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Good Game

thank you sir :D

please .psd

yes logo

what you email , i will send you CDR gile

Hey I wanted to ask how detailed is the documentation and how long it will take to deploy the game for non-developers

hello , just change the bundle ID and add Admob sir , if you still not undestand i can help you to build and it’s free

Hi, what is the buildbox version that you made this? will it work on bb1.3.6? will buildbox project be included in Regular version? Thanks

yes work sir , buildbox project included :D

Hi, and you made this game by what version of BB?

bb 1.3.6 sir

Hi man… I wanna ask; what’s the difference between regular and extended lisence? I probably will buy your app, and another question is; can I add new levels if I’ll buy regular lisence?

hello sir , you can add level if you know how to add them ,,,, you can read about license here http://codecanyon.net/licenses/standard?license=regular

Hi,Good Game?But there’s a Bug in need of repair, sometimes click ball does not jump, until the end of the game, hope to be able to repair, thank you!

Hello , thanks for your information , i wil try to fix it later on next update this items :D thanks

Can I build to ios?

Hello .. if you have Buildbox you can export qnd build to IOS platform sir