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good job , very nice ;)

Thank you :-) Please, take a look to my other plugins and follow my account to stay on touch

Does not work in other countries, right?

Sure, UberRush works only in 3 cities in US for now. Learn UberRush FAQ for more info https://developer.uber.com/docs/rush/faq

when will you release a South African version

I just create plugin, ask Uber about it

The is Uber in South African currently now

Look not to Uber it self – UberRush is delivery for stores, and it is only in US now

Hi, just installed this and am poking around. Is there a way to include only specific shipping classes?

Contact me throw support, I this there is no way now. Show me what you need, and I will try to add this function

Hi there,

I had two questions.

1.) I’ve followed the instructions and input all the data, including the client ID and secret. However I’m not seeing Uber Rush on checkout. Additionally, on the orders page, there’s “Uber Delivery” on the top menu. but no buttons next to the orders.

2.) Would it be possible to add some kind of filter so that only certain items are eligible? We sell large plants and small plants on our site. Obviously it’d be impossible to Uber Rush a 6ft tree. I was hoping you might be able to integrate something like “Shipping Classes” or item weight.

Thanks! Definitely looking forward to getting this working.

Hi, contact me by veter.dar@gmail.com I will help you with install. About second question – let’s talk about it on your live site, how it should work


Great plugin you got. A very quick question, I see list of zip codes where this plugin is working under the item details page. There are more zip codes on uberRush spreadsheet than that on your description page.

I do see my client’s zip code in the UberRush sheet which is 11211. Do you think this plugin will still work for this zip code?

Thanks, looking forward to hear back soon :)

Thanks, number of zipcodes fixed.

I would like to confirm how this plug-in works before I purchase it.

A.1. Can users select Uber Rush during check-out?

A.2. If so, who is billed for the delivery charge? Can the charge be passed to the purchaser or is it billed to site admin’s Uber Rush account?

A.3. Can users select a date/time for delivery?

4.4. What sort of tracking information exists for the user making the purchase?

B.1. Can certain product types be set to offer UberRush delivery method?

C.1. Will this plug-in function on a marketplace site? (WC Vendors, WooCommerce Product Vendors).

C.2. If a store owner receives an order for a product on our marketplace site can he/she create a Uber delivery within the vendor dashboard for this order?

C.3. If an individual vendor is able to create a Uber delivery for a given order, is the vendor required to use a different Uber Rush account than the site admin or do all the orders get processed under the site admin account?

A1. Yes; A.2 by API key; A.3 Period; 4.4 Tracking by Uber, I do not know how it works. B.1 Sure; C1. Not sure, it works with regular woocommerce orders, if plugins work with that entity so plugin will too. C2. No, it could be developed as custom solution; C.3 as C2

Hello there, do you know if it work in France ? Thank you very much.best regards.

Hi, no does not, because Uber Rush works only in 3 cities in US right now

I got your Uber Rush plugin but when I have it installed, I can’t load my WooCommerce admin orders page. I think it’s conflicting with an existing plugin.

Contact support, please, we will check it

Hello, I am very interested in this app and would like to know if this plugin would work with my marketplace theme: https://themeforest.net/item/rehub-directory-multi-vendor-shop-coupon-affiliate-theme/7646339?s_rank=3

I really would like to get this plugin for my members as a delivery option. Thank you

Hi, sorry for so long answer time. Plugin works only with Woocommerce. I’m not sure about plugin you need. But you can order custom solution

Ok, I will give it a try.

You are free to try product before purchease. See LITE version wordpress.org/plugins/web-push-notifications-lite So you need not to buy to try first

es justo lo que buscaba, pero es posible tenerlo en Cali-Colombia ?

Por desgracia, el servicio Uber Rush no está disponible en esta ubicación

This system can be used in Brazil

No, Uber Rush works only in 3 cities in US

I’m extremely interested in this plugin, however the zip codes nearby are not listed in new york. Am I able to add it own zip codes? If not can I give you a list of zip codes to add? Long Island is getting very popular here in new york. Thanks.

Hi, unfortunately not. Zip codes are limited by service Uber Rush, so it does not depend on plugin.

Hello, is it possible to use this to schedule a pickup from a customer location as opposed to a delivery? Pickup from customer location and delivery to our facility

I not really sure, please, email details of your use case

Hi! Is it possible that you make it available for Mexico?

No Uber Rush works only in US


I have purchased your uberrush plugin. I have configured everything including client id and client secret. But when user checkout and fiulles address he does no see uber shipping option and cost.

The address for delivery he is using are from these: 37 States St APT 23, San Francisco CA 94114

45 Belcher St, San Francisco CA 94114

365 Guerrero St APT 3, San Francisco CA 94103

246 Mcallister St, San Francisco CA 94102

2476 3rd Street, San Francisco CA 94107

638 42nd Ave, San Francisco CA 94121

Please help.

Hi, please, contact support, how-to contact is in documentation


I have asked before as well about the issue that the plugin is not working on front-end checkout page. Here is my license code: 57247a44-cbe9-43bf-9cde-644e53d81c9e Please help so that we can continue work based on your suggestions.

Your help is highly appreciated. Thanks

Hi, please, contact support, how-to contact is in documentation

Please share some response so that i can move ahead.

Hi, please, contact support, how-to contact is in documentation

Can this work with Restaurant websites that take orders online via Woocommerce?

Hi, sure for WooCommerce 2.x

Hello, I really liked your system, after the purchase how do I add new addresses manual BRAZIL? If it is very difficult how much you would charge me to put the addresses of Brazil, please!