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I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and here uber Rush works. After the purchase, could the author help me to do the integration?

it is limit by Uber, not me

Sorry, I saw that it’s only for US


Yes, it is limit by Uber, not me

presale question, can i use for pick up and delivery service eg, parcel, documents, and connect with this API https://codecanyon.net/item/kartero/17465109 THANKS

if only this plugin take data form woocommerce database, but I’m not sure

can i know the chargers for “Uber Delivery Method for Woocommerce” and also this chargers charged for a period or a one time payment?

one time payment

Seems like a great product but any idea when woocommerce 3.x will be supported?

Thanks for your help!

Hi, with woocommerce 3.x there some issues with delivery class, I will try to find right way

Maybe if I tell you what I’d like to do it would be helpful.

I would like to be able to manually edit information from the backend of Woocommerce for each UberRush order before I request the UberRush.

For example, we use 4 different suppliers. I would like to enter (or even better choose) which supplier the delivery starts from and then use the shipping address from the order.

This might be too complex and if so completely understand. Let me know what you find.

Does this support pickup from multiple locations? I have two locations in Chicago in the covered zip code that I would need Uber RUSH to pick up from depending on where the buyer is.

Let me know, Thanks!

is it possible to set different pickup addresses per order? for example from and to addresses will always be different on each order due to nature of our business

Hello, does this work with the latest WooCommerce version 3.3.1? Thank you!

Hi, sorry, but does not at all

Hi, thank you for your reply. Will it ever? Or can you recommend some other similar plugins? Hope I don’t sound rude for asking this

Hi Emrestech, Regarding the conversation you had with arjiadinar. What do you mean you’ re not sure?

So does this mean it wont work in Woocommerce?

Lets say i have point system + dokan/multi vendor + other Woocommerce. So thats mean if i use it, it won’t ?

If its work, need a proof of it. like demo of it.

Is this still useful ? I was trying to sign up for UberRush and it didn’t go through for unknown reason.