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Hi, Pre sale question and bug report: - I just tested out your demo site, and the tiles (elements) resize nicely if I change my window size by dragging, however maximising/ restore to previous size will break the elements resizing - Tested on Chrome Version 59.0.3071.115 (Official Build) (64-bit) - To recreate, drag the chrome window to be smaller than full screen size and the elements starts to shrink - No maximise the window. The elements will remain at the smaller size instead of enlarge - Is the browser maximise event not handled?

======================================== Pre sale question: - Is it possible to use your grid system to build a masonry grid of images, but have text overplayed on top of the images, even when mouse is not hovered over them? - Basically I want to build a grid of interactive banners with text on images, and call to action link - If it’s not supported outright, any alternatives?

1. Thanks for reporting. 2. Yes, it’s possible.


Hi I just purchased this plugin but I can’t seem to figure out how to get the black and white to color effect to work right. There is a pink/reddish tint over the image.. Can you tell me how or where I disable that?

Thank you!

Hello! Envato records indicate that your account was not used for purchasing UberGrid. Thanks.


I’m getting broken images and have tried emptying the cache directory. Index and txt files are being created in there just fine but they’re all 0 bytes?? I’m running a copy of the live site on a public dev server and I’m using local hosts file IP to run/check the site first. Could this be the reason images are missing?

Thank you!

Hi, Thanks for responding. I’ve inherited this site from a developer who has gone away. So we’ll buy a license to get the issue resolved.


Hello! Please upgrade to the latest version by re-downloading from CodeCanyon. If the issue will persist – please submit a support request using plugin’s built-in feature. I’ll take a closer look at the issue then.


Hy..I am using ubergird ..it is very useful …the only problem which i am getting is that ….can i have a lightbox gallery for each image in slider.

Hello! Yes, it’s supported. But I can’t tell anything else until your account will indicate it’s used to purchase UberGrid license. Currently Envato records indicate it was not used to buy it.



roiji Purchased

awesome plugin! I wish I could have found it sooner. question: how do i set a default/catch-all “Cell Template” while i have the ‘Use templates’ “Based on taxonomy”? Settings: - Automatic build from post fetch 16 posts order by date descending. - Tagged with: (default) - Custom fields filter: (default) - Filtering Categories: Don’t use categories - Use templates: Based on taxonomy

I would like to be able to set the image of posts with Category “Featured” to ‘2x width and height’ and linking to the post permalink, and Category “News” to ‘2x wide’ and linking to post permalink, and all else are 1x and also linking to post permalink. I am able to accomplish the ‘Featured’ posts to 2x width and height with permalink as well as ‘News’ posts to 2x wide with permalink but all else doesn’t have permalink. As a catch-all/default cell template, I am not able to set the Usage logic of the last one. I tried Taxonomy = Category and Tag = * to no avail. I cannot list all of the current categories in the tag input box because categories may be added in the future.

Basically the Cell templates are setup liked this: Cell template 1 - Usage logic—Taxonomy: Categories, Tag: featured - Size & layout—2x width and height - Linking—Link mode: URL, Link this cell to URL: post_permalink Cell template 2 - Usage logic—Taxonomy: Categories, Tag: news - Size & layout—2x - Linking—Link mode: URL, Link this cell to URL: post_permalink Cell template 3 - Usage logic—Taxonomy: Categories, Tag: ??? - Size & layout—1x - Linking—Link mode: URL, Link this cell to URL: post_permalink

Cell template 3 doesn’t work because I don’t know to to setup the usage logic so it will catch all posts and add Linking.

Thanks! I hope I explained it clearly.

Hello… Frankly speaking, I did not understand much. :) Please submit a support request using plugin’s built-in feature, I’ll take a closer look at the configuration. But I think you’re going a right way – it’s easiest to configure post taxonomies and select cell template based on the taxonomy.


thanks for your reply. me neither ha ha. the comment system butchered my formating (they removed my line breaks) i’ll submit support request through the plugin. thanks!


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Hi. Sorry to bother you guys. I’m working with the Grid plugin.

I can sent a background color for the panel and for hover. However the color won’t set for static position, however the color changes upon hover effect. Any idea why the initial panel background color isn’t working or showing the color selected to show?

Thanks Pete

Hello! It’s best to submit a support request from the plugin’s UI. It’s complex to try to help without seeing what happens on your site.


Hello! I’m having problems editing posts after upgrading to wordpress version 4.8. Will there be an update for 4.8? thank you very much!

Hello! Your account was not used to purchase UberGrid license. The support is only provided for the ones having a “purchased” badge. Please choose an another account or purchase UberGrid license.