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Looks good. I try to see the “Documentation Link” but only send me to your web page. Where I can see the documentation?. Do you have another link?.


jtorres_mora, I will add documentation to the button on monday. Documentation will be a lot like the description of the plugin.

Real documentation is inserted with the plugin. If you want to see how it really works, just check out the video =)

Very cool, would you be able to select a sidebar per category also


Nice one! Will add it to the update list :)!

Works like video demostration.

One thing, the plugin broken in a Wordpress that not use the default folder location for plugins “wp-content/plugins/”. Please check this.

Other thing if you create automatic for example “Per page” and assign a widget works perfect. But if you change the “original name page” automatically it disable the sidebar for this page and is needed to assign manual (inside the page).



Thanks for purchasing. I will dive into the problems you’ve pointes out.

I’ll keep u postes

Hi there!

Where is the “duplicate” function to be found? Maybe I am blind but I couldn’t see it anywhere.

Thanks, Dave :)


The duplicate function will ne released in a future update as mentioned in the item details. I’m sorry if that isn’t clear enough.

Thanks for your feedback! So it was just unclear to me. Wish you great development time and I’ll enjoy new features as they become available.

Keep up the good work! :)

Thanks for your comment. We’ll keep updating the plugin so you can keep enjoy using it.

any idea when next update coming?

We’re working on it and the most simple update(s) will arrive next week. The duplicate widget will take a little bit longer.

Widget per Category and some bugfixes will be done in the first update

Update is in que.

I’m not a techy, so apologies if my question is silly or mis-worded.

What I’m looking to do is create a left sidebar, no padding, 160px wide, 20px right margin, and can run down part or a full page (will usually be full page). The top of the sidebar would be 0 margin and left 0 margin.

I’m going for a snug fit. Here’s an imperfect example of what I’m working towards – http://em3.biz/test-toggle-2/

Once the sidebar is created I’ll mainly use it for a drop down menu.

The biggest need is to keep all right positioned content from rising up and down as the left sidebar menu expands and collapses.


Thx, Mary C.


What you’re asking for can be done by the plugin, but isn’t necessary. You can just enter code in your functions.php if it’s just for one widget/sidebar.

If you’re not e techy, I honestly think I can be a bit of a struggling with this plugin, as much as it would be with just code..

To be more clear: The plugin can do what you want, but you would need some technical knowledge do accomplish it.

The duplicate function, when?.

I wait for any news.


Still working on that, but to be honest it’s a big pain in the *ss.. We’ll launch it as soon as it’s ready, but I don’t want to update half working features…

Thanks for you respond.

when will you make this work for wp 3.5?

It works with WP 3.5 =)

Hi, the Template-css arbeitet nicht mit dem Plugin – was kann ich tun? see here: http://www.eh2013.elbe-hydraulik.com/elbehydraulik/services_item/elbe-hydraulik-partner/

Please english.

Hi there!

Unfortunately this plugin hogs down my site, puts empty stuff in some divs that mess up my front page and makes IE9 crash upon entering certain pages.

I have 48 different plugins and it took me a bit, but it’s definitely certain this is the plugin causing this.

Do you have any ideas what’s going on? I haven’t really used the plugin, just installed it and expected to start using it for making pages with different sidebar solutions that were not restricted to the theme’s options.



Hi, to figure out what the problem is I do need some more details. Please mail me the URL / wp-admin and FTP details so I can dive into it.

Please do proper video screen casts. The one I saw has no audio and therefore no explanations whatsoever, plus the visual quality is shocking. Someone made a point about it in the Youtube comments three months ago, and you just responded that you “cannot promise anything” (and months later it becomes clear that at least you were being honest – as nothing has changed. LOL. :S

Thanks for the advice ;)


i have small problem with Uberwidget on my WP. Please check http://www.quickhomemove.com/art , i applied Uberwidget for categories.

Earlier I have added one Constant Contact Form <?php if (function_exists(‘serveCustomContactForm’)) { serveCustomContactForm(1); } ?> manually to sidebar (right side), now i wanted to add different CCF for different categories using Uberwidget, but with uberwidget it moves CCF under the post (left side).

Is this problem coming from theme or is it something else? I removed coded CCF from sidebar, but results are same.

I think the settings in the settings section (styling) aren’t ok. Did you cose or open any div’s?

Hi! Will this work on Woocommerce pages as well?

I’m not sure to be honest..

I had to uninstall the plugin faster then it took me to install it, it created a whole blank space on the Main page where the manual sidebar was added and it wouldnt even handle a GF form placement.

When I tried to go back and delete the new widget, I got the following error: Fatal error: Call to undefined method wpdb::delete() in /homepages/39/dxxxxxx/htdocs/website/wp-content/plugins/uber-widget/uber-widget.php on line 51

Using WP 3.3.1 with a Custom post type based theme

Please advise why this happened?

could you try to update to WP 3.5.1 and run the plugin?


I am thinking of buying your plugin, but I have some questions. I would like to have two sidebars next to eachother in the same page, is that possible with this plugin?


Depending on your style(guide) it’s possible. When you give your sidebar float left elements they should appear next to each other.

I’m interested in your plugin as it seems close to what I need. On my site I have news and reviews and on each post I want Amazon Affiliate links that relate to the review. Does your plugin let me add a HTML widget so i can add code to each individual review so that I can link to the corresponding Amazon Affiliate page?

The plugin lets u use sidebars per post / page. It further doesn’t create new possibilities for widgets orso.. I think there are better plugins that do that..

If you make this work for creating dashboard widgets, I will buy. Also need to work with multisite.

We won’t do that :) It’s meant to work on the front-end, not the back-end. I’m sorry :)


I want to use this nice text boxes inside pages within text, is it any short-code that I can implement for this purpose rather than widget area?

Hi, I don’t think Uberwidget is the plugin for you if you want to create text boxes within text.

I created a uber widget “Home Sidebar”. I also created a new Page Template “HomePage Template”.

I added Text Widget on “Home Sidebar”. With a title “sample title” and some text.

I created a page selected the “Home Sidebar” in Template option and selected the “Home Sidebar” Widget in Choose Widget Option.

Now, my problem is how to show the selected “Home Sidebar” widget. Please help…

BTW, I am using Genesis Template. Thanks…


You can call the sidebar via the custom field template in Genesis. For example:
 $sidebar = genesis_get_custom_field('custom_sidebar');
this has to be the name of the meta field where uberwidget stores the sidebar name ( I don’t know it and am not in the opportunity to check it). Next you add this to your sidebar location:
 genesis_structural_wrap( 'sidebar' );
do_action( 'genesis_before_sidebar_widget_area' );
do_action( 'genesis_after_sidebar_widget_area' );
genesis_structural_wrap( 'sidebar', 'close' );

You can use an if/else statement to check if there is a sidebar selected or not.


does this allow me to add a sidebar to a page on a wordpress site where a sidebar is not currently available?

Depends if your theme supports sidebars. You can’t add sidebars if your theme doesn’t support them


if the theme has sidebars, but does not have a sidebar on the page that I want to have a sidebar, will this work?


Kind of. You’ll have to add the normal sidebar code to the page template that’s used by the page you want to add the sidebar to