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Shop Managers are unable to have access granted to Uber Chat in their profile.. this seems like a bit of an oversight – theres no reason they shouldn’t be able to use it ?

Just installed on our Windows 2012R2 WP server. No issues, everything worked properly, including Windows Client.

What would be helpful, however, is to be able to see the username if the user is logged in. I would guess that if the browser type is available, that this should also be.

Presale question :

1. Can this be trigger by a link? 2. Does it have a option to block annoying user 3. Does it have a Desktop Notifications, for us not to always open-up a browser 4. Does it support mobile user Thanks

Good morning hope your well. Can I ask how many users on Windows 8/10 can have the install running at any one time?

Also could you target a support user to a specific page? We have advisers around the uk who have their own profile pages on our website. Could I have the chat popup on their individual pages set to them only, ie Adviser John in Manchester, once a client chats on his profile page it only alerts John?

Could we also add a custom field if needed such as postcode?


Anyone there?

Hi there, I’m afraid the functionality you’re looking for (i.e. page-specific operators and custom fields) is not part of UberChat.

Ok thanks anyway. Can I edit the offline form to change email address to postcode instead?


Arreg Purchased

Is there a possibility with this plugin to make on the not logged in users it writes Support and when user is logged that it can switch to Make an appointment ?

hello, I need a chat redirect to multiple operators. exemple : User is on page exemple1.php—> user chat with operator A.

User is on page exemple2.php—> user chat with operato B

can you do that ?

When people chat – can the email be an option or removed?

Is there a solution for using this as a the operator on a mobile phone to answer people on the site?

Hello, How can i display the uber chat if the page is not existing on my wordpress pages? i mean i have another plugin to mobilize my website. Like a mobil theme. And on that theme the uber chat is existing automatically. That’s ok but on cart page my customers can not complete the order beacause the codings are sitting each other with uber chat.

So i need to display uber chat on these page. Permalinks on my mobile plugin is like domain.com#cart.

Thanks for answer.

Thanks for the great plugin! I bought it over a year ago, but went thru a few bad hosting experiences that never allowed the plugin to work correctly (and I blamed it on UberChat too – sorry!).

But I just migrated to a new WordPress host (Cloudways) and I decided to give your plugin another try, and it works great!

I wanted to share my fixes for some of the issues I had experienced too.

Another plugin owner “freeley” posted a problem about 10 months ago, that he was having with the Start Chat dialog box quickly jumping from the Chat Box back to the Start Chat box. I experienced the same thing, and discovered that the “varnish” feature with my hosting provider had to be turned off. After varnish cache feature was disabled, that problem was fixed.

I was also experiencing intermittent display issues with the Chat Box sometimes appearing and then not appearing. I use WP Rocket WordPress cache plugin and after I turned off the CSS & js minification, UberChat began working perfectly.

I am using latest version of WordPress 4.7.2, Cloudways cloud WordPress managed hosting, the Total WordPress theme with a real estate IDX plugin, and I also tested the plugin on several different laptops, a desktop, plus an iPhone 5 and an iPhone 6 Plus, and all work perfectly.

Thanks again! Great plugin with no reoccurring monthly fees! Yea!


Hi Frank,

Thanks for purchasing and sorry to hear you’ve had some trouble with the hosting. The issue with many of these performance-optimisation tools is that they tend to break a few things – especially when it comes to plugins that need to inject CSS/JS and make use of a lot of XHR requests to provide a real-time experience.

I’ve had the same problem with `mod_security` blocking perfectly valid HTTP requests (like `put`, `patch` and `delete` requests). Unfortunately, much of this is down to hosters’ misconfigurations.

Anyhow – that being said: thank you very much for the kind words and for sharing your experience. I am glad to hear that you’re a happy user.

Best regards, CE

:shocked: Will this work when SSL is turned on?

Yes it will – SSL/HTTPS is supported.

Hello! I need i chat plugin that allows me to embed the chat window inside a wordpress page, using a iframe, so can create a page dedicated to the chat,

Is it possible? How to? I wanted to see how it would look like when embed inside a page. I cant buy it if i’m not sure it will work as i need

1) is it possible to select my own chat button on front page, if not, is it possible to move the chat button midpage and rotate 90 degrees counterclockwise? I want it out of the way of my footer. How easy is this to accomplish?


Arreg Purchased

Hi im trying to install this plugin on multiple computers but it wont work any ideas what could be wrong ? its for the same site

Hello ClientEngage,

Can you tell me Please. Is this support Wordpress 4.7.2.

Waiting for your quick response. if yes. i’ll purchase instantly.


Hi. Can this be setup for registered users only and not the general public? Thanks


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Uberchat wont show up on cellphone for some reason on my site


Arreg Purchased

Responsiveness wont work on my page how much im trying is the support still even here ?