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Hi, I have query,

Might be out of the scope of support. But I have installed another plugin – https://wordpress.org/plugins/custom-css-js/

to add custom js to my site and have smooth scroll. This is the code I used _

jQuery(function($) {

$(‘a[href^=”#”]’).live(‘click’,function(event){ event.preventDefault(); var target_offset = $(this.hash).offset() ? $(this.hash).offset().top : 0; //change this number to create the additional off set var customoffset = 100; $(‘html, body’).animate({scrollTop:target_offset – customoffset}, 500); });


It works great, but they filter buttons for the uber grids now scroll to the top of the page. They still filter but scroll to the top.

https://www.catalystweekly.com/medellin/cafes-in-medellin/ https://www.catalystweekly.com/medellin/private-spanish-tutors-in-medellin/

Any ideas on how to fix this? Really appreciate it if you can, the obvious option is to deactivate the plugin but I do really want to keep the smooth scroll function.

Look forward to your reply.

Hi, I had to deactivate the javascript code because it was ruining the user experience. I will still like to activate it so please advise when you can look at it and I will activate it again so you can see the problem. Kind Regards,

Hi, hello, I am still waiting for a response to this query? please advise. Thank you.

Hello! I am sorry, but it’s out of scope – this behaviour 100% depends on the code in “smooth scrolling” plugin. I recommend to contact its author, and he’s welcome to contact me if he has some ideas on integration.


Nikolay – I’ve renewed my support and responded to your email message. Please check your Inbox for details.


This is a presale question, I am looking for a gird plugin to be used as a resource page. With images being linked to external links and internal pages. This has to be fully responsive.

Please let me know if this plugin can handle this request.


Hello! Yes, UberGrid can do that, but please note that “fully responsive” is a very wide definition. You may want to ask more specific question on behaviour when used on different screen sizes…


pre-sales question… can the filter buttons be below the photo grid instead of above?

Hello! No, it’s impossible.


Hi, the filtering categories are always visible even when I have ‘sort filters’ checked to ‘off’

page example – https://www.catalystweekly.com/medellin/artists-in-medellin-local-talent/

This feature affects filter auto-sorting and does not affect their visibility.


OK, and how to make them not visible?

It’s easiest to do that with custom CSS. Thanks!

Hello, I use your ubergrid in a lot of sites. Now I have realized that ubergrid produce a lot of inline-CSS. Depending how many grids are there 300 until 600 lines css-tags. On my frontpage I use 3 different ubergrids. So I have more than 1000 lines inline-CSS from ubergrid. Are there possibilities to take out the css-Tags in a separately css-file? Thanks and regards Daniel

The CSS is inline because it’s generated for the specific grid and can’t be reused. There’s no easy way to change that.



is there any current documentation for this please? The videos are out of date – they are from 2014…

thanks Scott

Hello! They’ll to be updated. If you have any specific questions – feel free to ask.



I installed the plugin and it works fine on inside pages when I placed the shortcode in the editor. But when I placed the code inside my PHP script its not working. https://prnt.sc/gxxuqe

This is the PHP code: <section class=”section-3 home-section” id=”portfolio”>

[ubergrid id=361]



Hello! It’s because WordPress does not process shortcodes inserted directly into PHP files.


Thanks, Any solution to display the grid in PHP files?

<?php echo ubergrid(361); ?>

Is it possible to have different post types in a layout? e.g. one item is a WooCommerce Category page, another one is a WooCommerce Product, while the others are specific pages or blog post.

I am not sure I understood your need 100%, but I think the answer is “yes”. UberGrid support multiple cell “templates” for automatic mode, which can be chosen based on taxonomies or your custom PHP code.



I’d like to know if there is a documentation for this plugin. I specially need it for the automatic builder.

Thanks in advance, Cheers.

Hello! There’s no such a documentation as the process is pretty straightforward – the grid pulls posts from the DB according to the criteria you build and then uses “cell templates” to build cells one by one. Cell templates logic can be “sequential” (so, if you have two templates, they’ll be used like 1, 2,1, 2, etc) or based on if the post has specific tags, or based on custom PHP code which returns true or false.



I have some understanding troubles: When in automatic mode, I try to use the ‘pseudo-tags’. It works fine for the title but doesn’t display anything the ‘on-hover’ and ‘label’ sections. PS: when not using the pseudo-tags, it shows me static text but it’s not what I want.

Could you help me?


Hello! Your support period has expired. Please renew it – I’ll be happy to take a closer look.


Any written documentation?

Hello, I just bought your Ubergrid plugin and it is working fine. I have learnt that it does not support WPML directly. Now, my question is, how can I build an Ubergrid in a multilingual site?

I am not sure as it out of my plugin’s scope. Probably, WPML can show different grids for different languages?


Before I purchase this plugin I wanted to verify thatI can do the following: Make a grid of 3 over 3 (all images). I need each image/cell to hyperlink to a page in the website (not a portfolio) and I need to have a visible name on top of each pic/cell to identify to the viewer what they are clicking on.

Thank You Don

Sure, it can do that.


Hi, I would like to buy UberGrid. Is it compatable with Visual Composer 5.4.2? Best regards

Hello! Yes.


Wow. this plugin is definitely amazing, but I cant use a text editor in each column, I can only add images but not text.

and how do I change the size of individual column?

Hello. The support is only provided for accounts having “purchase” badge. Please write me from an account having it – I’ll be happy to help.


Hi! Can I make it so that by clicking on the parent category a list with child categories opens?

Hello! No, it is not supported as image sources don’t provide data structures those would work that way.


Hi, thanks for this great plugin! I am having a problem with lining up a “More” lightbox link in the description of each grid item.

On desktop the “more” buttons are aligned at the bottom of each grid item by using (br) tags and text length until they all line up, however, on mobile the more buttons are not aligned on the bottom of each grid item and are offset by different distances from the text and from the bottom of each grid item. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

My text within each excerpt looks something like this with () instead of <> because this text editor uses html.

(p style=”text-align:center”) (strong)”TITLE”(/strong) (/p) “TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT…” (br)(/br) (ilightbox id=”0”)(b)More(/b) (/ilightbox)

Hello! Sorry, but I don’t understand your case without seeing the site. It’s best to just drop me a support request using plugin’s built-in UI.


Hi, We’re looking forward to purchase this plugin for our website www.axisimages.in We do not have visual composer installed on our website, will it be functional without visual composer, using shortcodes etc?

Hello! Yes, it will work with or without VC.