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I tried to post this in the support area, but even after I disabled my popup blocker, I still got the Hmm looks like we can’t load….

Here’s my situation. On the customer page in UCM, I get these warnings and notices:

Warning: Creating default object from empty value in …/ucm/includes/plugin_webnpro_advanced_todo/pages/todos.php on line 30

Notice: Undefined variable: user_id in /.../ucm/includes/plugin_webnpro_advanced_todo/pages/todos.php on line 50

Notice: Undefined index: is_widget in /.../iucm/includes/plugin_webnpro_advanced_todo/pages/todos.php on line 83

How can these be corrected?

Also, in the todo list view, these notices appear:

Notice: Undefined variable: user_id in /home/blooming/public_html/crm/includes/plugin_webnpro_advanced_todo/pages/todos.php on line 50

Notice: Undefined index: is_widget in /home/blooming/public_html/crm/includes/plugin_webnpro_advanced_todo/pages/todos.php on line 83

And finally, when I post a to do, I hit enter to make a list, but when I view it, all the line breaks are no longer there, and they all run together in one line. Is that the way it is supposed to perform?


After I posted this, you changed the support link to say you no longer support this plugin, plus added it to the top of the comments pages. Good move, as it will prevent user frustration. Sorry to hear it, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. At least it makes for an easy fix for my problem. Just remove the plugin to avoid future issues. Best of luck with whatever you’re doing!


Can you check these lines in your /includes/config.php file?

ini_set(‘display_errors’,false); ini_set(‘error_reporting’,0);

If the error reporting is enabled you will see the notice messages too. Please confirm if it’s working.

Best Regards, webNpro

Im loving this plugin. I would love this much more if it had the option to create tags or groups for these items. and the one feature this definitely needs is the option to archive items. It would be great iif they get placed in a folder or separate page to review in the future. I really want to keep using it but without archive im not sure i can really do much


thanks for purchase my plugin! Please upgrade to v2.1. From now you can archive / restore your todos.

Let me know how does it works! :-)

Best Regards, webNpro

awsome! just saw it this morning and so far everything works perfect! thanks for the speedy update!

[ New version ] UCM Plugin: Advanced Todo v2.1


Is there any how you can customize the todo list where it can be assigned to both job and staff at the same time? Right now, i can only be assigned to either Job or Staff. Ex:

Todo #1 Assigned to “Staff#1” & Assigned to “Job #1”

Can you send a private message to me please with your requests? I haven’t got too much time now but I’ll see what can I do for you…

I have sent you an email regarding the new custom features along with the screenshot, please review when you have a chance. my email: ebizcoder@gmail.com New Features Needed: 1. Assign both “Job” & “Staff” at the same time 2. Sort Todo list by “Date” , “Staff”, “Jobs” 3. Page number << Previous 1||2||3||... Next >> 4. Create an email Icon next to the other icons the right hand corner, be able to email to the assigned staff


I have not received any responses

I have the latest version of UCM and AdminLTE. I uploaded the folder to the includes location, put my locense code in the Upgrade page of UCM and everything went fine. However, the menu item and dashboard widget does not show.

Love it! Works as advertised, no errors. Tested the functions and really does what our clients need and more. Thank you!

Had a few issues before as noted above, was able to resolve it by following the instructions. My apologies!

I’m just getting started with Advanced ToDo. I have one question. I have several types of jobs that require the same todos. Is there a way to save a list of todos and then reuse the list on new jobs of the same type, but different customers. Some of my todo lists are rather long and it would save alot of time if I didn’t have to reenter them on each new job.

Can I create a new “Job” from a todo item? If so, how?

where are these instructions you speak of? I found the simple instructions at the bottom of the detail page, but it mentions nothing about adding license #. Either way, installing did nothing but add the option to my jobs sidebar, which only saved an entry in my database, nowhere else. How do I get the menu item etc to show? I see you don’t support the item anymore, but it should work somewhat, or it should not be sold here. right?

Hi, the new version of the plugin is waiting for review. You’ll need the version 2.2 to work with the new UCM versions. Please let me know in case you have further problems with my plugin. Regards, webNpro



after the last update of the UCM my plugins need few lines of code to work without problem again.

Thanks for your feedbacks, I’ll make the update ASAP. It will be available in few days on the CodeCanyon.

Best regards, webNpro

[ BUGFIX for the new UCM version ]

Hi, the new version is here. Please let me know if you have any problem after upgrade!

Best Regards,

Thank you! All works well now. For someone who says they don’t support their code, you are FAR more helpful than the authors who claim to offer support.

Thanks! ;-)


Delb Purchased


I still have support available for this item; purchase code available – purchase date 23 Oct 2015

After recent upgrade the whole plugin is no longer available.

Can you please give support on this ticket, as we use the plugin and would like it restored.

Many thanks Delb

... and sorry about my horrible english knowledge… :-)

Hi Delb,

can you confirm that the plugin is working now for you?

Best Regards, webNpro


Delb Purchased

A big thank you webNpro for your prompt response. I followed the advice given and dowloaded the latest version from CodeCanyon then replaced the contents in the /clients/includes/plugin_webnpro_advanced_todo folder. Then ran a manual upgrade in UCM and viewed the message upgrade from 2.1 to 2.2 was successful and voila, my dashboard todo menu came back without losing any of the original todo’s – many thanks for a great plugin and excellent support. Oh, and your english is just fine :)


danlsnh Purchased

Hi Bro, When will be ready for the new update? Daily email sending every morning

I just bought this item, is this still working. Documentation website is offline….

I just bought this item, is this still working. Documentation website is offline….

Hi, i bought this plugin for the following upcoming features: time-limit assign on todos, alarms/reminds set up on todos (popup, email, dashboard), daily todos sending in email in every morning. I think this plugin is not supported anymore, can you tell what your plans are with these upcoming features?

Can this feature send out automatic email reminders?

Hi I bought and installed but it is not working. Can you please advise.

Hi, can you send a PM to me pls? Thanks!

Hi bro, ok… I played around with it and do UCM manual upgrade for mysql reupdate again. Then it works fine now. Awesome. Waiting for your update the new function to have email auto send to staff when the todo is assigned.

Awesome plugin bro. Looking for your new plugin-in and I will purchase new function. Cheer