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Sir, before i buy …can i know do you have some function as “lazy loader” .Because i do have post almost 300….and i downt the ubergrid load everthing on it (impact speed website). Only when people click on page 2 or load more…then ubergrid will start load. Do you have it?

All the grid data is loaded at initial page load (no AJAX). It works decently fast in most of cases. If your server responds faster than in 0.7 seconds without UberGrid – all will work fine most probably. We can also have it the next way – if your server responds in less than 0.7 seconds now and will be slower than 3 secs with UberGrid – I’ll find a way to make it faster for you or will give you a refund. Please note I mean server response time, not page load time. Thanks!

Are you aware of an issue with Internet Explorer (IE 11)? Filters are not working as expected while all goes fine on Safari, Firefox & Chrome (also on Windows).

When clicking on a filter, I get this error in the browser console: “SCRIPT438: Property or method includes are not supported by this object uber-grid.js (3521,6)” => or something like that as my browser is configured in Dutch :-)

You can check this on https://www.makemywebsite.be/portfolio . Thanks!

Whoops, it is not the latest one. Please wait a couple of days and re-download or drop me a private message and I’ll send an update directly.


tsjemo Purchased

OK, update notifications are active for your plugin so I will see the update passing by & will test if all goes fine then. Thanks!


tsjemo Purchased

The Internet Explorer is solved (I am now using v 2.8.5 of your plugin), thanks!


I like Ubergrid plugin a lot! But I have a question.

I’d like to make an automatic grid that looks like this http://www.sab.nl/projecten/

At the moment I’m not getting the hights right, because of the gap between the cells and the labels. Here you can see how far I got… http://designmier.nl/

Is it possible to change the height somehow? Or how would you solve this?

Thanks and best regards! Laura

Hello! UberGrid works as designed in your case, because “label below” is always below the main cell content and it’s size is not controlled to create something like a Pinterest flow.

You can try to achieve the effect you want with custom CSS by assigning “position: absolute” to the label, but I can’t guarantee it will work 100% the way you want.


Why can I not use more then 1 word in the categories, I am adding them manually, if I use the word “Social” it works, however if I add “Social Media” no post is recognised

I am listing more than 1 category per post as well, as in PR, Social, Marketing however if I use 2 words, then nothing shows up in that category

Hello. It’s the way it worked in older versions. Please use the latest one available for download.


I’m on 2.7

It is not the latest one. Thanks.


tsjemo Purchased

Since using v 2.8.5 of your plugin, the on-hover text is not appearing in the center center of the grid item (while it was before, I assume). Changing to “bottom center” seems to be not working, “top center” does not change a lot.

Can you check this? https://www.makemywebsite.be/portfolio/ Thanks!

Hello! Can you please submit a support request using plugin’s built-in feature? I think you found a bug.



tsjemo Purchased

Support request submitted via the plugin, thanks!


tsjemo Purchased

FYI, solved by the plugin author in the mean time. Great support!


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Hi, I have 2 ubergrids on my website. I am using Ubergrid 2.8.5. Both grids were displaying since I got Ubergrid almost a year ago. Now the grid with filters and categories on my home page is not displaying: http://coldbrookproductions.com/ (only the filters are showing – not the grid). The grid on this page is displaying: http://coldbrookproductions.com/gallery/

When I put the gallery grid (which does not have filters) shortcode on the home page, it displays – so the problem seems to have something to do with the ubergrid categories and filter.

Hello! The grid on your home page is missing data the cells as far as I see. If the grid was built in manual mode – then, most probably, it’s a data loss. If it’s built in automatic mode – you need to review the criteria used to find posts for this grid.

You can also submit a support request using plugin’s built-in UI and I’ll take a closer look at the issue.



I have used uber grid plugin. It is great and solved my problem.But i want a full width gallery on the following url : http://mightymente.org/projects/alismidaas/development/demo/

Here is a demo page of the gallery, which i want :


Please review it and give me solution.

Hello! The total width of the grid is controlled by the theme – UberGrid takes as much space as it’s given. So, you probably need to use a theme’s full-page template (selectable when editing the page) or contact theme author for an update.



wasio Purchased

The UberGrid does not use lower resolution images when displaying the grid. Is there a setting that I missed?

It may happen for images those were uploaded before UberGrid was installed. Please re-generate WordPress image thumbnails by using one of the plugins available. If it will not help – just let me know, I’ll take a closer look.


Hi, since your last update to Version 2.8.7 the “hover text” is not visible. Any idea?

Hello! Envato site indicate your account was not used to purchase this plugin. The support is only provided for the accounts used to purchase it.


I’m using wordpress 4.2.15 which I can’t upgrade (due to a customized theme that was implemented badly).

Can you tell if this plugin will work on my website? Can I remove the plugin and get a refund if the plugin doesn’t work?

There were no changes in WordPress since v4 those could break UberGrid, so 95% probably it will work fine. But as your theme does not follow best practices – there’s a chance of some kind of another conflict. So if you’ll purchase UberGrid – I can take a look at the issues, if any, as the part of the support provided, but can’t 100% guarantee they’ll be resolved.



yobob Purchased

I just purchased this plugin, but I am not seeing how to change the grid images to the different styles and shapes. Also, I am not seeing a way to link the images, where to I insert the link for the image? Thank you


muglmarc Purchased

Hello, I have bought an ubergrid license and want to try it now on a testhomepage. Can I use the license then on my 3 other homepages? Best regards martin knoflach