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`Hello dear Nicky

Im having a little problem here

im using this in a gallery

i put a icon of a lens that triggers on click: CODE $(“figure img”).uberZoom(... CODE

But i need with other icon that says exit zoom, return the image to the original size and delete all the controlls something that does like this $(“exitzoom”).click(uberZoom(destroy))

Basically i need to restore the web page to the state before i activate uberzoom when i click something.

Sorry, this functionality is not built into the plugin. I suggest that when you click the lens you make a new copy of the image and call the plugin on that.

Then, when the user clicks the exit icon you can just delete the entire .ndd-uberzoom-container element.

very great script , whish you lots of sales ! :)

Thanks :)

Hi, I want to know this script is only for images or can be use for other elements like div or others? Let say if I have one div panel and the content like family tree and I want to zoom in-out without affect the other content outside the div panel.. Can it work?


Nope, it won’t work without modification. This plugin is made specifically for images.

Ow.. :( Ok then, thanks for the information.. :)

Hi. Will this work with image maps? ( i am using imagemapster)

Take a look at this, maybe you can use it instead of imagemapster:

Thx for fast answer! This looks very cool , but only problem i saw there are no polygon tool in the editor.

Yes, sorry.

Hi is it possible to show the image in its natural aspect ratio , for example an image in portrait aspect or an image in landscape aspect. If I dont specify dimensions it doesnt show at alll. thanks !

Hi, The “width” and “height” settings for the plugin default to “100%” if you don’t set them, that’s why nothing shows up. This is done to provide full-width, responsive and other functionalities.

Hi, great tool! How can I save the zoom settings (currentZoom level, posX, posY) and apply them when uberzoom gets initalized? thx!

The plugin doesn’t support that out of the box, so you will have to dig into the code for that :) Sorry, but I can’t do free customizations, please understand.


Hi, this looks like a great plugin! Does it work by swapping a regular sized image for a high res image when zooming? Or should there be only a single high res image? The reason I ask is that I’m using Drupal and would prefer to use a smaller image on page load to improve page load speed instead of having many high res images loading initially.


You give the plugin just one high res image.

Cheers and happy holidays!

Was about to purchase but then noticed that on iPad full screen demo breaks if pick and zoom is used. is this a bug? You an reproduce it by opening full screen demo on iPad and then trying to pinch in. Please advise if this can be fixed.

Is it possible to combine the Uberzoom with the Uberslider Plugin?

I haven’t used Uberslider, can’t say. Sorry!

Or any kind of slider? it was just a example. it would love to have a uberzoom with a carousel-slider together

It really depends on how the slider is made. I can’t promise compatibility with third-party plugins.

can this work with an inline svg image?

Yes, it should work with SVG as well.

I am having an issue with the mousewheel event, on this line: });

$(self.obj).mousewheel(function(e, d) {
  //activeZoomable = self;

I get Uncaught TypeError: $(...).mousewheel is not a function. Any ideas what is going on here?


Is your jQuery up to date? You need jQuery 1.2.2+ for the “mousewheel” plugin to work.


I am forcing the image to be full screen on load which is working perfect on desktop but on mobile the image is blurry? Am I doing something wrong? Also is there any way I can increase the max zoom?




You might want to try this:

<meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1”>

Didn’t seem to like that, once again it is fine on desktop but on mobile it is not right.


Please submit a ticket at and I will be happy to help! Also, please include wp-admin login details so I can debug it live.

One more thing, please keep in mind that we don’t offer support for customizations, but if it’s something small that doesn’t need a lot of code, I might be able to assist you.


Is there a way to make an image responsive? I understand your defaults are at 100% and must include a width or height in your js but that doesn’t make the image responsive. If you columns resize in your grid layout on your site, the aspect ration on the image doesn’t adapted. If you choose a height or width, the image stays at the same width or height and your image that was view able on a larger screen is now now full view able. Is there way to get the image to be an actual responsive image, so it will scale with the grid.

Replied to your support ticket.


I also wanted to know this. Could you respond and say how to trigger the plugin to resize the image content area manually?

Sorry, but there is no such functionality in the plugin.

Is there a way to pass the image via a shortcode parameter?

In the WP version the only way to insert an image in the backend editor is from the media library, from url or by uploading. You can then insert this image in a page using a shortcode.

Would this work with SVG?


yanchev Author Team

Yes, it should work with SVG as well.