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Does this have the option to add +/- buttons overtop of the image? I know that I can double click the image or use my scroll wheel on the mouse but not all users are as savy as we might assume :) Some may just stare at it and not realize they can actually zoom the image. They may choose to use the +/ or maybe just the sight of the +/- will make them realize they can zoom the image.

Sounds good Nickys.I bought your Hotspot years ago and was happy with that so I will go ahead and pull the trigger on this one and see how it works out.

I bought it and and a happy customer :-). I find leaving enabling the “thumbnail” and “full screen” helps as a trigger buuuuuut they only see those if they rollover the image. Maybe a quick fix would be to allow the “full screen” icon to remain visible permanently and then people might realize they can interact. Regardless good product and support.

Thanks for your suggestion, and I’m glad you like the product! There are definitely more than one correct way to go about this – either way, you trade user friendliness for clean design, and vice versa. There’s no correct answer I think.

Hello :) This plug in looks perfect for my needs, but the missing feature of + / – buttons stopped me from buying… do you plan to add this feature ? thanks !

Hi, I don’t have plans to add buttons, I’d like to keep the plugin clean and simple.

Hi nickys,

have a little pre-purchase question. Does the plugin also work with images imported to wordpress via URL or is it necessary to upload images to my site’s media gallery directly?


It works with URLs as well. When the Media Library opens you have 3 options – upload from computer, enter URL, or choose from library.

Thanks a lot – found out myself. ;-) – purchased Annotator plugin which is not that much more expensive. Works like a charm. Thanks!

Thanks, feel free to contact me if you have any issues!

hi, great plugin,

but i’ve the need to have the image load with an height of 100% and not cropped to fit the width of the screen, obviusly leaving white space at the image’s sides, is it possibile?

Hi, Currently the plugin will try to fill the container with the image. You need to set the correct size of the container so the image will fit perfectly. Like if the image is 800×600, the container should also be 800×600. Otherwise, the image will “fill” the container.


Is there a maximum image size or maximum zoom limit? I think this plug in is what I’m looking for but I want to enable zooming right into a high resolution image.

Nope, there are no limitations, except browser performance I guess.

I like this plugin – would this work with the salient theme – on an image which is popped up as a lightbox?

Hi, It really depends how the theme is made. My guess is that it won’t work, because it won’t let you replace the image in the lightbox with a shortcode (which is how this plugin works).

Hi, when I change the width of the browser how come the div doesn’t shrink with the browser? Thanks.

Oh sorry, I ticked fluid now it seems to work. Its great plugin I like it. Is there way to zoom out of the image? Thanks.


The plugin will always try to fill the container (the size of the widget) with the image. The only way to have the image fully visible is to set the container’s size to the same ratio as the image.


I need +/- Buttons, please add this feature… this would be very helpful.

Thanks for the feedback! Yes, this feature makes sense, but I can’t promise when I will have time to implement it.


Wow, another great idea! So does this work instantly with all page posts or do I have to specify on each page? On the back end, does this take up a lot of resources on the server? Thanks.


With this plugin you select images that you want to be zoomable and you insert each one individually in a page by using a shortcode. It doesn’t take any significant amount of resources on your server.


Hello, I use GMEDIA Plugin with PHANTOM PRO module. when I click on a photo, it display in lightbox and I would like to add UBERZOOM WP is your plugin compatible with gmedia ? how can I add uberzoom in gmedia lightbox ? thanks


With the help of Uber Zoom, you can select images that you want to be zoomable and you insert each one individually in your site by using a shortcode. The plugin has not been tested for compatibility with “gmedia”. The adding of zoomable images in a lightbox depends on the plugin (for lightbox) that you decide to use. If “gmedia lightbox” allows shortcodes, it can be possible to be added zoomable images, but I can’t promise that.