Discussion on Uber Property - The property listing plugin for WordPress

Discussion on Uber Property - The property listing plugin for WordPress

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Hello. Great plugin, good Job! Is it already available for WordPress 5.1?


I have added the Uber plugin to my website However I’m not seeing the single page with the padding like your example does.

I added .wrap to the Settings>singlepost>wrapper class. However, that doesn’t seem to be adding the padding to the single post.

Can you please advise?

As far as I can tell, there’s no ”.wrap” class in your current theme at all. However, I think something like ”.et_pb_row” should do the job.

hello , every time i try to change the archive layout and save it it doesn’t change

Is there any message upon saving plugin settings, like an error message or WordPress warning? In case you have WP_DEBUG constant disabled for your WordPress installation, please have a look at the “error_log” file on the server. That’s the file that is supposed to keep the record of all server activities including errors.
In case you don’t know where to locate “error_log” file, your hoster MUST be able to provide it upon your request.
Another good thing to check is whether your server settings meet WordPress requirements:
That’s how you can eliminate any problems caused by outdated PHP version on the server.

I’m thinking to change my website’s layout but i’ve found any theme related to my product.

Sorry mate, I do not quite understand the question…could you please be more specific?

Hello, I am interested in buying your plugin but I have some questions. Can the plugin be translated into other languages? It is compatible with multi-language plugins (Polylang. WPML …). Thank you.

Sorry for a late reply, I’m having vacation… YES, it can be translated to any language. You can find the language (.pot) file inside the “lang” folder.

Hello, my BRIDGE Theme has Problem to display as nice as on your demo. Can you help me out to find the right CSS class?

Sure! Just let me know the URL of your website using the target theme. By taking a look into page source code I’ll be able to figure out the class name.

Hi, great plugin! I’m having a couple of small issues I’m hoping you can help with. A) There are no margins / padding on my listing pages and B) I can’t get the search bar to turn off. I do not want a search feature at all. Can you please advise? Kimberly

Padding and margin depend on your current theme. You’ll have to find out the content wrapper(s) class name which (the most likely) will add both – if declared that way as a CSS rule(s). Please take a look into plugin docs. In case things are not as simple as adding class name into plugin Settings, Uber Property relies on WordPress templating system so you can actually overwrite default templates used to render the property content. See the docs for more info on that subject.
If you think that this is too much for you, create a temp Admin account for me and I’ll let you know what should be done to make things work properly. Or at least let me know your website URL, I might be able to figure out the wrappers thing by looking into page source code (HTML).

Thanks for getting back to me. I really just needed a plug and play solution that worked and looked like the demo. I’m going to seek another option.

As I said, it depends on the theme you use. There’s no chance to create the universal, uniform, plug & play, whatever-solution, I can guarantee that. Even the greatest plugins (like WooCommerce) require fine tuning with regards to design, layout…
I’ll be here if you need my assistance anyway!

Hello I need help with your plugin.

For some reason it appears that it is not responsive when viewing the Property Carousel from a mobile phone. Instead of showing one property and scrolling the others, it shows all 3 and resizes them so small you cannot read or see the info.

How do I fix this?

What’s the brand and model of your mobile device and which browser you use? Did you try to load the page on different devices?

Yes. I tried it the following: Iphone 7 plus Iphone 10 Samsung Note 8 Samsung Note 9 Samsung J7 Google Pixel 3 I’ve also tried it on my samsung tablet

Yes, that’s true, it doesn’t work right any more. I’ll have to take a look into the code and publish an update. If you are subscribed to the plugin updates you’ll receive the notification as soon as the update happens. Thanks for paying my attention to the problem!

Hi Feeleep, I installed the plugin and configured it but I have few questions. I am working with the twentyseveteen theme. I wanted to get it setup more or less the same as your demo site to be sure I got it right before I apply it to another theme. 1st: I configured the properties and the categories and I don’t understand how I can display the properties to one of my pages. I don’t get the relation (or the shortcode) between the property list and the pages. I am not sure if I should publish an article in the blog section or else. Also I would prefer that the page loads default query before the user makes it’s own. 2nd: in your demo it seems you got rid of the main_block 2 column display from this theme. I tweeked the CSS but I can overright this design. I managed to get the width wider but still it’s not centered. I know you don’t support config but if you found a way to get it done maybe you remember and you can help me.

