentioned that the cvv data isnt being passed on for some reason i will try and reinstall the plugin and see what happens

Thanks for the plugin, you saved me a bunch of time. My one small suggestion is to add defaults to the settings array to keep it from throwing a warning “Notice: Undefined index: default in /home/snaka/public_html/includes/plugin_config/pages/settings_form.php on line 74” on the settings page

braintree_settings.php, module_config::print_settings_form(

I just added ”’default’=>’’,” to each one that didn’t have a default.

Thanks again!!

I am a developer with many repeat payments each month. A cc vault feature would be fantastic!!

I have tested it with disabling the CCV and the plugin works, can you please find out why it isnt working with the CCV enabled?

Another question which file do i need to replace withyourcompany name i changed braintree default form file however it isnt working?

where is the support?

A release is coming with vault storage and major updates within a few weeks.

Does this plugin use Braintree’s iFrame API or is the information posted to my server?

Hello, I have purchase your braintree plugin to UCMpro and upload the folder plugin “plugin_paymethod_braintree” to folder ./includes of my UCM directory, and after refresh page and logout/login, the plugin do not show.

Also put the purchase license code in setings/upgrade but noting Make manual updates and nothing

Can you check this please? Best regards


where I found sanbox api in braintree?

I only found API key under Account.

Hi, I am having problems updating the payment form template. I can make changes to the template and re upload, however the changes are not showing when the page is refreshed.

Nice job, glws!

I have recently purchased the UCM Braintree plugin and was curious if the vault feature was being worked on as mentioned in the comments area by your account. Or if there is another way to automatically bill for subscriptions using the plugin that I may have missed. The plugin works great so far and very much appreciate you offering it. Thanks in advance for any feedback on the vault for subscriptions.

Is there a way to make the plugin add the processing fees on top of the invoice amount like the other payment gateways currently do?