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Hi: I recently purchased the UberGrid plugin. A couple of problems I wanted to ask about: If I build a grid and insert it into a post using the shortcode (example: [ubergrid id=6733]) I get a 500 server error when updating the post. I have created and saved grid 6733 (for this example) prior to updating the post. Any ideas? The post seems to be updated (if I go to the actual web page, I can see it). Also previewing the post seems to work, although the grid is displayed slightly differently than in the UberGrid preview window.

I deactivated the plugin and the error goes away when updating the post (no grid of course) So at this point I can’t use the plugin.

Hello! Please use this plugin’s built-in support request tool to gather the tech info to send me – I’ll need this input to provide you with help.

Hi Karevn: Thank you for your response. Since the response did not come within the 5 day window, I would simply like a refund since I have moved on to another plugin.


Pre purchase question, is it possible to use this with Easy digital downloads?

Hello! There’s no any intergration specific to EasyDigitalDownloads.


Hi there, I wondered if you could help me? I am interested in having the grid show in colour, but hover effect to be in black and white. Is there a way to achieve this? I can only seem to find the reverse on this forum. Many thanks!

Hello! No, it is not supported out of the box. The only way to do that is to write some custom CSS.


Just to let you know. I bought a second license and a new support (for minor details, please see my previous mail sent via your WP support form). Kindest regards.

I was working on a site for a client, ubergrid was working and suddenly the images stopped showing up. I can actually see them for a second then they disappear. Please advise.

Hello! Please drop me a support request using this plugin’s built-in UI if the problem still persists.


Pre-sale question:

Hi. I am looking for a grid that changes the posts in the whole theme, not just for a shortcode or on a particular page.

With many plugins you only get a grid if you use the blog module and if you go into the category, search or archive pages etc you get the same boring layout. The default blog page cannot be changed and that is what is needed.

Can this grid change the actual theme files so that all posts throughout the site are automatically using the same grid style? Thanks.

Hello! This plugin can’t do that. I doubt it is supported by any of the plugins on the market. In your case, I would recommend to develop a child theme with blog template rewritten for your requirements.


Thanks for the clarification. Appreciated :)

is it possible to have a post grid like (below the main photo) here: https://www.morganstanley.com/ You’ll notice that sometime title + excerpt is on the image, sometime on the right, sometimes on the left. Possible?

Yes, but you’ll have to spend some efforts formatting the HTML inside cells as dates, titles and tags have some special formatting at the example you referenced.


1. Is it possible to make the portfolio element (i.e. one of the images) open a link when clicked?

2. Does it have a search function. So the user can search the grid? with a search box?

3. Is it possible to have the title below the image and not attached to it like here: https://www.elegantthemes.com/preview/Divi/filterable-portfolio/

4. Is it possible to add a little text under the title like in the link above?

Thank you

Also, 1. I want that the thumbnail will open a link and not the lightbox is it possible? 2. is there a pagination like infinite scroll etc..?

Hello! 1. Yes, you can do that in the “linking and lightbox” cell section for each cell separately. 2. No, it does not. I’m considering adding that feature, but it will be pretty “silly” as there’s no serious language analysis framework available on WordPress. 3. It 100% depends on the design you choose. You can make the label background the same color as your site background or use some custom CSS for deeper customisations. 4. Yes, “label below” option allows to enter 2 pieces of text – accented “title” and smaller “description”.


Hi there, Did you get my last email please (07/01/2018 22:13, sent to the gmail address)? Thx and kindest regards.

Hello! Yes, answered it already. You faced a bug, which I am working on now.


Cool. Thanks :-)