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Hi, Do we need to register this plugin per page we use. I want to install it on another site of mine becuase it is ace. For that do I need to buy another regular licence? How to we register each plugin per website? Or is that not necessary?

hi -

first things first – i love you and your plugin!^^ :)

you dont know how long ive tried to fit a fu** theme masonry visual composer element with css before i found your awesome “all easy fit” plugin!

my question – i have set the greycale (black&white) effekt. can i exclude single images from this effect?

... another question, i want a mosaik frontpage without to scroll. it looks already good – but it fits not 100%. i have single squares with in the last line with a different heigt to the first line squares. can you tell me the best way to fit on one site? http://www.gartengestaltung-wohlfahrt.com/ (pass: entwurfwohl2402)

Hello! Black & white can be only set up at “grid” level, not on “particular cell” level. You can write custom CSS to apply it for your particular grid as it does not have many cells.

On the fitting – UberGrid auto-fits the width, but does not have any control on its height, so last line cells are just cut by screen border. Currently, I see no acceptable way to make them auto-fit – it would require very serious changes to the layout engine used.



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Is this plugin compatible with PHP 7.0. For some reason after running a test with my hosting server, this plugin comes up as “Errors”

Thanks for the prompt response.

It seems as if I’m missing the field for entering tags for the filter to work? Please take a look at this form my installation compared to your Youtube-movie…


Hello! The field with filtering tags was moved to the “Categories” cell editor section. https://gyazo.com/df972976d78bbb533ec7781f0bd92b03

When you click some category – you’ll only see cells belonging to that category (and lightbox content will be filtered too).


Thanx for the fast feedback – very strange – NOW it works. I just deleted every thing and started over – and I could SWEAR I did exactly the same …but – alas – now it works. Well I guess thats what 90% of all people who asks for support says ;)

Anyway – super plugin. Only little quip would be that its was nice if the categories was a dropdown – so you didn’t risk misspellings…but that is of course a minor thing…

Nice point, I’ll think about adding this feature.



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I can’t get the plugin to work nicely with my website. It keeps flooding my Entry Processes it seems, it keeps dropping the connection for some reason.

Any ideas? I’ve tried to change the autovsave interval, but no luck. Also temp fix with ‘Heartbeat Control’ doesn’t work :(

Thx for your reply!