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is it possible to have a post grid like (below the main photo) here: https://www.morganstanley.com/ You’ll notice that sometime title + excerpt is on the image, sometime on the right, sometimes on the left. Possible?

Yes, but you’ll have to spend some efforts formatting the HTML inside cells as dates, titles and tags have some special formatting at the example you referenced.


1. Is it possible to make the portfolio element (i.e. one of the images) open a link when clicked?

2. Does it have a search function. So the user can search the grid? with a search box?

3. Is it possible to have the title below the image and not attached to it like here: https://www.elegantthemes.com/preview/Divi/filterable-portfolio/

4. Is it possible to add a little text under the title like in the link above?

Thank you

Also, 1. I want that the thumbnail will open a link and not the lightbox is it possible? 2. is there a pagination like infinite scroll etc..?

Hello! 1. Yes, you can do that in the “linking and lightbox” cell section for each cell separately. 2. No, it does not. I’m considering adding that feature, but it will be pretty “silly” as there’s no serious language analysis framework available on WordPress. 3. It 100% depends on the design you choose. You can make the label background the same color as your site background or use some custom CSS for deeper customisations. 4. Yes, “label below” option allows to enter 2 pieces of text – accented “title” and smaller “description”.


Hi there, Did you get my last email please (07/01/2018 22:13, sent to the gmail address)? Thx and kindest regards.

Hello! Yes, answered it already. You faced a bug, which I am working on now.


Cool. Thanks :-)

Hi, How can I check if all the ubergrid elements has been loaded on the page using jQuery?

If you open this URL: https://goo.gl/skjZQh You will see that ubergrid is loading. I want to know that ubergrid has completed loading so that I can trigger an event to call a function which can manipulate the UI of the ubergrid.

Got it. Please drop me a private message – I’ll send you a build which raises an event when initialising.

Hello How can I add the “alt” tags to the gallery images + lightbox images. My website is: http://p15332-165-2688.s165.upress.link/?lang=en


Hello! Good point, please drop me a private message or wait for an updated version – it will have alt by default.


I have two issues: 1. The ubergrid interface no longer gives us the option of changing background colors. 2. It gives me this icky magenta every time I create a new grid box. https://www.youth-guidance.org/press_media/

I just upgraded to see if that would resolve the issue but there is no box to enter the background color and this icky red box is starting to become the norm.

Hello! It’s doable, you just need to use “On-hover” cell editor section. I sent you a screenshot in an email message.


I don’t have a dialog box in that section, either. Text Color and Background Color don’t allow entry/changes. Screenshot here: https://www.youth-guidance.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/ugscreenshot1-e1517329803497.png

Hello, I have a problem with ubergrid, i got a new license and the thumbnail picture does not work properly in portrait mode. When i check in the browser inspector, it seems the cells are off and does not match the others. Here is a link. http://stenope.art/index.php/a-ma-pagetest/ This does not happen in my other si with the same plugin. On the other site i am still in version 2.1.1 and on the new site in ver 2.8.12. I tried to reinstall the plugin but noting change. The only thing it did was to keep the list of my gallery. But waste everything inside. Can you help. Thanks,

Is there any way to make the “label below” (title and small text) left justified instead of centered?

Hello! Most probably, it’s a CSS conflict with your theme’s code. You can drop me your site details and I’ll take a closer look.


Good Day!

I just installed at my site and I am getting the following error when trying to save a grid : “Exception thrown unknown engine”

My site is wildatpalmas.com


Hello! It looks like the problem is caused by something else. Anyway, you can drop me a support request using plugin’s built-in support tool and I’ll take a closer look.


I previosly requested support in regards to an error : “No Engine” I did some searching and it was related to the caching plugin I have. Sorry please disregard the request. Your plugin is working as expected. Thanks

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Hi, great plugin, just purchased my third license. There must be a way to do this: I need to add an opacity color on hover. Is there a setting I’m missing? – Thanks!

Hello! You can find it at “on-hover” cell settings section (it’s per-cell, not per-grid setting for better flexibility).


Hi there i have just upgraded to the latest version of ubergrid, loving the new features however i have a problem in that it does not display on a mobile phone device if i am not logged in as an admin.just a big blank space where it should be. If i am logged in it’s fine. It works fine on tablets desktops and laptops whether i am logged on or not very weird can you help?

url is http://foxandrocket.dev.uk

if you need a login i can provide you with one.

Many thanks


Hello! I tried to open the home page – it looks like the gird displays fine for now. Did you manage to resolve the problem yourself?


Thank you yes i duplicated the old grid, put the new shortcode in the widget area and everything was fine.

But thanks for checking -awesome!

Looks like many customers have requested for a search feature. Is it now possible to search the grid item based on the cell title? I think you have mentioned me 2 years ago that it is in todo list.

Hi Karen, I am trying to resize my grid bigger than what it is, but no matter what size I choose for the width and height of the grid, it does not get any bigger than what it is now. What do you suggest? Here is the stage site link: http://5j1.36d.myftpupload.com/

Hi Karevn – Ubergrid is truly awesome…but (always a but, isn’t there ;) – when I link to a video in a lightbox and choose “Description at right” I only get the description on my mobile (which is a iPhone 5SE) – no video. When I change the setting to “Description at bottom” the video shows just fine….

You can check it out at my website www.danrknudsen.dk – the frontpage grid. The first item (the one with the rats) is changed to description at bottom – the rest is description at right.

I hope you hasn’t already answered this elsewhere – at least I hasn’t been able to find a solution for it :)

Btw – I don’t know why I’m not marked: “Purchased” – ’cause I have!

Ups – sorry – it’s not the rats – it’s the pavillion….

I have a grid that looks correct on all browsers except for IE11. Some of the titles in the grids break mid-word while others do not. Length of the word does not seem to be a factor because longer words do not break while shorter ones do.

Hi there, I’m wondering if this plugin is able to display “filters” (refinable categories) as checkboxes in the left column…with the gallery displaying to the right? The demo site and examples, do not show much of the features around the filtering/refining of images.