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The grid I see does not match to what I built!

If you have any of the caching plugins – it is a result of caching most probably. It is best to disable caching while you are building a grid, or set something like “disable caching for logged in users” in caching plugin setup.

The grid I built does not look right – there are gaps, text overlapping, etc.

Most probably that is because some of the themes process shortcode output and add there “p” tags thus breaking UberGrid layout. Try to go to Settings -> UberGrid at the admin area, and enable “Use Shortcode hack” option, it should help.

I upgraded UberGrid and see serious issues now.

This kind of problems is usually caused by caching and Javascript minifier plugins. Please do the next: 1. If your site is on WPEngine server – please make sure to clear all WPEngine caches. 2. If you’re using one of W3 Total Cache, WP Super cache or BWP Minify plugins – please disable them for a moment, make sure all works OK, and flush all caches (including BWP Minify minified file cache).

How do I copy UberGrids from dev site to production?

  1. Make sure all your data is backed up
  2. Open Tools -> Export at the admin area.
  3. Choose “All content” radio button.
  4. Export.
  5. Copy all the wp-content/uploads content to the production site manually.
  6. Install WordPress Importer plugin
  7. Import the file you previously exported

Please note, that this instruction is not “officially supported”. Use it at your risk.

Black & white effect does not work

Internet Explorer versions 9, 10, and 11 do not have a support for grayscale effect, because Microsoft removed their non-standard DirectX-based filters, but did not add CSS3-compatible grayscale implementation.

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