Last thing, If I am not able to make it work the way I need, I wanted to ask you if you allow to process refund. I didn’t find the info so I am asking here.

thanks for your help. Bests Frederic

Purch code: 7ae7af9c-e768-4933-a2ad-356da1231218

Glad to read it worked!

Hi Feeleep, for info this is where I had to add the translation files to get the plugin translated : /wp-content/languages/plugins. it’s different from your MANUALS file. thanks

If that helped – great. However, I’m sure that the plugin language file needs to reside inside wp-content/plugins/PLUGIN_NAME/languages/ folder. Check it out.

Hey Feeleep, I’m thinking about buying your plugin. I just have some questions about it.

- Does the plugin work together with the Divi Builder and Theme? - How can I display the listings on a page? - Is it possible to change the design of the listing on the page?

Looking forward to hear from you. Kind regards

OK, here we go…
- yes, it’ll work with any theme. In case it doesn’t (for some strange reason) you can always ask for refund
- this plugin brings new post type, new taxonomy and all required templates for displaying the single post, archive (list of all property posts) and the search results page

Moreover, this plugin relies on the standard templating system which means that you can copy all the templates from a plugin to your current theme’s “templates” folder and edit them according to your needs. The plugin will then use these instead of default ones. Everything has been documented in plugin Manuals.


Is there a way that I can limit a user with status Contributor to only view the listing they created?


I’m afraid not by the default. Did you try with User Role Editor plugin?

Hi, I Want to buy your plug-in, but i have two questions, thanks. 1) Can i use the license for some clients whit Extended License? I want to produce some Website whit the same configurations to Real Estate Agency. 2) Is this compatible whit Divi, if Yes, How can i integrate this?

Thanks a lot J

As I recall, there’s a single and extended license. The single license is valid for a single domain/subdomain while the extended one allows unlimited domains usage. As for the Divi … well, I never gave it a shot so I can’t tell for sure. But the point is that WP plugins should extend WordPress rather than WP themes and in case WP themes are coded by WP standards, the compliance should not be the issue at all.

Ok perfect, thanks. I will try and let you know

Hello, the plugin cannot be installed in my WordPress installation? Jörg

Any errors? More info from your end might help. No matter what you can always go for the refund!

Question before purchase Is there any option to add original property link or redirect link.Also if i want to add some custom info is it possible. Also last update date is last year!! Why you not update regularly?

Actually I mean, I want to buy this and finding a option where i can add third party property link.So user can go there an book this property. You can extend this so this themes can be used for several purpose like affiliate.

Or if you can do this for me free, I will purchase your themes

You can add the external link anywhere to the property description, as simple as that.


It implements UP on this page together with DIVI. Is there an option for the search engine to work without entering any content? I only select the category and type (for sale / rent). It would be easier, not everyone knows what to enter in the search field.

That’s me: 45+ As for the lightbox, all photos should trigger the lightbox – if installed as a plugin. Uber Property is a custom post type, editable as any other post type and as such affected by the lightbox plugin.

Which specific plugin do you use for a lightbox?

I have used Colorbox, and it looks like it still exists!

Hi. I don’t know if you have plans to develop this plugin. If so, think about adding type markers, BOOKED, HOT OFFER, etc. That would be a helpful option.

Ok, thanks for the advice!

hey buddy, how can we filter the properties without a click on the search??

I mean auto search when I tick on Sale or Rent?


pls, suggest?


Oooh, to honest I’m not sure how to do that but I suppose it does include JavaScript or jQuery. But in general, you should be able to find the script on the internet and then include it to your child theme. Sorry, I’m not that good with JS!

Hi there, is it possible to pay for customisation of this plugin to support timeshare sales i.e. a sale price for a specific week of the year?

Hi, I guess it’s possible but at this point I am not available for Freelance hire. My full-time job doesn’t let me take any side-work, sorry!

Hello, I bought your plugin Uber property and we have a problem with function of the plugin. Even if we have set up properties, plugin doesn’t show them on website.

Do you know what could be wrong, please?

Thank you!

I guess I’ll have to take a look on my own. Could you create the temporary admin account for me? Please use PM to send these kind of information! And please don’t forget to include a brief description of the issue so I don’t get lost. Thanks!